Monday, December 5, 2016

Younger 3x09 Recap: "Summer Friday" (Summer in the City)

"Summer Friday"
Original Airdate: November 30, 2016

It might be winter here, but we're switching gears and are reliving the warm months of summer in this week's Younger episode, aptly titled "Summer Friday." Why is it called that, you ask? Well there's that one day of the summer that is just too perfect to spend indoors. It demands to be soaked in and celebrated. And that's exactly what the characters in the episode intend on doing. Not, of course, without a few missteps. Let's recap what went down on this week's episode, including the Josh/Liza set-up for next week (I've already seen the episode, and #TeamJosh fans out there might have some interesting feelings afterward).


This week's Josh/Liza plot was small and yet it was also significant. Josh wants to try more things with Liza, in a romantic sense, but she reveals to him that she's pretty much done it all. She was married, of course, and David pretty much has a lot of her "firsts." Liza kind of laughs off Josh's hurt face after she tells him this, but it's really important to Josh — more so than even Liza realizes. The problem with her age isn't that she's older than he is; it's that she'll never have a first time with him for anything. Whether in the sense they were discussing or in other things, like buying houses and having kids.

This kind of layer of complexity is something I really enjoy about the Josh/Liza relationship. It would be easy for Younger to return to the same tried and true formula that this couple has: fighting about Liza's age, about Josh's antics, about their future, etc. But this feels like a really natural place for Josh to have insecurities and concerns. The woman he's dating has already been through it all — with someone else. Where does that leave Josh? How can he compete with Liza's past?

Liza's solution is pretty simple: a tattoo. She's never had one and she lets Josh create the artwork and give her the tattoo itself. The symbol that Josh chose was an hourglass on its side. It represents them as a couple and the fact that their love is timeless. When they're together, Josh explains, it's like time itself has stopped. I love the sincerity and vulnerability that Josh has learned as he's grown in his relationship with Liza. Ever since he's committed to being all-in, he's proven that statement to be true. He would do anything for Liza, and he's not intending on leaving her side. Period. We saw that when Liza was hospitalized — Josh has taken on more responsibility, and more "grown-up" roles in their relationship. 

Which is what makes the lack of substantial enthusiasm from Liza a bit difficult. We know she cares about him and loves him — but is she as in love with Josh as he is with her? It's hard to say but I'm leaning toward "no" at this point.


Both Kelsey and Diana are in fresh new relationships in "Summer Friday." Diana is currently dating the therapist who works next to her therapist. She seems pretty happy with the relationship, even though her new beau, Richard, is moving a bit fast. In an uncharacteristic move, however, Diana accepts the fact that she deserves happiness and stability in a relationship. She deserves, at least, to try to have those things. It's really refreshing to see a story about Diana that doesn't involve work and also focuses on her being a human being who has needs and wants and insecurities just like everyone else on the show. I am excited to watch the relationship continue to evolve and to be able to peel back more layers of Diana's character.

Meanwhile, Kelsey's new beau has quite a bidding war on his hands after Kelsey gets a bit overeager in an interview with EW (nice plug for the website, by the way) and hypes Colin's book so much that Random House actually makes an offer that Millennial couldn't even fathom of matching. Kelsey is furious, because even though she's taken herself out of the editorial picture — she's trying not to have her hands in Colin's book so that everything is above board for Millennial — Redmond is now Colin's agent and has told him to take the Random House deal.

In a moment of total fist-pumping glory, Kelsey goes on a rant of righteous indignation to Redmond, who then chides her for complaining. He is doing his job as an agent -- he tells his client to take the best offer, and it would be stupid of him NOT to do that. Kelsey, Redmond asserts, is just upset because she blabbed and now is having to reap the consequences. And while I often root for Kelsey, I'm siding with Redmond on this one. Kelsey let her desire to have the biggest and best scoop for EW outweigh her better judgment. And it cost her. Millions of dollars, in fact.

Hopefully Kelsey has learned her lesson from this mistake, and doesn't make the same one again.

What did you all think of "Summer Friday"? Are Josh and Liza growing further apart? Will Colin change once he gets famous? When will Charles return from his vacation? Sound off in the comments below!


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