Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x02 Recap: “Coral Palms Pt.2” (Greg and Larry Fail The Newlywed Game) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

“Coral Palms Pt.2”
Original Airdate: September 27, 2016

Last week in the season premiere, Captain Holt and Jake released a video of themselves in the hopes that Figgis would come out of hiding to track them down. The video did what they wanted — it went viral, but now Marshal Haas has called a special meeting to talk with them. They fear she knows about the video. If she does, it would ruin their plan to lure Figgis out and capture him.

Haas meets them in an empty movie theater. Turns out she isn’t aware of the video; she simply needs relationship advice, which both confuses and grosses out Larry. After hearing Greg and Larry’s thoughts, Marshal Haas leaves with her young and muscular lover. Crisis averted.

Meanwhile, in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy has just been given permission from Haas to write a one-page letter to Jake. She gathers the team to hear what they’d like Jake to know about life back in the precinct. Boyle wants Amy to tell Jake all about his adopted son, while Rosa simply nods her message and says Jake will know what that means. Gina wants the whole letter to be about how she’s now selfless.

Back in Florida, a man with a thick New Jersey accent called the Funzone where Holt (a.k.a. Greg) is Assistant Manager and asked to meet the guys from the viral video. Convinced it’s Figgis, Holt and Jake put their plan into motion. First, they’ll need guns. Lots of guns. Because they can’t reveal their identities — real or fake — without alerting the Marshals, they decide to bribe the gun shop owner into giving them guns without a background check. Greg has borrowed $3,000 from his walking group friend, Ruth, who is under the impression that Greg has knocked up a woman and needs the cash.

It turns out they needn’t have bothered. When they get to the gun shop, the owner tells them no background check is needed — the federal database is down anyway — and he’ll sell them whatever they want. Jake mutters under his breath that our country is broken, while accepting a huge bucket of bullets from the gun shop owner to go with all their new guns.

The team in New York has their own issues to deal with. A new captain has just been appointed and he’s basically incompetent. Captain CJ shows up in sweatpants and tells them the whole reason he was appointed Captain is because he accidentally walked in on a drug bust and everyone surrendered to him. Gina’s the only one who’s a fan of CJ because he lets her hire her own assistant.

Amy tries unsuccessfully to rally the rest of the team to sign a petition to remove CJ from office but Gina’s onto them and bribes them all to her side by saying CJ will grant whatever their hearts desire. Rosa gets walls around her desk and Boyle gets a treadmill desk. Even Terry gives in eventually when CJ gets him his own yogurt fridge. But Amy doesn’t give up. She gives a moving speech about how Holt would be ashamed of them for this behavior. The team decides to confront CJ and give back all their stuff. They tell him that he doesn’t need to try so hard to make them happy by saying yes to every request, and that being a captain means telling people no sometimes. He agrees.

Unfortunately, things aren’t going so good for Greg and Larry. They blew through a stop sign, got pulled over and subsequently detained due to a car full of guns and that bucket of bullets. The sheriff who arrests them throws them into holding after they fail his Newlywed Game-style interrogation. Running out of time and options, Holt decides to tell the truth to the sheriff. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe them.

Holt and Jake tell the sheriff to call Marshal Haas and verify their identities but when the sheriff calls, Figgis answers, saying he’s never heard of them. When Jake gets on the phone with him, Figgis says he’s coming for them. Back in holding, Jake and Holt try to stage a jail break by bonding with the other inmates. They create diversions that distract the deputies and then they start fighting in the hopes that the sheriff will open the door and let them out. Unfortunately, the sheriff is perfectly happy letting them continue to punch each other so Jake tries something he knows will freak out the sheriff: he kisses Holt. They keep kissing until the sheriff opens the door and then they push him in and escape.

Back out on the street, Jake finally convinces Holt that it’s time to call in the Nine-Nine to help them out. Holt finally agrees they can’t take down Figgis alone, and then places a call to Terry. Terry is overjoyed to hear from the Captain and rushes to tell the team about the phone call and Holt’s request for assistance. The team is ready to help and goes to Captain CJ to ask if they can leave to rescue their friends. But CJ has taken what the team said to heart and puts his foot down.

The answer is no.

Bullets on the Bulletin Board:
  • “You want me to write that you nodded slightly?” “He’ll know what it means.”
  • “I would like you to tell Jacob that I’m thinking about him and hoping that he’s safe. ... What? Meet the new Gina, who always puts others before herself. Can you make the whole letter about me doing that?” “Yeah... I’ll just tell him that everything is exactly the same.” 
  • “Can I help you?” “Oh, no thanks, just browsing. But you know what, since I’m here, why don’t I grab like eight handguns, a couple of shotguns, and, I don’t know, three more handguns.”
  • “Didn’t you have to pass the exams? Wasn’t there an interview where they met you... and heard you speak...?” “Presumably.” 
  • “Never been arrested before. I mean, I was ‘detained’ once by Taylor Swift’s security team. But it was a misunderstanding. She’s probably going to write a song about me.”
  • “Everything I know about interrogation I learned from The Newlywed Game.”
  • “We’re sitting ducks. That’s the worst kind of duck!” “Tell that to the Dutch Hook Bill.”


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