Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Scorpion 4x15 Review: "Wave Goodbye” (I Cannot Let You Lose Control) [Guest Poster: Yasmine]

"Wave Goodbye"
Original Airdate: January 29, 2018

The focus on the two main relationships — Quintis and Waige — continues in this episode of Scorpion, and they’re even going head-to-head in the battle of the ships. Toby and Happy want Walter and Paige’s desks to be able to spend more time closer to each other, something they believe would help them get pregnant, and the way to get it is to go up against those two in a little trivia game that determines which couple know each other better.

It’s interesting that it comes at a time like this for Walter and Paige. Those two are relatively out of the honeymoon phase in their relationship and starting to have to deal with new challenges and real world relationship issues, and this game makes things interesting on that front.

It does not start great for Waige, since their practice question is about their first kiss and even on that, they disagree. Paige considers the one during the Quintis wedding as their first kiss, while Walter says the one at the garage way back when they were trying to prove there was nothing between them was their first kiss. Then Cabe pipes in to point out the kiss when Walt was unconscious at the hospital. The two spend the episode arguing this matter — even though they were once again trying to save the world — and still cannot get to a consensus.

But before the battle can officially commence the team takes a quick trip to Mexico to patch up a nuclear reactor that is threatening the area it is in.

Toby asks to be benched, promising to help from the garage, and he stays back under the pretense of being hurt and needing the rest. However, Toby’s true reason to stay behind quickly becomes clear as the others head out. His ex, Amy, shows up with a problem she needs his help with. After the fiasco at the bunker, Quincy left her but not after stealing all her money and selling her identity in the black market. She knows Toby’s past had him in circles with unsavory types and needs his help to fix this.

Toby agree to help her but unfortunately for him, he is seen driving with her by Sylvester, who is also staying behind for this job. Sly doesn’t tell anyone of what he has seen but he is obviously shaken by it. For a while, he manages to keep it to himself to help the team.

And speaking of the team, the seemingly simple patch-up job takes a turn for the worse — which is what we have come to expect with these people. This time it is not their fault when an earthquake hits, a tsunami looms on the horizon and chances of evacuation are slim.

But the team manage to use what they have and a little bit of out of the box thinking and they actually stop the tsunami from happening — using some good defensive blocking — and once again save the day.

Unfortunately, things are not going so great for Toby. His journey through his dark past puts him face to face with the people he had thought he’d gotten out of his life as well as people who are not too happy to see him, and he is faced with temptations that seem too hard to fight back against. It all ends with him and Amy being buried alive, but someone who seems to be the kind to hold a grudge. While buried together and caught in a tight spot, Amy kisses Toby. But the doc, ever faithful to his Happy, puts a quick stop to it. However, Happy has spent all day worrying about him, and while she does manage to rescue him in time, she is livid.

Back at the garage, Toby admits the truth that he was helping Amy to a very unhappy Happy. She’s rightfully pissed off at him for lying and for getting himself involved in this mess in the first place. Toby is honest and open and does not keep the kiss from her, but what Happy is angry about is not that. She never thought for a moment he would be unfaithful. Happy is angry at him for going back to that world, where he was once so lost and a mess. She admits that she worries about him losing control and falling back into that world she worked so hard in helping him quit. She fears losing him to that world when they are trying to start a family.

Toby promises her that any other man would have lost control. But he has Happy Quinn and he would not risk losing her for anything.

Finally, Paige and Walter agree to let Happy and Toby win the battle of the ships after the rough day they had. However, these people are too competitive for their own good and when Quintis call them chicken they decide to go ahead with the battle.

But they still cannot agree about the kiss: Walt now believes it was the kiss at the wedding and Paige says it was the one at the garage.


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