Friday, February 17, 2017

The Bachelor 21x07 Roundtable: Highs and Lows [Contributors: Alisa, Rae, Rebecca, Patti, Chelsea]

This week on The Bachelor, everyone is still pretty miserable even though Nick decides to definitely continue with the show. Was there ever any doubt? See what Alisa, Rae, Rebecca, Patti, and Chelsea thought of the announcement of the new Bachelorette, awkward group dates, and Corinne below.

First things first: How excited are you for Rachel as the Bachelorette?

Alisa: SHE IS PERFECT! I am beyond excited. Usually they announce the Bachelorette and I’m like, meh. (*cough* JoJo...) But Rachel is just fantastic. She seems so genuine and down to earth, not to mention obviously intelligent and beautiful. This is gonna be AWESOME.

Rae: Rachel is amazing. She’s so grounded and confident, and I just can’t wait to see her be amazing all over our TV screens. I’m so pumped!

Rebecca: YES YES YES YES YES! A thousand times YES! I am soooooooo excited. I love her so much, and she’s been my favorite since day one. I’ve been hoping she would be cast as the next Bachelorette. I’m also proud of The Bachelor franchise for finally starring a black woman. I love The Bachelorette infinitely more than The Bachelor because I love seeing a confident woman in control of her sexuality and taking charge when it comes to her relationships. Seeing a black woman with that kind of power will be inspiring.

Patti: She is a DREAM. I just hope they don’t mess it up by choosing super losers as her “boyfriends.” I also wonder which Bachelor from seasons past is going to try and expand on his 15 minutes of fame by showing up randomly to win her heart.

Chelsea: I am so excited for Rachel. I think we all thought during week one that we wanted her as our Bachelorette. There were a ton of great options this season, but she is the perfect balance of cool, smart, and classy. She’s consistently the most interesting person to watch and I’m excited to see her shine. I don’t even care that they spoiled it since she’s still on the show.

How do you feel about what happened between Nick and Corinne?

Alisa: Ugh, whatever. I totally thought he was gonna sleep with her, so I guess good for him for maturing just the tiniest bit? But honestly, they deserve each other and at this point I’m going to be upset if he actually ends up with one of the other girls because everyone else who’s left deserves far better than him.

Rae: I’m actually starting to feel bad for Corinne. Not because she got rejected — she definitely should have been rejected in this scenario — but because she is clearly so insecure and really hurting. Having said that, being insecure does not excuse being entitled or speaking about yourself in the third person, but it’s clear that Corinne does not always feel great about herself and I can definitely relate to that. I feel weird giving Nick props for doing the bare minimum of respecting all of the women he’s dating and not wanting to make them feel bad by bucking the rules and banging Corinne, but good job, I guess?

Rebecca: I’m shocked that Nick didn’t give in, but I’m glad he stopped it from happening. Save it for the fantasy suite. As far as Corinne goes, I feel bad for her because she is so clearly insecure, but like Rae said, that doesn’t excuse her from being manipulative and entitled and not being nice to the other women. I feel like her shock value has worn off, and the drama that I loved about her is now just feeling repetitive. I don’t think she’ll win, but I want her to. She and Nick make a good match — and that’s not a compliment.

Patti: I agree with Rae. It’s becoming clear that she’s just a naive, emotionally stunted 24-year old girl who was taught to use her sexuality early on to get what she wants. And honestly? I could probably say the same for myself when I was 24. Except like a Midwestern/upstate NY super sweet and nice version of it.

Chelsea: I’m not exactly shocked that he turned her down since he’s been on damage control for acting like a jerk this season and seemingly not taking it seriously. It is really sad how the Corinne thing was set-up and that they just let her go in there and make her look bad. It was kind of gross and they’re setting her up for failure.

Which date was the most uncomfortable date this week?

Alisa: The three-on-one date when he rubbed sun lotion all over Kristina’s inner thighs with Raven and Corinne looking on. Ick. I mean, just no. He might as well have just started making out with her in front of the other two. And then to dump her the next day? What a jerk. Kristina deserves everything good and pure in this world and I am going to use sheer force of will to make that happen.

Rae: Yeah, I’m with Alisa. Group dates at this stage of the game are super uncomfortable, and it just emphasized that no one was having fun. I am tired of all the sadness and weirdness this season! It’s like everyone forgot that love can make you feel good and be silly and fun. That sun screen thing was so clearly set up to be awkward and dumb. Also, seeing sharks like that would be very scary and cool, and somehow this date became more about Corinne versus Kristina, instead of literally swimming with sharks.

Rebecca: Agree with Rae and Alisa. Group dates are always uncomfortable, but when it gets this late into the show and everyone has real feelings for one another, it just gets straight up weird. I also get frustrated with the ladies so focused on outshining one another that they forget they’re having these amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They need to focus on themselves and their individual relationships with Nick and having fun. After all, like Rae said, love is supposed to be fun.

Patti: EWWWW the three on one. That just sound like Nick’s dream scenario. Also, no one knows how to apply sunscreen, and I see that as everyone’s biggest failing.

Chelsea: It was a rough week for dates if you weren’t Vanessa or Rachel. The group date was awkward, and I feel like Raven is just sliding through this show as a colorful commentary — which I love — but she’s not getting any real time with Nick. And the whole Kristina versus Corinne thing was pretty icky the way they edited things. The date with Nurse Danielle was a little painful to watch. Protect Nurse Danielle at all costs. We knew she was too good and pure for this show but come on, Nick. You’re really bad at this dating thing.

And, as we do every week, here are our Bachelor Fantasy League Standings:

  1. Chelsea (680 points)
  2. Patti (570 points)
  3. Rae (440 points)
  4. Alisa (440 points)
  5. Rebecca (340 points)


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