Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wynonna Earp 2x03 Recap: "Gonna Getcha Good" (Make a Wish) [Contributor: Isabella]

"Gonna Getcha Good"
Original Airdate: June 23, 2017

This episode is also known as the long-awaited Waverly the cheerleader episode, and Nicole is right when she tells Waverly, who performs a routine just for her, "Baby, that's everybody's thing."

Ahem, so the murder mystery this week involves Bryce Cooper, the star of the high school's hockey team from 2007. A monster-demon forced him to pull out his own liver, and he died gazing at the trophy case. This pulls Wynonna into a nostalgia trip, especially when she gets hit up by Perry, another one of the teammembers of the old hockey team. When she first agrees to go on a date with him — simply so she can find out any info on the murder, of course — she has no idea that he's directly involved with it. And in a very creepy way, as we get to see him grab a bloody skinned rabbit out of a bucket while in his room.

At the start of their date, they get interrupted by Skip — another teammate — who's blabbering about how Bryce was taken. Perry seems to understand what he's talking about and attempts to cover it up from Wynonna by dragging Skip back to his house. She follows them there, only to find that Perry's drawn an algiz both on his front door and on Skip's forehead in blood (presumably that rabbit blood from before). Skip's lying down on the front porch when the demon comes up and begins to force him to pull his liver out. Skip doesn't get too deep into his own body before Wynonna shoots at the demon, who's already run off.

Later on, Perry comes by Wynonna's house for help and they find out that he isn't summoning the demon to kill his old teammates, but rather, he's trying to protect them from it. Back when they were seniors, Perry and his teammates were given a spell by their coach who wanted them to finally win a game. They performed it and were promised ten years of anything they could wish for, but now the Marzanoik demon is back to finish their deal. When Doc hears this, he believes that if they capture the demon, they could use it to save Dolls. He tells Wynonna this plan, along with the fact that he's been concocting the drugs Dolls needs in the basement of Shorty's bar. And so, queen Wynonna snatches the 2007 trophy from the current team's hands.

Meanwhile, Waverly's still dealing with her identity issues after struggling to come to terms with the fact that she's not biologically an Earp. Because of this, she has tried and continues to try to keep the town's community intact and maintain the status quo. That is why she tells Nicole to not arrest Tucker after she catches him taking pictures up cheerleaders' skirts without their knowledge. But later in the episode, Waverly gets harassed by Tucker and her inner demon Gooverly comes out and chokes him a little. After which, he goes off crying home to his sisters — one of whom is Mercedes. Mercedes tells him to back off and not get close to the Earp sisters. She gets a brief moment of victory before she is attacked (and possibly killed?) by the Figures in Black.

Later on, Nicole learns that Tucker's family are important figures in town. They have a lot of money, which is why they let Tucker off scot-free — or so she thinks. The sheriff's been compiling a big folder of all the horrible thing Tucker's done, for the "long game." Nicole can't think about this for too long because while she's babysitting Skip in his jail cell — for driving under the influence right into a beautiful oak tree — the demon comes by to finish him off. Nicole tries to stand her ground, but he throws her to the ground. Doc, Wynonna, and Perry come to her rescue and ultimately trap the demon back in the trophy.

Earlier in the episode during a bit of downtime, Nicole brings up the fact that Waverly's been acting a little odd and more brusque to Wynonna. Wynonna gets defensive about this, since she can't believe anything could be wrong with Waverly. She dismisses Nicole's claims very suddenly by comparing those same characteristics to herself. Nicole is once again left alone to think and worry about this, but not for long.

Dolls, who's somehow locked up in the Earp barn, witnesses Gooverly playing around with her collection of silver-looking objects. He tries to get her attention since she seems really out of it, but right before she walks out of the barn, she turns around and flashes him her demon eyes. It hopefully — and probably — won't be long before somebody finds him. ... Or at least hears his screams.

Other Points of Interest:
  • "Boys from here to there!" "Girl, put on some underwear." Incredible accidental rhyming on the part of Waverly and Wynonna.
  • "You've polished the shaft hard enough." "Wow, you so rarely hear that."
  • Who else misses Dolls like a lot? Like a lot a lot? ME, but also Wynonna. I love how she nervously twiddles with the necklace Dolls gave her in the first episode.
  • "Calm down, flaming ladybug."
  • "Run!" "I'm not big on cardio these days." Same, Wynonna.
  • It makes me anxious to think that even after Nicole brought up the weirdness about Waverly to Wynonna, she's still the only one who sees it. I get why Wynonna would be so defensive about her little sister, since I would be to, but this will get even more dangerous in the long-run.
  • Bless Mercedes. That is all.
  • How did Dolls get there? Since when has he been there? What's happening? What's going on?!


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