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Jane the Virgin 2x04 "Chapter Twenty-Six" (Winter is Coming) [Contributor: Connie]

"Chapter Twenty-Six"
Original Airdate: November 2, 2015

The interesting thing about Jane the Virgin ships is two-fold. One, everyone is primarily Team Jane in the end anyway. And secondly, the ship wars are so gentle (that I’ve noticed) among the fandom, possibly as a result.

As I’ve said before, I am Team Rafael, but I am not furious with Jane or the writers for having her choose Michael. Partially because I believe it’s temporary, but it’s also the strength of the writing of these three characters that there are no bad choices. That each character is fallible and imperfect, but has wonderful qualities that make you understand why your friends chose the other ship.

(All my friends are Team Michael.)


Before getting into the Michael vs. Rafael debate, I really love that this show presents them pretty evenly in terms of how much they love Jane. Neither is worse for her than the other, in my opinion. We still have our preferences, but one ship isn’t placed higher than the other. The only reason Rafael struggles as much as he does is because he has more obstacles in his way than Michael does. Michael only has work, which has — so far — tied in with Jane almost every step of the way. He doesn’t have outside family drama or an ex-wife determined to keep him away from Jane. (That said, I would love to know more about Michael’s family. His brother disappeared, but what about his mom or dad?) With his focuses being singular, he has more time for Jane, and having known her longer than Rafael gives him the advantage.

Rafael has to work harder. His continual struggles throughout the series have involved his sister, Petra, the hotel, and even, for a while, his father. Now, in addition to family (with the resurfacing of Luisa) and business woes, Rafael also has Mateo and a potential new baby all clamoring for his attention. He loves Jane, but he has more clouding his ability to get to know her in the same way that Michael already does. The playing field from a character perspective isn’t even — in spite of the fact that it is from an audience perspective. There are many who are Team Michael because of his steadfast love and protectiveness of Jane, and others who are Team Rafael because they believe their love is worth fighting for and it can overcome all the obstacles. Just like everything on this show, there’s more than one way to look at a situation and you might be slightly confused in the end, but it makes for a great journey.

Personally, I fight for Rafael. And sometimes his actions have been disappointing. I was upset he didn’t at least act appreciative of the list Jane made. Yes, it means she doesn’t trust him and that’s very important — go back to my point about them having less time together — but he also does need this list. He has never been alone with a baby before! This is information he needs to know! He can read up on it, sure, but Jane wrote that list for him, which is a little more personal than a book from the store. So they both lose points here.

Sidenote about Jane telling Rafael she’s not ready to choose yet: what seems clear to me is that this remains true. She’s not ready to commit to Rafael, but by the end of the episode, she thinks she ready to commit to Michael because of the difference they entail. Committing to Michael doesn’t mean forever but it could mean forever. Michael also represents Jane's old, pre-Mateo self. And she struggles this episode with recognizing herself and her identity outside of being a mom.

Rafael directly represents that, and she’s already committed to him forever. Her fears of that relationship not working out are heightened, so she doesn’t want to jump in. It’s simpler with Michael, there’s an easy out if she wanted it. And as a result, there are less stakes on Mateo for now — Jane’s not thinking of an older Mateo with “step-dad/godfather” Michael just yet. So when she says she is not ready to choose Rafael, but chooses Michael, it’s still too soon, but the separation between Mateo and Michael make it easier for her to say yes. Rafael’s frustration and anger with Jane is going to come out in full force next week because of this.

Also, there is the thematic imagery of Team Michael being snow falling: see the episode with the meet cute flashback and this kiss this week — falling snow/paint/asbestos. Winter in indeed coming, giving Jane and Michael plenty of time to cuddle and be warm as it snows outside.

But Team Rafael represents warmth and flower petals. See: their big kiss scene in season one. Their love is frolicking outside in strappy dresses and light-colored suits. And maybe a pool. Does your seasonal preference have anything to do with which one you ship? I’ve noticed a few of Team Michael's members prefer cooler seasons, while a few Team Rafael’s, myself included, are fans of spring and summer. Obviously this is not a hard and fast rule, but I’d love to track more of this. Leave a comment and tell me which you prefer and which ship you are!


Okay, let me see if I can wrap my head around the case. Back when Rose was Denise, she lived in Switzerland and dated famed yodeler Heidi von Ocher. She left pain and destruction in her wake. #TeamJane gets her to America so she can explain all of thise to the police.

Heidi dated Denise, but then Denise called her Mutter and left town. They all think that the mention of "mutter" means mother. But the new cop, Susanna, figures out that this is a reference to Mutter, a crime lord from the 80s. Phrases like “the original faceless gangster” and “bound her victims with blue silk ties” and “cold-hearted” all appear across the screen to describe her. Sound familiar?


Oh, Rogelio. Why am I not surprised that he got sucked into Scientology? It was an apt week for this episode to air, considering Leah Remini’s interview on the subject recently.

I like what the framing of this reveal has given us: the confessional that each member does leaves us with tapes and tapes of Rogelio confessions. And those are things that I hope we get to see more of. But there is the big question that is lingering: what does Rogelio not want Xiomara to see? #WhatsOnDisc142PartC


Milos is back and is forcing Petra into marriage “for tax purposes.” What will he do when he finds out Petra is pregnant? Did Petra ever have true feelings for him?

Hi, Susanna Barnett. I don’t know how to feel about you except that you remind me of Patty Spivot over on The Flash. Oh and that you’re SPYING ON MICHAEL FOR THE CAPTAIN!? What exactly are you looking for, Cap? Her Southern charm is gonna make it easy for Michael to trust her, and give away his one little, dirty secret. Cue my sad face. Also, if she has nine years of experience, she is MUCH older than Michael, who I assume must be around 26-28?

Luisa is still in contact with Rose. Don’t do it, Luisa!


I tweeted this and series creator Jennie Urman retweeted me: “Look at the female director on Passions of Santos. Actually all of the important roles on Passions have been women so far.”

Urman is, of course, a female creator in her own right, but it is wonderful to see her putting women (especially women of color) in the prominent production roles on The Passions of Santos. #LadiesSupportingLadies. There is a female showrunner, this episode the director was a woman, and many of the assistant roles have been men. This representation is so important. In a world where having an overwhelmingly female staff is rare, it is beautiful to not only see women and women of color being represented on camera and in leading roles, but to know that this is happening behind the camera as well. It’s not simply a show of inclusion and diversity, but Jane the Virgin practices what they preach. I didn’t mean for this to be an entire section, but it’s really important to see this.

Along with Shondaland, Supergirl, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin is presenting women in positive leadership positions, with shows run by and starring women, and achieving massive success. Hollywood won’t be able to ignore the power women hold and the success we garner.

Rattles and Rockets

  • Can I just say that the young girl who plays young Jane is 1) A perfect Jane, and 2) ROCKED THAT "HOT IN HERRE" DANCE. The casting director does a great job with the young versions of these characters — even young Lina really looked like her. 
  • I’m a little disappointed in Lina though. She says she has sisters and understands why Jane is ignoring her, but then gets upset when Jane explains that she tried and failed later. You have to know that being a mom is a full-time job and that especially right now it might take Jane a little more than three weeks to get adjusted to things. But that being said, I’d totally be the one to say “I understand!” and then be upset when I’m continually ignored. 
  • Look at how easily this show passes the Bechdel test. That final scene between Jane and Lina on the bathroom floor of the club: there is discussion of Rafael vs. Michael, but the conversation isn’t really about them, it’s about Jane and Lina, and Jane as a mother. Applause.
  • And then Jane writes her paper. Because she’s Jane. I love you, Jane. "Jane would realize in the morning that it was all drunken gibberish."
  • Did Rafael really see both scenes or perhaps the baby monitors were just on audio? Or did he turn them off both times, sensing Jane would come/not wanting to see/hear anymore? I love how a lot of people are excited for Team Michael, but still feel bad for Rafael. That’s the power of the writing that, as I said earlier, neither is really wrong for Jane. We just want her to be happy (but preferably with our choice). 
  • Unlike Quantico, this show makes it super easy for me to remember new characters' names. They literally write them on the screen for us.
  • “Let me just Google Translate that.” I love you, Narrator. You’re one of us!
  • “A yodeler. Kind of like in The Sound of Music.” “I’ve never seen it.” “Okay, that’s a weird thing to feel superior about.” I also noticed that one’s love or dismissal of The Sound of Music is tied to their love of Michael vs. Rafael. I watched the film later in life and have less of a strong connection to it. 
  • “Please don’t talk to me — I’m getting into character. And it’s very difficult when my character must make love to a lying, scheming, chupacabra of a woman.”
  • “I must make love on the right, so my best side will be featured.”
  • Michael gets docked a point too this episode: his distrust of Susanna is tied in with Nadine of course, but he didn’t have to dismiss her to the point where she doesn’t even get to talk. Every time she wanted to contribute an idea or get clarification, he shut her down until she took what she wanted. And the information broke the case. So while I still don’t trust her, I didn’t appreciate Michael shutting her down like he did. 
  • “Oh I’m pumping and dumping tonight!” 
  • CAN JANE DANCE EVERY WEEK? I think we actually get our wish too, since BRITNEY SPEARS IS NEXT WEEK AND THERE LOOKS LIKE MORE JANE DANCING! For an episode with a yodeler, there was no yodelling. Wonder if it’s happening in the next few episodes...?


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