Monday, June 17, 2019

Younger 6x01 Recap: “Big Day” (Welcome Back, Kids) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“Big Day”
Original Airdate: June 12, 2019

We kick off season six of Younger a bit slower than usual, but let’s dive in!

We start year six of the series with Liza and Charles enjoying the benefits of being fully open and out with their relationship, at least where their closest friends are concerned. Charles is spending his newfound free time doting on Liza in every way imaginable. Liza, meanwhile, is finally allowing herself to be happy and accidentally lets those three magic words slip prematurely to Charles on her way to work. Instead of navigating the aftermath, she dashes away, leaving Charles to ponder that in her apartment. Charles then encounters Maggie, who basically gives him a warning not to ruin Liza’s life. 

Elsewhere, Kelsey is starting her groundbreaking first day as the youngest publisher in New York City. While nervous, scared, and thrilled to dive into this new role, she quickly finds out that her love of and keen eye for great published works won’t be enough to keep the business afloat. The business isn’t turning a profit, and Kelsey can’t help but feel overwhelmed. With some advice and encouragement from Liza and Lauren, she will soon find her footing. Can Kelsey maintain her strength and composure will stepping into the girl boss she was always destined to be?

Diana isn’t acclimating as well as one would hope to Kelsey’s new role. At first, she seems happy enough, but once a story leaks of Charles’s affair with an unnamed employee, Diana immediately assumes that Kelsey is that woman. You can’t be mad at Diana though since this is a logical assumption considering Kelsey did just get a lucrative promotion. With no apology in sight, Diana goes straight to Redmond to inform the publishing community that she is looking for a new role.

When Zane takes Kelsey out to tell her this nugget of information, she immediately goes into preservation mode and does anything, including singing karaoke at Diana’s favorite bar and offering a part of her salary, to make Diana stay. Is Diana going to last long term though? Only time will tell, but with the team back on board for now, Kelsey needs to focus her attention on cutting some staff to keep the business profitable. Question: Can she start with investor/author, Quinn? I definitely didn’t like the vibes she was giving off this episode.

Josh, if you recall, got the surprise of his life in the season five finale when his ex, Clare, showed up with a baby bump. When Josh finds out he is indeed the father, he immediately leans on Liza. The evolution of their relationship is so good, and when Liza finally released Josh so that he could have the family he’s always dreamt of, it happened. This is not how Josh envisioned it of course, but here we are. Something tells me that while Josh and Liza are in this great space as friends, it’s not really the end for them romantically — no matter how happy Liza is with Charles right now. Will Josh and Clare give it another chance for baby? And how long will that last?

Speaking of, what’s next for Charles professionally? After giving up everything for the woman he loves, will he eventually resent Liza? My guess is yes, especially if he doesn’t find something sooner rather than later. And will he feel like she owes him because of what he gave up for her? Regardless of what he says, my guess is also yes. Charles and Zane are both in a professional standstill and something tells me that they are about to join forces to build a rival company that will give Kelsey and Empirical Press a run for their money!

Tell me your thoughts: What did you think about the season six premiere? What are your predictions? I cannot wait to see how things shake out but, per usual, it seems like Liza will be in the center of whatever drama lies ahead. Instead of in love though, it looks like it’ll be at work. That is definitely a showdown for the ages!


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