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The Resident 5x23 Review: “Neon Moon” (Poignant Farewell) [Contributor: Justine]

“Neon Moon”
Original Airdate: May 17, 2022

The Resident returns to wrap up its final season, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. With the chaos of the season, it was calming to have the finale be a poignant reflection of these characters' journeys so far. This episode is very nearly everything a season finale should be, while leaving the door open for plenty more stories to come. 

Of course, the main draw of this episode is the return of Emily VanCamp, reprising her role as Nic Nevin. In a season that’s been dedicated to chronicling grief and loss, it was so appropriate that Conrad (Matt Czuchry) revisits his wife in flashbacks and is able to process his grief and say goodbye.

Nic’s return was also closure, in that it gave fans a chance to actually see her as a mother. With VanCamp appearing primarily by phone in the first part of this season after Gigi’s birth, we never got to see her be the mom she wanted to be so much. It was adorable seeing her fuss over leaving Gigi at home with a babysitter for the first time. It will always be sad fans only got to see this tiny glimpse of this part of her character. It was cathartic for fans as well. Nic’s death shook The Resident to its core. She was such an integral part of the show for the first four seasons, and she’s been missed all season long. While it may have made sense from a story perspective, the time jump still left a massive hole that only Nic could fill. 

Although these last few episodes, in particular, have been setting up Conrad and Cade (Kaley Ronayne), the way this finale left their story was ingenious. It’s clear Conrad hasn’t made a choice between Cade or Billie (Jessica Lucas). This is actually very wise. It was also a nice touch to show these two women bonding without Conrad. Perhaps there’s hope for this love triangle yet.

Although KitBell shippers didn’t get a wedding, there’s plenty of content to swoon over in this season finale. Kit (Jane Leeves) and Bell (Bruce Greenwood) have more than proven this season why they’re the definitive couple to cheer for in this series. Although the finale lacked a KitBell wedding, the truth is it will probably be that much more satisfying when they finally say “I do”... next season, hopefully!

It turns out that Devon (Manish Dayal) leaving was a fake-out. While I can get behind a good fake goodbye, I’m left asking... what was the reason? Was it so that we can appreciate what a great character he is? Truthfully, this hasn’t been Devon’s strongest season. While he’s always been a dynamic character, this season hasn’t given him as many chances to shine. 

Regardless, it looks like there is in fact still hope for Devon and Leela (Anuja Joshi). The surrogate baby storyline seems to have worked itself out in the end after causing so much chaos. Hopefully if Devon and Leela are back together in earnest, they can be honest with each other and open about their dreams for the future. This storyline also gave Padma (Aneesha Joshi) the chance to actually be the voice of reason, which was a nice change. And A.J. (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) being a father is what he deserves, and he’s going to absolutely nail it.

Cade was arguably at her most relatable in this episode. Whether it’s seeing her contrasted with her father Ian (Andrew McCarthy) or seeing her bond with Billie, she was actually quite endearing. Her worry for her father, despite their tumultuous relationship, speaks volumes about her character.

Speaking of Ian, this episode left him in a very interesting position. I am curious to see how much more Dr. Ian Sullivan we get as the show continues into season six. He’s certainly made a strong case for how he would mix up the dynamic at Chastain Memorial. Perhaps he’s worth a closer look.

The Resident managed to pull together a season filled with change and chaos together with a touching finale. Although so much of this episode is bittersweet, it was ultimately a worthy send-off to Nic, in particular, and a new beginning for so many characters we’ve come to know and love. The stage has been set for season six and the countdown to the fall begins. 

Other Things:

  • Winston (Stephen Wallem) is BACK! Seriously, The Resident needs more Winston always.
  • That "Neon Moon" cover by Charly Reynolds? Transcendent. Seriously, there are no words. Is it the best version of that song? Very possibly.
  • This show also needs more Jessica (Jessica Miesel). In real life, she’s such a fantastic advocate on social media for actors. Definitely worth a follow. 
  • “You guys broke up way too fast. It's kind of a pattern with you. You're a relationship wrecking ball.”
  • "Why are you getting dressed?" "I'm discharging myself." "You can't be your own doctor." "Oh, wow. The apple fell directly under the tree."
  • “Maybe you shouldn't fight these memories. Maybe they're trying to tell you something. The past doesn't go away, if you don't deny it, you learn something from it.”


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