Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x09 Recap: “The Overmining” (Secret Subterfuge in the Nine-Nine) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

“The Overmining”
Original Airdate: December 6, 2016

Captain CJ rears his adorable, cotton-filled head in the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s been awhile since we last saw him, but since he is the reason the squad is on the nightshift, we knew he had to reemerge eventually. Turns out, CJ has lost a backpack full of cocaine that was supposed to be entered into evidence. This evidence was going to be used to take down the biggest drug ring in the city. Jake wants to sabotage the search in order to show what an idiot CJ is, but Holt says no — they have a sworn duty to protect the city and so they will aid CJ in his search.

Meanwhile, the precinct has started a new “green initiative” and Terry is leading the charge to get everyone in compliance. Unfortunately, going green means each team member will have to sacrifice something they love. Terry tells Amy she has to get rid of her laminator, Scully and Hitchcock must remove their chocolate and nacho cheese fountains, and Gina is told her space heater has got to go. Unfortunately, Gina won’t give up her beloved space heater (which she’s named Jacinta) without a fight.

While Terry and Gina engage in a battle of the wills, Holt tells Jake he has a lead on the missing backpack. He’s reviewed surveillance footage from the precinct and discovered someone walking right into CJ’s office and grabbing the backpack while CJ was busy playing his guitar in the breakroom. Jake still thinks they’re going about this whole thing the wrong way by not revealing CJ’s ineptitude. But then Jake runs into CJ, who informs him that he told brass about the missing backpack and they were not happy. In fact, he says, because of this incident, they’ve denied him his transfer request to go work at the police academy. The transfer request is news to Jake, who suddenly has a renewed sense of purpose to help CJ solve the case so he can get his transfer and finally be out of their hair. Jake heads back to Holt’s office and agrees to help him track this mystery man down. Jake even says he thinks they should involve CJ in the undercover mission to infiltrate the drug dealer’s ring. Holt thinks Jake was just really inspired by his speech about their oath to the city, and doesn’t realize Jake has ulterior motives.

Holt and Jake work to prepare CJ for their undercover mission, which goes about as well as Terry’s green initiative. Terry walks in on Amy secretly laminating more papers and he confides in her that he feels like a failure. No one listens to him as sergeant. On top of that, he took the lieutenant’s exam last week and failed that too. Amy tells him not to give up on the green initiative or the lieutenant’s exam. After Amy’s pep talk, Terry feels renewed energy to fight Gina in the battle over the space heaters.

Terry approaches Gina again about Jacinta, but she’s changed into a giant dress with a billowing skirt so she can hide Jacinta underneath. Terry tells her she needs to get rid of the space heater, but she refuses. The dress catches on fire but she still doesn’t budge. Finally, as the smoke detectors go off, and Gina’s dress goes up in flames, Terry rushes to put her out with a fire extinguisher. It seems he’s lost this round.

Meanwhile, Boyle has discovered a 24-hour foot massage parlor and he tricks Rosa into going with him. Rosa has no interest in having someone touch her feet but after experiencing it, she’s hooked.
While Boyle and Rosa enjoy the wonders of deep tissue foot massage, Jake, Holt, and CJ go undercover to try and bust the drug dealer on possession charges. Jake and Holt tell CJ to wait in the van as lookout.

Unfortunately, CJ talks incessantly to them through their earbuds, ruining their concentration and making it impossible for them to carry on a conversation with the drug dealer. CJ just won’t shut up and finally Holt and Jake break cover and start shouting at him. The confession they were hoping to get is out the window, so they haul the drug dealer in for questioning instead. They couldn’t find any drugs at the scene so they won’t be able to hold the guy for very long.

Despite the fact that CJ has ruined every step of their plan, Jake still insists he helps out on the case. Holt realizes Jake is hiding something from him and maybe his speech isn’t what inspired Jake to get involved on this case. Holt asks if Jake is trying to undermine CJ so he gets in trouble and Jake says no, he’s trying to overmine him: he wants to help CJ so much he gets his transfer and leaves.

Holt and Jake discover a lead about the drug dealer hideout. Much to Holt’s annoyance, Jake insists CJ goes with them, but does agree to leave him in the car a block away. Holt and Jake bust in with SWAT and discover a team of drug dealers packaging drugs. The leader makes a run for it and as they chase him around the block where CJ is parked, CJ opens the car door and knocks the leader out cold. It was a total accident, of course. There was a spider in the car and CJ panicked and opened the door to escape, inadvertently knocking the drug dealer out. But it doesn’t matter, they’ve captured him and busted the biggest drug ring in the city. CJ informs them it all went so well he’s decided to stay on as captain and not go through with his transfer.

Meanwhile, Terry is on his last stand with Gina. She has decided to start growing tropical plants in the heat of her space heaters (she’s now bought two more to keep Jacinta company). She’s also bought a portable AC unit to keep herself cool while her plants bask in the glow of all her space heaters. Terry storms off, determined to beat Gina once and for all.

Things have taken a turn for the worse with Boyle’s massage parlor as well. Rosa discovers the parlor is a front for money laundering. She tells Boyle but they’re conflicted about whether to bust the place. After all, they give great massages that have changed their world. But, Rosa and Boyle are cops and have to do their jobs. In the end, they decide to bust the place and arrest them for ruining their lives and also the money laundering.

To celebrate Captain CJ’s big win, the city holds a special ceremony for CJ to award him with a medal. Jake is flabbergasted that CJ’s being honored and that there are so many reporters here to witness it. As CJ takes questions from reporters, it becomes clear he’s in way over his head. He ends up revealing that the whole reason they had to target the big drug ring was because he lost a backpack full of cocaine. He’s quickly ushered from the stage. Jake turns to Holt, excited at what a train wreck this turned out to be. Holt says yes, it seems whoever recommended CJ for a medal and then called all those reporters to witness it really messed up. Jake realizes Holt orchestrated the entire thing — Holt became the master overminer.

Terry finally has a big win of his own: he decides to fight fire with fire when it comes to Gina. He buys everyone their own space heaters, including Hitchcock and Scully, who promptly set the space heaters up and take off their shirts to stay cool. Disgusted, Gina declares Terry the victor.

It’s big wins all around as CJ is officially transferred and Captain Holt is reinstated as captain of the dayshift.

Bullets on the Bulletin Board:

  • “You don’t want to start a battle of the wills with Gina Linetti because you will emerge from that battle a broken man. Not to brag, but I was name-checked in my kindergarten teacher’s suicide note.” 
  • “You think that disapproving glare works on me after all the times I’ve seen it? Step it up, find something new, ya boring.”  
  • “Wait. You want to train other officers?” “Well the nine years at the academy were some of the best years of my life.” “That’s a six month program.” “Sure, for a lot of people.” 


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