Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beauty & the Beast 4x06 Recap: “Beast of Times, Worst of Times” (Back to the Beginning) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Beast of Times, Worst of Times”
Original Airdate: July 7, 2016

In this week’s episode, we begin with everyone forced to live together for protection, and bunking at J.T.’s house. After a news reporter named Grace reports that there was a hit out on Deputy Secretary Hill and surmises that maybe the super soldier program isn't a myth, Vincent and Cat decide to pay Hill a visit. They tell J.T. and Tess to stay put and not to respond to any phone or house calls. Cat tells Heather that maybe she should move in with Kyle for the weekend because she'll likely be safer.

When they arrive at DHS, Hill tells Vincent and Cat that the Director of DHS put him under investigation. Hill gives Cat and Vincent some info on Vincent's old CO: Colonel Fuller from the super soldier program. He tries to convince them that the death threats have come from Fuller, but that he can no longer help them and needs to wipe his hands clean. Hill convinces them that all they need to do is get a military device, break into Vincent’s former base, and scan Colonel Fuller to find out about his secret plan. Now, I'm not sure what type of high-end scanning devise this is, but they agree to this truly over-the-top plan regardless. In the midst of this, Grace, the reporter with a hot lead on the super soldier program, is tailing everyone and trying to get a story.

Vincent uses his old uniform and Cat’s current DHS level clearance to get on base as Captain Chandler. In a moment of vulnerability before he goes, he tells Cat that he is worried that seeing Fuller will be a trigger for him and he’ll beast out again and may not be able to control himself.

Cat is then approached by two DHS agents and they let her know that Vincent is under investigation and that he also suffers from PTSD. In a twist I didn't see coming, Hill set Vincent up. Hill confronts Cat and warns DHS because he sees Vincent a threat.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Fuller tells Vincent that he was ordered to terminate the operation before it got out of control. Fuller only disobeyed one order, and that was to kill Vincent.  He claims he kept Vincent alive, because Vincent still had good in him and he's not trying to kill Vincent now. The device Vincent brought in is a bomb, and Vincent realizes he's been set up. He tries to save Fuller’s life in the rubble, but Fuller tells him to leave him behind. The colonel lost his life as a pawn in Hill’s scheme.

J.T. and Tess seem to get a little cozy again. Tess is worried that they're falling into bad habits, and that J.T. isn't giving himself the proper space and time to figure out what he wants out of life. J.T. gets a phone call from the number one biotech company and Tess gets him to take an interview at a cafe while she's there as backup. When a young and attractive doctor arrives for the interview, she informs J.T. that this isn't a trap (as Tess predicted) and that they are truly interested in offering him a position. Tess, seemingly jealous and still skeptical, receives an alert about a bombing at a military base and rushes J.T. out of the interview.

Hill kidnaps Vincent and gives him a ton of adrenaline to help him beast out. He thinks if Vincent attacks him, he’ll somehow leave unharmed and Vincent will be caught. Hill clearly underestimated Vincent’s strength and power as a beast because Vincent, unable to control the amount of adrenaline in his body, kills Hill. Cat watches and is unable to bring him down.

In the end, we see Cat and Vincent link up, as he is finally back to his normal self. They then try to figure out a way that Vincent won't go to prison for Hill’s murder.

So what did you think of the episode? Will Vincent go to prison? What major character will die before the series finale?  Will J.T. get his professional life together? Will Cat go to prison for being an accessory to murder? Will Kyle and Heather have more of a storyline?

Share your thoughts below!

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