Sunday, February 12, 2017

Grey’s Anatomy 13x12 Recap: “None of Your Business” (Biting the Hand that Feeds You) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“None of Your Business”
Original Airdate: February 9, 2017

War is brewing between the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital as the Dr. Minnick saga gets taken to a whole new level. With Bailey turning away everyone who has ever been on her side, things are going to get ugly very quickly. Thankfully, the questions surrounding the Alex-DeLuca situation are finally answered.


At the end of the previous episode, it was revealed that Alex was not in jail. However, how he got out of the trial remained open-ended. At the beginning of this episode, we get the details that have been eluding us since November. Alex recounts that, as he was waiting for his lawyer to take the plea deal, DeLuca showed up to drop the charges. Technically, the state was pressing the charges, so DeLuca decided that he would testify in court that he instigated the fight and was equally to blame.

Alex is shocked at DeLuca’s change of heart, but I didn’t think it was so surprising. After Jo telling multiple people about her past and how scared she was for court, it isn’t a surprise that DeLuca found out and wanted to help. It’s also obvious that he is very into Jo, which might make for a good love triangle in the upcoming episodes. Since DeLuca forced the state’s hand, the charges were dropped. Alex gets off completely free thanks to Jo’s weakness.

Later in the episode, Ben reveals that he was the one who told DeLuca about Alex taking the plea deal. Ben wanted to keep DeLuca informed, but my guess is that he didn’t want to see Alex, or Jo, get hurt. That seemed to be all the influence DeLuca needed, since he already knew about Jo’s past, which is the only question remaining for this segment. Now that the boys have resolved their issues, it’s time for Jo to face her past.


Bailey is playing with fire and decides to kick it up a notch to enforce Minnick as the new head of the residency program. Meredith, in turn, decides to play hard ball when Minnick says she wants to teach in her operating room first thing in the morning. When Meredith refuses, Minnick snitches to Bailey about the hardships with the attendings. Bailey has had it with the one-day opposition to her new doctor, so she decides to go to war by suspending Meredith for being insubordinate.

Bailey definitely oversteps it here for several reasons. First, Meredith is an owner of the hospital and is on the board of directors. Secondly, did Bailey really think Meredith wouldn’t side with Richard? He is practically her father, so it wasn’t hard to see what side she would wind up on. Third, this was Meredith’s first interaction with Minnick since she was hired. Meredith wasn’t at the hospital the day before, so Bailey took things too far. She wants to lash out to send a message, but targets the wrong person. Meredith isn’t behind the whole plot to get rid of Minnick, but Bailey wouldn’t know that because she isn’t paying attention to her doctors.

To make matters worse, Bailey goes one step further and turns April to her side. Bailey's response is to take Meredith’s job away from her and name April the new Chief of General Surgery. This will definitely not sit well with anyone, especially the other board members, who are all against Minnick. Bailey also goes against Minnick’s wishes for her to not interfere and allows Minnick to win everyone over to get with the new program.

I’ve always supported Bailey’s crazy decisions and attitude swings, but this one is hard to get behind. She is trying to start an unnecessary war within the hospital, and there’s no way it will end well. If Bailey keeps going in this direction, we could be looking at another strike in the future and possibly her losing her job.


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