Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Scorpion 4x14 Review: "Lighthouse of the Rising Sun" (You Make a Good Team) [Guest Poster: Yasmine]

"Lighthouse of the Rising Sun"
Original Airdate: January 22, 2018

The episodes leading up to the Valentine’s Day-themed episode and the hiatus had a very strong focus on relationships on the show — whether established dating, married, crushes or potential hook ups — and a special focus on Happy’s and Toby’s relationship. The different relationships are all at different stages and hitting their own milestones, and it was interesting seeing how these people who are at different places emotionally and romantically deal with the obstacles and the challenges in their relationships.

The episode starts with Walter doing science experiments with a group of teens at the garage while Patty films it. This is part of Sly’s Alderman project and it is not going at all as planned. Walter is used to Ralph — a child genius — but he’s not used to normal teenagers.

Elsewhere, at the Lighthouse, Cabe and Allie have planned a romantic getaway, only to be surprised to find out that Toby and Happy had the same plans. The couples don’t have enough time to lament this misunderstanding because a solar storm hits and cuts off all power and communication. With Sly and Paige on the road, the team manages to make contact with each other via comms and they confirm the solar event.

Walter is able to make contact with Homeland via a low frequency channel and uses Cabe’s credentials to ask how Scorpion can help. As it turns out, Homeland does need the team’s help. There is a private plane that they cannot make contact with that is being piloted by a young man with no training to fly at night. The young man, and his date, are both panicking and terrified.

The team, appropriately split into three, has three things to do. First, they need to calculate where the plane’s location is. They should next find it and establish communication. And finally, they need to guide them into a safe landing.

First up are Sly and Paige, who need to break into a government facility to be able to calculate where the plane should be. Sly’s math is always accurate of course, but the problem is what the two are going through on a personal level. Sly is struggling with the decision to run for a re-election while Paige is still having trouble with the fact that Walter dreamt he was married to Flo. Paige and the chemist had a moment earlier that day, with Flo coming to Paige for help with a business pitch, and Paige had not been her usual lovely self with her. Sly calls her out on it.

Back at the garage, Walt needs to rig Birdroni, Sly’s beloved bird-shaped drone, to be able to establish contact with the plane after he sends it off and pilots it to sit on the plane. Of course, nothing is impossible for Walt, but things are made slightly inconvenient and infinitely hilarious by the fact that he is babysitting a handful of kids. I never thought I needed to see this until now and it was absolutely precious and hilarious.

Finally, at the lighthouse, the others have to find the plane in the dark sky, get the lighthouse to do its job and help the kid land the plane safely. And of course, they need to do all this while also juggling their own personal issues. Toby and Happy are still trying to get pregnant, for example, while Cabe and Allie are also at an interesting place in their relationship. Ever the old-fashioned gentleman — and the butt of Toby’s jokes — Cabe believes he is ready to tell Allie he loves her. However, his fear is that she won’t say it back, something that Happy finds absolutely ludicrous.

The lighthouse team manage to succeed with their first two tasks. However, when the plane cannot land, they need to resort to a more drastic solution. And because this is team Scorpion, their answer is that the two teens in the plane need to jump out. The teens manage to show a maturity and trust that is beyond their years; trust in each other and the strangers down below. They jump and land on the giant net the team had managed to build for them.

At the garage, another teen had spent his whole day trying to impress a young woman as well. Ralph’s crush on Patty is growing but unfortunately, she does not see him the same way. He does get a lucky break in the end when Sly decides to run for re-election and Patty asks him to be her assistant campaign manager.

Another couple growing in their relationship and moving to a new stage are Walter and Paige. They’ve faced their first real obstacle and Paige goes back to apologize to Flo about her behavior, promising the other woman that she had done nothing wrong and the two share a sweet moment cementing their friendship.

Paige then tells Walter that she does trust him. Walter reassures her that even in his dream she was the only one he trusted and depended on and knew could save him. He tells her that in his dream, he was looking for her to finally be able to rescue him.

The “honeymoon” phase is over and they are starting to face real challenges and have to get their head out the skies. This is real.


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