Friday, January 15, 2016

Couple-ish 1x07 "The Sense Game, "1x08 "The Intervention," 1x09 "Lens Cap" & 1x10 "Cleaning Up" [Contributor: Melanie]

The past two weeks in the series have been a healthy dose of form meets content, and by that I mean us viewers have been given some heavy exposition on Dee’s character, and the world in which they inhabit balanced with a returned to the blog-style updates. So far, that risky balance has paid off for the series.

For the most part, this was a character-heavy batch of episodes. The main focus was Dee’s well-guarded past and explanations for their loner tendencies. The pressures they face are organically developing in a way that (based on scenes from the trailer) will lead to emotional bonding for our main characters.

On the other side, Rachel gets a (few) lethal tongue lashing for her continual poor decisions. All the while, the roommates take two steps back for every step forward. It feels like a vicious buddy comedy that truly allows our pair to be enemies, vehement feelings and all, before they can understand each other as friends. In the background, Amy and Rachel are also growing closer in true slow burn fashion. And this was our first glimpse at Dee’s boyfriend Edmond (Nick Potter).

The other fun thing here is, again, the blending of filming styles. The show is devoted to the vlog format as much as it is the traditional one and it is working well. As mentioned below, the challenge vlog seen in episode seven felt like Alexander and Belle’s experiences as a vloggers coming through.

The vlog style is an odd first-person form of entertainment where celebrity is created from personality (see “Holy Trinity of YouTube”). There are echoes of this in the series, as Alexander and Belle seem to improvise and have fun through the scene where they race around the room to collect items. It is setting a possibly new precedent for the direction of web shows that all want to recreate the magic of the Lizzie Bennet format.

But here’s what happened in the past four episodes.

Episode 7: “The Sense Game”
Original Airdate: December 30, 2015

The episode begins as another one of Dee and Rachel’s vlogs. They begin doing another challenge centered on finding items in the room based on the five senses. It should be noted throughout the game, this scene felt super improvised but in a good way. The hunt for items and the meaning behind them came across as a game for the actors, as well as their characters (and Kaitlyn Alexander’s many wonderful facial expressions got to shine). Commentator Amy also was a muted comedic element in the entire sequence as well.

Episode 8: “The Intervention”
Original Airdate: January 2, 2016

Rachel and Amy are held up in Rachel’s room, listening to music to drown out the sounds of hooking up in Dee’s room. Rachel laments Dee’s clockwork routine, as their workaholic tendencies are becoming hard to live with. Dee’s houseguest — in the midst of putting on pants — is sent to tell the pair to turn their music down much to Rachel’s chagrin, who threatens to leave. Amy convinces her to stay and insists Dee is in pain and needs time and space to heal after the bad breakup. The episode ends with Dee walking into their own intervention.

Episode 9: “Lens Cap”
Original Airdate: January 6, 2016

A lens cap blocks our view as Dee sends Rachel out of their room after a failed attempt to film an update. Amy enters and Dee insists neither of them have the right to tell them what to do. We learn Dee’s relationship ended after their girlfriend, Elena, cheated on them. Amy apologizes as Rachel knocks and gives Dee her own version of a Burn Book about them. They get a laugh out of it and they all make up.

Episode 10: “Cleaning Up”
Original Airdate: January 9, 2016

The living room is a mess with Dee’s work and leftover food. Rachel decides to clean, though Amy warns Dee is particular about their items. Later, as she’s cleaning, Rachel finds a shoebox of old pictures of Dee and their girlfriend. Dee walks in, angry but, after Rachel’s questions, is willing to talk about the pictures. Rachel tries to suggest they go out for drinks but Dee rebuffs the offer and tells Rachel off for her poor decisions. ... And then gets in one last quip about her choice of air freshener.

Couple-ish is heading into a two week hiatus but social media updates will keep the story going and you in the loop. Catch up with the current season out on YouTube!


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