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Blindspot 1x08 "Persecute Envoys" (Broken Trust) [Contributor: Jen]

"Persecute Envoys"
Original Airdate: November 9, 2015

If you've been afraid to emotionally invest in Blindspot, feel free to take the time now to emotionally invest. Not only was Blindspot picked up for a full season by NBC, but they were just renewed for season two. So sit back, relax and get to know these characters. Because they are sticking around for awhile.


We are eight episodes into this show, and things are really getting interesting. This is one of the best parts of a full season pick-up — the writers are allowed to develop the story without fear of cancellation. There are so many series that could have been great if the network just gave them more time. Luckily for Blindspot, they have the time.

Mayfair finally confesses Daylight to Weller and oh boy... that is a doozy. Davenport, the White House Chief of Staff, gathers Tom Carter (Deputy Executive Director of the CIA), Sophia Varma (Deputy White House Political Director) and Mayfair (Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI) in an empty parking garage. It has a very "Deep Throat" feel to it and it should. Project Daylight is corruption at the highest levels of government. The NSA spent the last ten years illegally obtaining intel on American citizens. Davenport gave Mayfair a directive to find creative ways to use the extremely valuable intel. Every time the FBI used any illegally obtained evidence, Mayfair said it came from her informant — Saul Guerrero. But Guerrero is just a front. The source is the NSA. If Daylight is discovered, all the criminals that were convicted using the illegal intel will be set free.

Yeah... it's pretty bad.

Of the trio, Mayfair was the most hesitant to use Daylight, but nothing silences reservations like a little peer pressure. She ultimately falls in love with Sophia Varma, but when a NSA whistle blower threatens to expose Project Daylight, Sophia kills herself.

Whew. You got all that? It is quite the information dump. If Jane's tattoos reveal government corruption, then this is number one with a bullet. Especially since it is a directive from the White House Chief of Staff. Senate subcommittee will be the least of everyone's concern when impeachment discussions get rolling. There are incredibly powerful people who will not allow that to happen, which means Jane and the entire team (including Mayfair) are in a lot of danger.

The secondary case was about a bunch of corrupt cops blackmailing wealthy people with information caught on their police cameras. However, when the NSA is handing out illegally obtained intel on American citizens, it sort of pales in comparison.


This was a big episode for Team Blindspot as betrayals came to light and others got underway. Obviously, Weller is devastated by Mayfair's confession and rightfully so. When everyone looks to Kurt, he looks to Mayfair. It's a sobering day when you realize the person you look up to is human just like everyone else.

The broken trust between these two Blindspot leaders will be difficult to repair, but not impossible. Kurt asks Mayfair if it all was worth it and she replies, "It has to be." Mayfair lost the love of her life to Project Daylight. If those convicted are ever released, her death will have been for nothing.

The reason Mayfair didn't run with Sophia is because she values justice, even more than she values her own life. Now, with Sophia dead, there's nothing and no one to run to anymore. The only two things that Mayfair has left are justice and her team. Her reticence to tell Kurt about Project Daylight was equal parts because of shame and protectiveness. Truly, the less Team Blindspot knows about this, the safer everyone will be.

As a law enforcement official, it has to be incredibly difficult to have evidence that proves criminal activity, but is not actionable. But convictions based on illegally obtained evidence isn't truly justice. As Judge William Blackstone said, "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." These laws were put in place to protect both the innocent and the guilty from abuse of power. Power that Mayfair readily abused because she thought the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. She knows she was wrong. Mayfair isn't a bad person. She's a good person who did a bad thing.

The point of Jane's tattoos is to ensure that those in power do not abuse that power. If they do, then they are no better than the criminals they are trying to convict. Unfortunately, once Pandora's Box is opened, it cannot easily be closed. There will be a reckoning and collateral damage from the fallout. It's not a question of when there will be a price to pay, but rather who will pay that price.

Jane and Zappata spent a good portion of the episode bonding. They sparred, went out for drinks, made fun of Reade, and connected over Zappata's slain partner as they worked to solve the police corruption case. Zappata and Jane are very similar. They are both have a steel will, but a heart of gold. The truth is, Zappata genuinely likes Jane and enjoyed getting to know her.

Perhaps the bonding was genuine. Perhaps Zappata feels guilty for spying on Jane. Or perhaps these "bonding" moments were simply a cover to gain more intel on Jane to hand over to Carter. It's difficult to say, but that's the problem with betrayal. It clouds everything.

Unsurprisingly, Carter isn't satisfied with the file Zappata handed over and demands further "spying" or he will expose her. It's a little surprising that as a former cop and FBI agent, Zappata didn't see this coming from a mile away. Perhaps she did and her addiction to gambling simply outweighed the potential consequences.

What's truly heartbreaking is Jane. She was so happy to have a friend on Team Blindspot. It's not that Weller isn't her friend, he's just more... complicated. For Jane, it's simpler with Zappata. There are no fuzzy bunny feelings blurring lines. She can simply enjoy her company without wondering what it means. It somehow makes the connection more pure and a powerful combative to Jane's intense loneliness. Unfortunately, Jane should be asking what it means and when she does, the betrayal will be devastating.


Fuzzy bunny feelings notwithstanding, Kurt is Jane's "friend." (I shall forever use quotations around "friend" with these two. You know why.) When Zappata's betrayal is revealed (and it will be), Kurt will be there for Jane to help pick up the pieces. However, for the "friendship" to be truly real, it needs to be reciprocal.

So far it's been the "All About Jane Show" when it comes to her "friendship" with Weller. Kurt rarely, if ever, offers anything about how he's feeling. Ah Jane... many women know the love of a taciturn man. Your complaints are not uncommon. Bottom line? The Mrs. wants Weller to open up.

He obliges and asks Jane if he should forgive someone who betrayed him. Without her memories, Jane is so utterly innocent. She thinks if the action is forgivable, then yes; Weller should forgive Mayfair. Unfortunately, Jane has no barometer for what betrayal feels like or broken trust. "I'm not sure," she says. "None of you have ever let me down."

Don't worry, sweetie. Zappata will take care of that for you.

Jane takes it a step further and calls Weller stubborn. Ha! The look on Kurt's face was priceless. These two are so married that they are only a few steps away from picking out china patterns. And need I remind you, we're only on the eighth episode. Good luck slowing this train down, writers.

Jane wisely tells Kurt that people are more than one mistake they make. It's a statement straight from the mouths of babes. Innocence leads to profound statements. You can ask any parent on that one.

After Kurt heroically protects her from a flash bang by slamming the door, Jane gently needles him a little more about speaking with Mayfair. It's borderline nagging and what's more, Kurt seems to enjoy it. I'm eyeing china patterns again, you two. While he does eventually speak with Mayfair, Kurt isn't quite ready to forgive.

Instead, Weller's thaw happens with his father. He sits down and has a drink with him. Whoa. How many years has Weller's sister been asking for the same thing? One word from Jane, and Kurt is sipping whiskey with the old man. China patterns, everyone.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Jane was worried over Kurt's safety. Kurt teased Jane by feigning hearing loss. This is some A+ flirting, you guys. Keep it up.
  • "What's wrong with my clothes?" Everything, Jane. Everything is wrong with your clothes. It's criminal to put Jaimie Alexander in a sweatshirt every week. I might be a little too excited for the formal wear episode soon.
  • "I sort of feel like that could be our guy." Aw...Weller made a little joke! And it was funny!
  • I find Jane taking down a professional football player somewhat implausible. Because... physics.

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