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Blindspot 4x20 Review: "Coder to Killer " (Endgame) [Contributor: Jen]

"Coder to Killer"
Original Airdate: May 24, 2019

The team protects a lovely family from a murderer hell-bent on revenge in "Coder to Killer," while Kurt and Jane discuss their future. Because, hey: Blindspot remembered Kurt has a kid!


Gavin Decker is discussing his new job at Blue Annex Technologies with his mother, but when he hangs up, a man built like a human tank crushes his wind pipe and steals his ID badge. Rough gig Gavin. Blue Annex Technologies is upgrading Patterson's system and she's none to pleased about it. She's pretty cranky with the man in charge, Peterson, which sucks because he's dead by the end of the episode. Has anyone noticed these writers make Patterson be awful to someone and then they die? It's a weird shtick they can drop any time.

I'm terrible at remembering bad guys. Doesn't anyone remember Shohid Akhtar? Eh, doesn't matter. He says he has special intel which he's willing to trade for a life in witness protection. His old client wanted to purchase anti-tank missiles from Sho and, according to the chatter inside of prison, they've found another seller. So, there's a rapidly approaching missile threat.

Long story short — this is all just a cover story. The man built like a tank, who kills Gavin Decker and later Peterson, is named Pavel Makarov. He's a member of Dabbur Zann. The FBI thought he was killed in an air strike along with his wife and daughter. But Pavel is very much alive and out for revenge.

Enter Sho. Pavel hired him to find the person responsible for killing his family: Colonel Sheryl Meeks. She approved the air strike. Sho stole her name and location from an air force base, but was arrested before he could share the information with Pavel. He's used Gavin Decker's security badge to infiltrate the FBI and break Sho out in exchange for Colonel Meek's location.

Team Blindspot is there to protect the colonel, her husband Calvin, and son, but Pavel gains entry to their house. Pavel is about to kill their son when Calvin, the father, shoves him away and tells the little boy to run. It was strangely emotional for me. I was quite effected. But where is the FBI?! Why is this unarmed father fighting a tank by himself? This is why we have Kurt Weller.

Kurt Weller finally shows up and fights the tank rather unsuccessfully. I mean... Pavel is a tank. But Tasha and Jane are there to take the shot, saving Kurt and the family.


The writers finally remembered Kurt and Jane are parents to little Bethany. I guess we're just supposed to pretend they see her on a regular basis, but the kid lives in Philadelphia so it requires suspending rational thought.

Patterson is quite taken with Bethany, which is completely understandable because the actress they hired to play her is insanely adorable. Her little voice! I died every time I heard it. CUTE OVERLOAD. Also cheers to Patterson for creating puzzles for Bethany solve. We need more women in STEM!

Rich, in his never-ending snooping, discovers Patterson is thinking about adoption. Can you think of a better mother than Patterson? I sure can't. Rich agrees to adopt the child with Patterson, and he's only 10% joking. He also fills out Patterson's adoption application for her because even though she's not sure, Rich knows she will be an amazing mother. Ugh, I love those two. A solved puzzle and an "I love you" from Bethany ultimately ends Patterson's indecisiveness and she submits the application. Never underestimate the power of cute. Little kids wield an awesome power.

Things are moving along nicely with Reade and Zapata. Reade has a not-date with an old college friend named Lexi, which Tasha discovers by snooping on his phone. But sure, they aren't dating. Tasha is veeeeeery jealous, but gives her level best at pretending to be anything but. Jane and Tasha have a little girl talk. Jane offers some advice gleaned all the Jeller drama over the years. Boy is that well deep, but I digress. The hardest part for Jane was denying how she felt about Kurt. It made it impossible to be around each other without acknowledging it. Uh yeah because it was fireworks in every scene. Those two had no chill. It was ludicrous it took three seasons for them to get married.

This is essentially where we're at with Tasha and Reade. They are the new Jeller. They are absolutely stupid for each other and refusing to admit it. Typically life and death situations spurred Kurt and Jane's relationship to the next step, so Reade and Tasha try a little of that. Reade is knocked out by Pavel and they use his hand to get through the multiple security checkpoints. Pavel and Sho also douse Reade in gasoline. They light him on fire to secure their escape, when Kurt and Jane try to stop them. Tasha dives for Reade and puts the fire out. It's all very heroic and hot.

And then... Reade cancels the not-date with Lexi because his fire with Tasha is one they can't put out. Hahaha, yes, I actually just wrote that. Puns are my fun okay?

We're headed into the fifth and final season. "Coder to Killer" aired May 29, 2019, but Blindspot didn't hear about their renewal until November 2019. I truly didn't think it would get renewed. It seems Martin Gero was uncertain too because he is clearly setting up the characters' endgames for this season. Patterson and her child, Tasha and Reade's romance... so where does that leave Kurt and Jane?


Kurt laments not being around Bethany enough. He doesn't want to be like his mother. Well, for starters, Kurt, you didn't abandon Bethany, leave her with a murderer and pedophile, and you don't have a drug problem. There's a zip code problem, but you're doing great in the parenting department.

Jane says: "Right now we're making sure Bethany has a world to grow up in." She assures Kurt that he makes every moment he is with Bethany count. My father had to travel a lot for work. It was just the nature of his job, but I truly don't remember the times he was gone. All I remember are the times he was there. That's not to say location isn't important. Jane assures Kurt they will retire from saving the world someday, return to Colorado and watch Bethany grow up. Not to pee on your Cheerios Jane, but you don't live on Mars. They have an FBI field office in Colorado.

But nope, the rules of Blindspot dictate that Kurt and Jane can only save New York City. They can only save the world while living in New York City too. Anyone side-eyeing Gero on this one? I am.

The colonel reminds Kurt that life is short. We don't have all the time in the world as evidence by the Thanos-sized murderer coming to kill them all. It's a fair statement. Jane talks about the day they won't need to save the world, but what reality is that? Are they going to eradicate terrorism before they retire? It seems like a lofty goal. Let's come up with achievable objectives, sweetie. Maybe you just move to Philadelphia and be superheroes there.

This line is meant to drive fear into our hearts and make us worry. Blindspot may not end how we want it to. Pfft. We're already halfway there for me. Kurt and Jane are married. Now I just need Jeller babies. I refuse to believe Kurt and Jane and the team will get anything but the happiness they deserve, so nice try, Martin. Better luck next time.

Stray Thoughts:

  • "We'll catch up." It was $100,000, Jane. How much do FBI agents make?!
  • "Showering together is a no-no, but you can still creep on each other's phones?" Rich is saying what everyone is thinking is the best aspect of his character.
  • I don't know what Brianna stole from Kurt and Jane's safe, but I'm only moderately interested. What I really wanted to see was Jeller at the zoo with Bethany. We were robbed.
  • "Home is where the Hulu is." Get it? Because Blindspot is streamed on Hulu.
  • "This is not how you get a nickname, Brianna." Ennis Esmer is pure treasure.
  • Seriously Patterson, read what Rich wrote before you submit that application. It is Rich we're talking about here.
  • I was wondering why Reade's pants are wet.
  • Thank goodness Tasha saved Reade from the fire, because Kurt and Jane were just STANDING THERE. Were they waiting for his whole body to ignite before helping? Geez, guys. I'm all in favor of Jeller taking steps to ensure Tasha and Reade get together, but this took it a little too far.


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