Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauty & the Beast 4x08 Recap: “Love is a Battlefield” (Decisions, Decisions) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Love is a Battlefield”
Original Airdate: July 21, 2016

When this episode opens, Cat hasn't seen or heard from Vincent in a week. Not only are they physically apart, but in terms of communication, they are less in sync than ever. Cat is frustrated and goes to Heather and Tess for advice, but Tess really isn't too involved. She has been against this plan from the beginning, and Cat has now reached the point where she realizes it is insane too. They realize that they need a better plan. And during their chat, Tess reveals that she is dating again, thus moving forward from her relationship with J.T.

Cat contacts J.T. and learns that he hasn't heard from Vincent either. When we, the audience, see Vincent, he is proving himself to a team of assassins that don’t trust him enough to put him out on the field initially. A little manipulation on Vincent’s part changes that quickly, as the plan for him to get more information about who put out the bounty isn’t going as planned.

Vincent contacts J.T. and asks him to set up a meeting with Cat. Of course, every federal agency is spending top dollar and every resource to get Vincent. Drones follow Vincent, and he and Cat are almost caught. It is in that moment that Cat realizes that if they do not start talking through this plan, they will either go to prison or die.

Meanwhile, Cat has another problem: she has a new boss who does not trust her at all. Her boss thinks Cat is letting her emotions for Vincent protect him and that she is neglecting her job. She is not providing information to Cat about Vincent because of this. Cat uses J.T. to locate Vincent, who is at the Hamptons. But it is Cat’s actions once her boss gets injured that soften her and earn her trust.

Speaking of trust, Vincent wins the partial trust of the assassins... until his first test at the Hamptons party is compromised. Diane, the woman pretending to be his wife as a cover, is now very suspicious. She talks with the mid-level boss and they decide test Vincent even further by sending him along with Diane to retrieve a valuable USB. While there, Diane sets off a silent alarm and when the security company arrives, she tests his loyalty by forcing Vincent to kill the guard. Diane ultimately meets her fate when the knife she was using to attack Cat ends up lodged into her after her fight. Cat then finds Vincent trying to revive the guard he just killed. But soon after, every major law enforcement agency is intent on catching Vincent. Cat begs him to talk, but he blurs away.

Elsewhere, Heather (in a headband that I own in my personal closet) tries to convince J.T. to be honest about his feelings for Tess and not give up on their relationship. She actually convinces him to fight! While he still has no idea what he is going to do with his life, he does know that he wants Tess to be a part of his future. He goes to the local café and tells Tess how she feels, but then notices she is already there with someone. Is this truly the end for them? We didn’t actually see anyone else there. So is Tess truly over J.T.?

The episode ends with Cat and Vincent finally able to spend time together. Cat’s new boss and the assassins trust both respectively more than they ever have. Now if only Vincent and Cat would come up with a viable plan that truly works.

So what did you think of the episode? What will they do? How is Kyle involved? Can Cat truly prove Vincent’s innocence or will Vincent go to prison?

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