Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lucifer 2x10 Recap: “Quid Pro Ho” (Chloe is the Key) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

“Quid Pro Ho”
Original Airdate: November 28, 2016

What is the opposite of the sophomore slump? Because whatever it is, season two of Lucifer has got it. I don’t know what the writers have been drinking, but they have seriously found their groove and I could not be a happier fangirl because of it.

If you’ll remember from last week we had another “Chloe’s life is in danger!” cliffhanger, where Charlotte was seconds away from blowing up the detective’s car. Luckily, Amenadiel stepped in just in time in an attempt to convince his mother not to pull the trigger. He confides in her that killing Chloe would push Lucifer away instead of drawing him closer to help them in their quest to enter the Silver City. Charlotte concedes and off to trial we go.

The warden who killed Chloe’s father is on trial, but no one really has their head in the game. Lucifer and Chloe are super awkward around one another since Lucifer stood her up for their dinner date. Linda phrased her outrage best during Lucifer’s session — we are all pissed and convinced that Lucifer is lying to himself about his feelings. Meanwhile, Charlotte has decided to be the warden’s defense attorney and now everything has gone to hell (pretty literally).

A huge problem arises in the case when the star witness’s head shows up in a box on Dan’s desk. However, it is Lucifer to the rescue. He decides to be the witness and tells the audience that “[Chloe] is truly good. And I don’t mean in bed. I wouldn’t know — that’s how good she is,” only to receive a standing ovation from the charmed court room.

But Lucifer has a slip-up when he mentions that Chloe was the first person to discover the dead body of the man who took the fall for her father’s murder, when the police report says Dan was first on site. Charlotte then questions Lucifer’s integrity, but Lucifer holds to his word and says he is telling the truth. Chloe is obviously mad and feels like Lucifer betrayed her.

To help fix the situation, Lucifer calls on Dan and Maze to track down Boris’ (the headless guy) killer. Maze, using sex jokes, instigates Dan into telling Lucifer that he slept with Charlotte — much to Lucifer’s disgust. I mean, what child wants to hear about THAT? Lucifer then proceeds to tackle Dan through a wall into the Chinese mafia den. Lucifer strikes a deal with the group: Maze must fight one of the gang members to prove their worth, which was EPIC. Give me all the Maze fights scenes for the rest of my life, please. She is too flawless for this world. The gang holds up their end of the deal and are able to locate Boris’ decapitated body, but this leads to another dead-end for the trio.

Charlotte corners Chloe in the bathroom and offers her a deal — she’ll get her client a guilty sentence if Chloe calls Lucifer a liar in front of everyone. Because Lucifer’s word means the world, it is pretty much the worst thing Chloe can do to him. It would be complete and utter betrayal. But when Chloe takes the stand, she tells the world how wonderful a partner Lucifer is and how honest of a person he also is. Charlotte is furious, and her client walks free.

The good news is that Dan and Maze set up the warden to be taken out by the Russians, who are mad that he was behind Boris’ death.

But the highlight of the episode is still to come. Amenadiel runs into Chloe’s mom while attempting to apologize to Maze. He remembers that 30 years ago, God send him to Earth to bless a couple who couldn’t have a child. God had done no such thing before and nothing of the sort since. Amendadiel comes clean with Charlotte, telling them they cannot hurt Chloe because she was put on Earth with a purpose. Charlotte now believes Chloe is the key to going home.

We then see Lucifer with a take-out bag and a bottle of wine leaving his apartment. But he runs into Chloe, who was looking for him. The two sit down for the dinner they missed and lean in to kiss — ONLY FOR THE EPISODE TO END.

Final Thoughts:
  • I cannot even with this episode. Do they kiss? Does Chloe have powers? CAN THEY PLEASE KISS?! #Deckstar
  • I still hate Amenadiel. Maybe he fell because he became a whiny follower.
  • Maze is the best thing to ever happen to television ever. Fight me on it. 
  • I can’t believe we need to wait until January 16th for a new episode.
  • Also, for those who have seen the promo… WHAT IS THE BLEEDING!?!?


  1. Hip hip hooray for #Deckstar. Quite an episode. I agree, Amenadiel is such a whiner. Good review.

    1. Ahhh thank you! I'm so glad I am not the only one who thinks so!

  2. Loved your review and I cannot agree more with your assessment of the second season of Lucifer. I follow a lot of shows but not one of them can compare to the writing, acting and direction of this show right now. It's good to see another fan reviewing the episodes!

    1. AHHHH, thank you! I am glad I am not alone. I can't believe what a strong season it's having. I try to keep my expectations low for television shows because I've been disappointed before, but it's like the little devil that could! :D:D:D