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Grey’s Anatomy 15x25 Review: “Jump Into the Fog” (The Shoe Drops) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Jump Into the Fog”
Original Airdate: May 16, 2019

It’s season finale time! There’s a lot of ground to cover with the final episode of the season. Everything from an arrest to a confession to a baby to the worst fog storm to hit Seattle happens over the course of the hour. It’s going to be a long few months before Grey’s Anatomy returns in the fall, so let’s jump right into the finale action.


When we last saw them, Owen, Schmitt, and golden blood donor Francis were trapped in a multi-car pile-up on the freeway caused by a very sudden fog storm. Owen goes into full Captain America mode to attend to the scene and find a way to get Francis back to Grey Sloan in time to donate blood to the dying Gus. Thankfully, Owen manages to find an ambulance and helps treat the injured driver while hitching a ride back to the hospital. Francis is unsure of getting out of the car, but Owen convinces her that if he carries her again, she will be fine. The three of them make it safely back to the hospital, and Owen’s patient also survives the trip.

Jo volunteers to help take Francis to a safe and quiet space so she can donate blood and agrees to help Bailey with the incoming traumas before discussing her leave of absence. While still nervous about giving blood, Francis’ fears are quelled by Jo’s reassurances and her own realization that you have to push through your fears to overcome them. Meanwhile, Meredith and Alex are doing everything they can to keep Gus alive as he starts to code in the hypobaric chamber. After several minutes of CPR, Jo arrives just in time with the blood that Gus needs to survive. Gus wakes up and lives to fight another day, while all the doctors are overcome with emotion upon saving the boy.

The other miracle of the episode involves Kari, the quadriplegic woman hoping that her stem cell treatment will help her regain some function of her extremities. Kari and Toby have begun to lose hope and think that the treatment is unsuccessful, until Kari’s finger twitches. When she isn’t able to move again, Kari starts to spiral further and feels that she will never move. Through a healthy dose of encouragement from Link, Amelia, Nico, and Koracick, Kari is able to squeeze Toby’s hand and move her fingers. It appears that Kari will make more of a recovery than she thought, though I’m not sure we will see this recurring storyline next season.


Teddy starts the episode in a panic from going into labor at Owen’s house. Amelia takes on the role of supportive friend even though Teddy hasn’t been the kindest person toward her. Amelia and Teddy decide to drive to Grey Sloan instead of calling an ambulance, since Teddy’s contractions aren’t too close together, but they get stuck in dead stopped traffic from the freeway being closed thanks to the accident that Owen, Schmitt, and Francis were caught in. Amelia hunts down a police officer, explains the situation, and manages to get her and Teddy a ride to the hospital.

The squad car arrives at the ER right after Owen’s ambulance, which confuses the heck out of Owen. However, he is more than happy to be there for the birth of his daughter. Teddy goes on a quick rant about Owen and Carina’s quick fling, which Amelia accidentally spilled the beans on during the ride over. Funny enough, after several wonderful months together, Teddy doesn’t even think to call Koracick to let him know that she is in labor. Poor Koracick is at Teddy’s new apartment, which he bought for her, and is assembling baby furniture while Teddy is having the baby.

Right before the baby is born, Owen professes his love for Teddy and proclaims that he will spend every day fighting for her love if she will let him. Teddy admits that she loves him too, so we will see if they can have a real romantic relationship this time. The baby is finally born, and Carina asks the new parents what they want to name her. Without ever discussing baby names, Owen and Teddy say Allison in unison. Welcome baby Allison Hunt-Altman!


Francis’ comments about pushing through fear resonated with Jo, who is ready to come clean about her recent struggles. Meredith told Alex the truth about Jo before Gus crashed, and Jo is ready to face her husband. After they save Gus, Jo tells Alex that she isn’t okay with the truths she learned when she met her birth mother and needs more than the help he can give her to move past it. Alex is just happy to finally learn the truth and wants to be there for Jo through it all. Jo decides to take a leave of absence and get treatment in the in-patient psychiatric ward at Grey Sloan. This is a huge step forward for Jo, and I really hope we get to see her recovery happen next season. Jo had to face the toughest arc this season, so it would only be right to let the audience see it through, since her recovery will be just as tough as hearing the truth.

The literal fog also takes a victim at the end of the episode. Maggie and Jackson are having a rough camping trip and try to make it back to wherever their car is on foot. The nature walk is full of arguments, as both doctors find themselves at odds with the each other. Maggie thinks that Jackson is too privileged and wants her to change too much, while Jackson feels that Maggie could expand her horizons if she wasn’t so stubborn. After their squabbling, it seems like their relationship is doomed. They eventually get back to their car, but they quickly get caught up in the wall of fog. Jackson makes the dumb mistake of leaving the car with only a flashlight to see if he can find a way out of the fog. As he leaves the car, you should get a sinking feeling in your stomach, which is confirmed at the very end of the episode as Jackson appears to be missing. Hopefully Jackson isn’t a casualty of the weather, but I don’t expect him to come out unscathed.


The other big moment of the episode began at the end of the penultimate one, with DeLuca taking the fall for Meredith’s insurance fraud. DeLuca gets arrested, and no one is happy to hear what he has done. Meredith will not let her boyfriend take the responsibility for her actions and as soon as she is out of the hypobaric chamber, she goes and tells Bailey and Catherine the truth. Naturally, Meredith tries to take the full blame and say that no one, not even DeLuca, was involved in the fraud. She is willing to pay the price for her crime and fight for what she believes in. Richard and Alex won’t let Meredith sink her own ship, and both try to claim to Bailey and Catherine that they were the single guilty party. Bailey and Catherine can’t believe their ears, and the three doctors finally admit that they all knew about the insurance fraud and didn’t turn Meredith in.

Bailey does the only logical thing she can think of and fires Meredith, Alex, and Richard, who are all completely shocked. Meredith goes home, says goodbye to her kids, and heads to the police station. She talks to DeLuca quickly to tell him how much of an idiot he is, that she is turning herself in, and that she does love him. The episode ends with Meredith going to turn herself in, so it is clear what direction the early part of next season is going to take. Season sixteen is sure to be crazy, and the fall can’t get here soon enough!


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