Thursday, June 20, 2019

Younger 6x02 Recap: “Big Day” (Is the Fight Worth It?) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“Flush With Love”
Original Airdate: June 19, 2019

Focusing heavily on everyone’s relationship status plus professional compromises, this episode of Younger moves quickly, so let’s dive in!

Liza is trying to reinvent herself at work. She wants to be taken more seriously now that everyone in the company knows that she is the assistant who was having the affair with Charles. But Liza, Kelsey, and Diana have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Quinn’s book bombed the focus group and is too harsh toward women for readers. Kelsey naturally flips out, because this is to supposed to be her first big release as publisher. Kelsey and Liza decide to meet with Quinn to shelf the release until spring... but Quinn somehow walks out of lunch getting what she wanted. How does she do it? The art of persuasion ⁠— and holding all favors she’s done for them — over their heads, that’s how!

Liza and Charles learn a tough lesson: now that Charles is no longer in charge, it is best that they don’t mix business with pleasure and refrain from having detailed conversations about the business. With Kelsey under so much pressure, she doesn’t like still being under Charles’s thumb which is understandable. She has to set her own boundaries and make her own mark. So Kelsey decides to be firm with Quinn during a one-on-one and they come up with a resolution. If her book tanks, she will walk away. Quinn is pushing this book as a stepping stone to run for Senate, and is willing to agree to almost anything to get it done on her terms.

Meanwhile Josh and Clare are full steam ahead with the baby. Josh goes shopping with Liza to get her expert opinion on what to purchase, since the baby is due in two weeks. I am not sure if I am the only one that missed this, but Clare literally waited until the very last moment to tell Josh about this baby! No wonder Maggie is suspicious. At the gender reveal party, Liza fumbles the balloon surprise, but it doesn’t matter because Clare goes into labor. She gives birth to a healthy baby girl.

Elsewhere, Diana and Enzo hit a snag when he realizes that he will never live up to the ideal version of a man (ahem, Charles) that Diana wants. He breaks up with her, tired of playing these games. Diana decides to go to a magazine about running their love story, an idea Lauren came up with, even though Diana was initially opposed to the idea. However, when she sees how hurt Enzo is, she uses the article as an opportunity to write Enzo an apology and a love letter, and they pick up right where they left off!

We didn’t get much from Zane and Charles this week in terms of their business ventures. Something tells me next episode will feature that though. So what did you think about the episode? Now that Zane is employed and dating Kelsey, will their relationship last or suffer due to work rivalry? Are Liza and Josh completely done? Will Maggie have her own agency and storyline this season? Is Diana really committed to Empirical Press?

Guess we will find out next week on an all-new Younger!


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