Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Bachelorette 12x08 Roundtable: Family Fun [Contributors: Rae Nudson, Rebecca, Alisa Williams]

JoJo finally makes it to the boys' hometowns on this week's Bachelorette, and tons of manufactured drama ensues – plus a little bit of actual romance. See what Rae, Rebecca, and Alisa thought of the hometown dates and their dramatic ending.

What do you think of that ending? What do you think JoJo is going to do?

Rae: I cannot believe JoJo was thinking about getting rid of Luke. He is the best choice by a mile, and I know JoJo has bad taste in men, but COME ON. I really thought Luke was going to win this thing, but I can’t see JoJo almost kicking him off and then him coming back and winning. I feel like he’ll probably still end up without a rose this week, but on the upside, I’m getting excited about him as the next Bachelor. I think JoJo is going to end up with Jordan, even though I was holding out hope the last few weeks. I literally can’t believe Chase is still here.

Rebecca: I can’t imagine that Luke admitting his love for Jojo at the last second is going to save him. I think once your mind is made up, you can’t (and shouldn’t) change it. If she was considering sending Luke home, then it wasn’t JUST because he hadn’t told her that he loved her yet. There had to have been some other things going on there. I can’t imagine anyone but Jordan winning. They have clear chemistry and it’s obvious (at least to me) that she’s most attracted to him, physically and emotionally.

Alisa: I completely agree with Rae and Rebecca. Personally, I think Luke is the best guy there by a long shot, and I think dismissing someone just because they hadn’t said "I love you" is a terrible idea. But even though Luke has now said those oh-so-important words, I don’t JoJo shouldn’t change her mind. Maybe I’m biased because I too would love to see Luke as the next Bachelor. But like Rebecca said, that can’t be the only reason JoJo was planning to deny Luke a well-deserved rose. There’s gotta be something deeper at play. One would hope anyway. Clearly, JoJo’s chemistry with Jordan is super strong and he seems to be the front-runner for sure. Who knows why Chase and Robby are still here. But if she felt sending Luke home was the right idea, she should stick with that.

What did you think was the best or worst hometown date?

Rae: Chase’s date was mostly confounding to me because the show was really playing up that he came from a “broken home.” Really, ABC? The worst thing you can imagine is divorce, where both parents are now happily in a new relationship and still have relationships with their kids and seem to be doing pretty well now, actually? Okay, cool, just checking. Kind of weird that Chase chose right now to ask his dad why it didn’t work out with his mom!

I guess Robby’s date was technically the most disastrous since it had them chasing down rumors that Robby wasn’t there for the right reasons, which is even worse on this show than coming from a broken home where divorce exists.

Rebecca: Echoing Rae, I think Robby’s was the worst just because of the drama with his ex. It usually makes for an awkward hometown date when you’re put on blast under those accusations. As far as the best, I objectively think Jordan’s went the best. As I’ve said before, something about him is just offputting to me, but JoJo seems to really like him and fit in well with his family. Unless something drastic happens the next couple of episodes, I can’t imagine him not winning, and I think their hometown date really sealed it.

Alisa: Luke’s hometown was the only one I really loved. I thought the other three all had disastrous elements to them. JoJo’s constant need to bring up Jordan’s brother, Aaron, to every single family member was getting on my nerves. Jordan clearly told her it was not a topic that needed to be brought up and yet she brought it up… with EVERYONE. Clearly, there’s a lot of pain and hurt surrounding that situation, so I just felt that JoJo disrespecting Jordan’s wishes was unfortunate. It just came across like she had ulterior motives for being there or was looking for some juicy gossip, which I don’t think was the intent, but it was hard not to wonder what she was really digging for when she just wouldn’t let it drop.

I just felt bad for Robby with the whole ex-girlfriend drama. He didn’t deserve that. And I thought JoJo was being super hypocritical asking why anyone would be spreading those rumors about him if they were untrue. She acted so naive like, “clearly no one would ever say something false ever, that’s just crazy.” When, umm…. wasn’t she just having to defend herself a few weeks ago against similar allegations HER ex-boyfriend made to some magazine? I felt she could have been way more sympathetic and understanding to Robby in that moment. I mean, give the guy the benefit of the doubt, especially when he’s the one bringing you this information and putting it out there for you to know. He didn’t have to say a word about it to her, and I think it speaks volumes that he did.

I agree with Rae about Chase’s date. Both his parents seem happy now, and I felt it was a poor choice for ABC to act like he came from this sordid, pain-filled home just because his parents were divorced. But they need to stir up drama where they can, I guess.

Regardless of JoJo's decision, who would you most like to see as the next Bachelor?

Rebecca: be honest, it’s hard for me to even keep the four of them straight. I always forget about someone or get them mixed up because they all look SO ALIKE (she must have a type). I actually saw a meme on Instagram that said for the next season of The Bachelor, they should just rotate episodes with each of the four finalists until one of the women notices they are different people, haha.

That being said, most of my favorites left before the final four. I really, REALLY liked James Taylor, although he turned into a bit of a drama queen. And I still have a soft spot for Wells. But I’m not sure I would like either one of them as the Bachelor...if I have to pick from the final four, I’d say Chase or Luke.

Alisa: Of the final four, I’d definitely pick Luke. I can’t stand any of the other guys. Luke actually seems like a genuinely good guy. But seriously, they really do all look alike. JoJo could not have picked a more identical bunch of generic looking men to be in her top four. My favorite was Derek and clearly his 15 minutes of fame will be up after the Men Tell All episode. I just really, really hope Jordan doesn’t get named the next Bachelor because I just think he’s smarmy, but I suppose it would at least be an interesting season. And let’s be honest, if it’s either Robby or Chase, it’ll be such a snooze fest.

Rae: Yes, I agree with both of you. Smarmy is the perfect word for Jordan's vibe, and I'm really not feeling it. As I said before, I want it to be Luke because he's pretty much the only one I can stand at this point. Chase is so forgettable, and Robby is not that compelling. Maybe Derek, James Taylor, and Wells will end up on Bachelor in Paradise next year. One can hope!


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