Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Resident 6x05 Review: “A River in Egypt” (All About Denial) [Contributor: Justine]

“A River in Egypt”
Original Airdate: October 18, 2022

The next episode of The Resident will be the 100th episode of the series. “A River in Egypt” could have very easily been a filler episode, holding fans over until the big event. Instead, this entry is a surprisingly deep and poignant meditation on denial and its impact on everyone’s daily life. While not every storyline gets a chance to move forward, there’s plenty of set-up that is sure to pay off as the season continues. 

It seems like everyone is in denial about something. Even the main medical storyline is a man who just can’t accept the aging process and the inevitability of death. It has to be said that it’s refreshing to see a man struggle with this rather than a woman. Women are so often sold the lie that the aging process can be defied and it was a nice change to see a man fall for this lie. This story is also an effective commentary on how dangerous a lot of snake oil treatments are. Aging and death come for us all.

Props to Cade for bringing in what she’s learned from Al Anon. This is an excellent resource for anyone supporting a loved one living with addiction. It’s been a seemingly long road for Cade to fully accept the extent of her father’s illness. It’s good that she has a community supporting her as the child of a parent with an addiction. This continued focus on recovery for herself may be what finally makes this character three dimensional. Until now, a lot of her character development has seemingly happened off-screen. Now, we get to see her work through this struggle in real time. There’s clearly more to her than meets the eye.

There’s been a spotlight on Kit as a caregiver so far this season. MS truly is a devastating illness. Anyone who’s loved someone with such a complex chronic illness will recognize the struggle and joy that Kit embodies. So often, caregiving is a lonely road. However Kit is fortunate to be supported by those who love her and Bell most. KitBell fans get the briefest of moments seeing these two before their wedding. Their reunion is a reminder of how strong their love is. Their wedding, low-key as it looks like it will be, can’t come soon enough. This will be the start of a whole new chapter for these two. 

The fact that Conrad has mainly taken a back seat in the last season or so has not necessarily been a bad change. This has given other characters a chance in the spotlight. However, it’s an interesting twist to have Conrad be the focus as a doctor this episode. His patient’s denial of his health condition is heartbreakingly relatable. Conrad also clearly has difficulty facing the reality that, even though he has seen this patient through so much, it’s just not enough. Delaying the inevitable is such a deeply human strategy to handle emotionally overwhelming situations. 

Finally, Padma still can’t catch a break. The babies are here, they’re healthy, and by all accounts, they’re out of the woods medically. I appreciate when shows like The Resident continue telling stories about the realities of postpartum depression, which is still stigmatized. But in this episode, her storyline just feels like another chance to get a dig in at Padma. Why does this show have such a problem with this character? She’s delightful and honestly deserves so much better. Here’s hoping A.J., Leela, and Devon can step up and give Padma the support she needs. 

The Resident puts in a surprisingly strong episode just before a big event. While not all of the character choices may work yet, the groundwork is being prepared for something hopefully bigger. Denial is such an integral part of the human experience, and The Resident does a fantastic job of showing this with empathy and compassion. Leaning into these characters and their humanity is always the right choice. 

Other Things:

  • Irving and Jessica content is the best. Seriously, we don’t see enough of these two. Maybe that’s why Irving has been so upset recently.
  • Must we rehash Devon and Leela’s ongoing disagreement about having kids? It didn’t add anything to the story last time.
  • I hope Billie gets more time in the spotlight. This character keeps getting pushed out and it’s a shame. Of course, if Jessica Lucas wants to cut back, that’s understandable. But Billie is such a great character. 
  • “It's complicated. Sometimes you need a dose of denial to have hope.”
  • “I'll never get used to this.”
  • “One moment a person is there and the next it's just dead flesh. Empty eyes, heavy limbs, absence. When I almost lost Jessica, it got personal. I realized it could happen to us at any time.”


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