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The Resident 6x02 Review: “Peek and Shriek” (Preparing for the Future) [Contributor: Justine]

“Peek and Shriek”
Original Date: September 27, 2022

The Resident is desperately trying to convince us all to care about the Cade/Conrad/Billie triangle, and it’s not working. The continued focus on Conrad’s inability to choose between two amazing women is a distraction from everything that makes this show great. These are still early days in the season, so there is still ample time to correct course. If the focus of the series is meant to be on relationships, there are many more that could take center stage. 

Conrad spent so much of last season in the background, being a father as he grieved Nic’s loss. It suited him, frankly, and it allowed for more fulsome development of other characters. There’s absolutely a way to bring this character back into the spotlight, if that is the intention. It’s commendable that the show is still allowing him to grieve his wife’s loss. However, it’s unwise to make this character simply a man who has to choose between two women. He deserves better and so do Cade and Billie. 

Ian’s storyline is going nowhere good but it will be interesting to see how it evolves. On one hand, there’s authenticity in Cade seeing her loved one in the middle of acute addiction and being in denial about that fact. This is the lived reality of many people who have watched a family member live with addiction. On the other hand, Cade has already expressed a mistrust in her father, and initially seemed at least somewhat aware of how her father hid parts of himself. It makes little sense then that she now seems to mostly trust him, but just can’t put the pieces together about what is going on.

The main medical drama in this episode revolves around a brawl that breaks out in a line of people waiting to vote. This was compelling but the ultimate resolution was both devastating and also pretty aggravating. The white man who pushes a Latino man and injures him ends up getting a free pass because, surprise, all of his aggression was caused by medication he was taking to quit smoking. There was definitely more to unpack here, but everything is rushed along and there’s not a lot of accountability.

This episode also gives a heartbreaking look at Kit as Bell’s caregiver. She’s always so strong, so it’s humanizing to see this character struggle as she watches the man she loves battle against MS every day. The fact that her personal situation is impacting the advice she gives patients is a sign of how overwhelmed she is, caring for Bell in his hour of need. This is going to be a difficult topic to handle as the season continues.

Leela’s imperfections are also on display this episode. It’s well-established that her strengths lie in the operating rooms, making incredible surgical saves. She has always found it difficult to speak to patients when they are awake. It seems like rather than moving forward and identifying where she can be more compassionate with her patients, though, she’s back to her old self. Perhaps this was a venue to introduce Kitty as Leela’s mentee. It feels unfair to have Leela undo all the work she has done to get her to this point in her story. 

Padma is still not having an easy time with her pregnancy. It’s so sweet watching her try absolutely everything to distract herself from the feeling of doom. This is also a great opportunity for Leela and A.J. to show just how supportive they are, even when Padma’s requests become more outlandish. These babies can’t come soon enough. They’re stressing everyone out, and they have people who are waiting to love them fiercely. 

The Resident still has decisions to make even though it’s early in the season. The terrible governor has been elected, and this is an opportunity for the show to return to its roots. Perhaps this will be the grounding force that brings everyone at Chastain together so they can fight as one. If done right, this could be the story that brings out the best in all of the characters fans have come to love. They are all capable of much more than what we’ve seen so far this season. 

Other Things:

  • We don’t see a lot of Conrad and his military past since it’s rarely brought up. He should get a chance to reflect on it more and use it to provide better care to his patients. 
  • Nurse Hundley is a national treasure and needs to be protected at all costs. She needs her own episode immediately.
  • A.J. remains an underrated BFF, and it’s a great lookthat he’s allowed to show this part of himself. 10/10, no notes.
  • “MS is such a bastard. You think you're on a plateau, and then it just crumbles.” 
  • “Maybe it's nothing. The other day I saw him take a pill. I don't know what it was, I didn't ask. But then today he had this bruise on this forehead and he said it was nothing but he seemed jittery.” 
  • “Maybe stay off Twitter too; that can also cause aggression and mood swings.”


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