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The Resident 5x22 Review: “The Proof is in the Pudding” (Falling Hard. Literally) [Contributor: Justine]

“The Proof is in the Pudding”
Original Airdate: May 10, 2022

The penultimate episode of The Resident is here and we have questions. This episode was another wildly uneven one, full of uneven storytelling punctuated with moments of heart. This entire season of Fox’s beloved medical drama has been filled with even more chaos than usual, which is saying something. Through it all, the team at Chastain Memorial can’t seem to stop getting into situations that are often of their own making. 

The newest addition to Chastain, Andrew McCarthy as Dr. Ian Sullivan, is the worst in the best possible way. The parallels between him and Bell (Bruce Greenwood) are immediately obvious. He’s seen as a god among patients, but only a select few close to him know the truth: he’s a danger to those he’s supposed to be caring for. Unfortunately, this story seems like it’s an accelerated version of what could have been a much longer, satisfying arc.

Cade (Kaley Ronayne) was in focus again this episode, recovering from a shooting. It’s still clear though that much of her character development has happened off-screen. The Resident seems committed to investing in a budding romance between her and Conrad (Matt Czuchry). Ronayne and Czuchry are trying their best with the story they’ve been given. It’s too bad the show hasn’t spent more time developing Cade as a character. She’s only been shown in relation to Conrad and her father. It’s a disservice to restrict her like this.

Devon (Manish Dayal) is also put in the spotlight this episode, perhaps for the purposes of saying goodbye? His obvious success with clinical trials, not to mention his development of a successful rabies protocol, puts him in a stellar position career-wise. Kit (Jane Leeves) and Bell are clearly Devon’s parents, trying to convince him to stay. Honestly, he deserves this. 

Devon’s talk with Conrad this episode kind of read like closure on this relationship. There’s even a callback to Conrad’s advice about being a doctor (that if it was easy, everyone would be one). Is this the end for Devon’s career at Chastain and his relationship with Conrad which started this whole series? So much of this episode read as a goodbye. With no official announcement at time I am writing this review, the future of this character remains unclear. 

KitBell shippers had a lot to love this episode, and perhaps a lot to get emotional over. These two have essentially become parents to the entire hospital, not just Devon. The fact that Kit sees through the new Dr. Sullivan is so on brand for the woman who takes no one’s nonsense. Poor Bell is clearly struggling. This show has so far done a commendable job emphasizing the unpredictability of MS in so many patients. 

One team-up that is was great to see again was Billie (Jessica Lucas) and AJ (Malcolm-Jamal Warner). As two of Chastain’s best surgeons, it’s a shame these two don’t get a chance to work together more often. The two of them give off the sweetest friendship vibes when they’re together. This episode, they’re given a chance to be open and vulnerable with each other. It’s further proof that they deserve more screentime together. 

On this note, though, why does the show keep doing Billie so dirty like this? The show has insisted on setting up Conrad and Cade, and now Billie has to jump in to create a love triangle and set herself up for rejection? This character deserves so much better, especially after all the trauma she’s been through. Maybe Devon’s not the only one who should be thinking of leaving Chastain. 

Relatedly, another incredible character who’s been stunted the last few episodes is Leela (Anuja Joshi). When did this character get so vicious and vindictive? In this episode, she’s just mean to Devon. It’s a far cry from the dynamic, career-driven character we’ve been introduced to. I’m unsure if it was the baby storyline that derailed this character, but her development has been disappointing to say the least. 

With all of this said, The Resident has set fans up for an explosive finale. Fates hang in the balance and plenty of stories need resolutions. Hopefully, everything can all come together in the end. If fans are lucky, we’ll get KitBell wedding bells/elopement in some form before we say goodbye to the Chastain for another season. 

Other Things:

  • Bell’s podcast appearance on a show about unaccountable doctors is source material reference! (The Resident is based on the book “Unaccountable” by Marty Makary)
  • With all of the physical falls this episode, we can only hope no one has a significant head injury. I know intellectually that it would grind the story to a halt, but could we not at least mention worrying about concussions?
  • Gigi continues to be such a precious baby. I would defend her with my life. Seeing her here is just a reminder that Emily VanCamp is coming back for the finale, and are we ready for that emotionally? Unknown but unlikely. 
  • “We've got four marriages between us, do we really need a ceremony?”
  • “We have plenty of great surgeons. Your daughter needs you.”
  • "Now I'm going to say something selfish." "Okay." "Don't break up the team."


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