Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The 100 4x04 Recap: "A Lie Guarded" (Broken Treaties) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

"A Lie Guarded"
Original Airdate: February 22, 2017

I’m going to let season four finish, but, I’m just saying: this is the best season of The 100 we’ve ever had. The parallels between season one Abby/Jaha/Kane and Clarke/Bellamy/Raven are so strong and so important to these characters’ developments/stories that I could cry. These character arcs are finally getting the justice they deserve!

So, what exactly happened this episode? Well the episode starts with a homage to The Parent Trap, with the delinquents floating Jaha in the middle of a lake. The entire camp is laughing as Jasper screams: “It looks like you got floated.” It seems like the delinquents still aren’t over everyone they love getting killed in space -- fair enough. However, things turn for the worse quickly when clouds roll in and everyone is screaming that it is black rain. The problem? Jasper refuses to go inside and decides to dance in the rain instead. It turns out to be regular rain, but no one is happy with Jasper’s unstable antics (I am also kind of sick of them, even though I get why he is the way he is).

But two crazy moments aren’t enough for Jasper: he and Monty decide to rig up a prank in the Chancellor’s office as well. Bad news bears -- Jasper finds The List. Monty tries to play it off as not a big deal, but Jasper is livid. He can’t let Clarke decide who is worth saving; she’s not God. Clarke enters the room, only to be hit with fire extinguisher foam in the face, and a raving Jasper.

But before he can tell the whole camp about The List, Clarke shock batons Jasper, much to Monty’s horror. This leads to Jasper getting locked up and Monty going against Clarke and reading The List to the entire camp. The crowd quickly gathers and Clarke is forced to explain why she picked who she did -- including herself and Bellamy. She told them she picked strong females who could reproduce, people who were healthy, valuable workers, etc. As the crowd's anger escalates, Jaha quickly steps in before things get out of hand. He then defends Clarke and Bellamy's actions as leaders, but proposes a lottery system. Those who work hard get entered into a drawing to be on The List; those who don’t get cut. They will draw names in two months.

Defeated, Clarke releases Jasper and apologizes for locking him up. He called her “Jaha-Lite” -- OUCH. However, a peek of old Jasper appears, which even causes me to laugh: “Someday, when all of this is over, you’re going to realize that foam bit was funny.” He’s not wrong.

Now back in Polis, Bellamy and his hunting party have been captured by Echo and Roan. Ugh... I’m so sick of Echo. Apparently Bellamy’s hunting partner Steven told Echo that Clarke and crew were reinforcing the Ark to ride out the radiation. Roan is now, understandably, enraged and feels betrayed. Kane tries to explain that the ship is a back-up plan, but it is too little too late: the truce has been broken. Echo slices Steven’s neck and imprisons Bellamy and Kane. Haven’t we moved past this by now? The Ice Nation then goes after Indra -- who escapes -- and Octavia.

Octavia rushes off on Helios to warn Skaikru about the breach in the treaty. Echo rushes after her and the two go into battle against one another. Octavia gets stabbed and falls into the river. Echo heads back to Polis and tells Bellamy that Octavia is dead. That obviously goes over well. Luckily, Octavia survives the fall and has time to go warn Skaikru -- which obviously Bellamy doesn’t know. That’s gonna be an interesting reunion.

Meanwhile, Skaikru group three is heading to Becca’s island to try and find a way to reverse engineer Luna’s blood. Luna feels like she is only being protected because of her blood, but Nyko tells her that the Sky People are good and she should trust them. They arrive at Becca’s island, where drones immediately start shooting at everyone. Luckily, Raven and Luna come up with a plan to save the group. Luna grabs a drone -- FROM THE AIR -- and Raven is able to hack into the system to take down all the drones. Now, it seems that Raven had a little brain glitch, but maybe I was seeing things -- it looked like she got a headache before getting to work on the drones.

The crew then safely arrives in Becca’s lab and the real work begins.

Final Thoughts:
  • You know who I think can reproduce? Clarke and Bellamy. 
  • I like this version of Jaha, but dude has so many personalities these days that it’s hard to keep up. 
  • Monty not being on that list was BS. 
  • Murphy will always be my problematic fave: holding Emori’s hand over the line, saving Raven’s butt, etc. 
  • Anyone else beginning to ship Luna and Raven? I see it. What are they called? Runa? Laven? HELP.


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