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The Bachelorette 13x05 & 13x06 Roundtable: Show No Mercy [Contributors: Alisa, Chelsea, & Rebecca]

It was a double-header this week with two huge episodes that lead to a bloodbath of contestants. Let’s see how our writers felt about all the men, dates, and racism this week.

Rachel was pretty savage with her cuts this week (and we love her for it!). Which of the remaining men are you most surprised Rachel kept around?

Rebecca: Rachel showed NO mercy this week, and I respect that. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty, and I’m glad she’s not playing around. Kenny, Josiah, and Alex going home were all shocks to me. Josiah was getting pretty intense (and a little creepy), and I didn’t expect him to make it much further, but I’m surprised some of the others outlasted him. As far as Alex and Kenny go, I had both of them in my final four, so my bracket is starting to look pretty meh. I wish I would have swapped out one of them with Dean. He’s definitely been the dark horse this season, at least for me. I’m surprised Rachel has kept Adam (because if she keeps Adam, she keeps Adam Jr.) and Matt (I didn’t know he existed until this week). I’m still pulling for Bryan though!

Alisa: Yeah, I feel like finding out there’s a Matt this season (and that he’s still here) was the biggest surprise for me. Still no idea what he looks like though. I had blessedly forgotten about Adam (and Adam Jr.) and was not happy to be reminded of their existence. I did NOT think Dean of all people would make it this far based on initial impressions but he has been a pleasant surprise. I had Josiah in my final four but was happy to see him gone after he took the quick turn from confident to cocky.

Chelsea: I feel like every week I’ve said “Who is Matt?” or “Who is Adam?” It makes guessing who will be in the final four so much easier now. I was so happy to see Josiah leave as quickly as he did. I could tell from episode one that I wasn’t going to like him and boy did he deliver. I was happy to see Kenny leave on good terms and not immediately after the two-on-one. I did NOT think Eric would stick around this long (even though he was in my initial final four that I wanted to change). I wanted better for Will.

The 2-on-1 is always cringe-worthy, but Lee’s blatant racism and lies made this season’s especially difficult to watch. What are your thoughts on ABC using racism as a plot point?

Rebecca: Racism is an important issue that needs to be discussed, but not in the way that ABC did. Having a black Bachelorette is something to celebrate and obviously race is something that will need to be addressed (especially if white men make it to the hometowns). But using Lee’s blatant racism as a way to gain viewers is just low. The show would be just as interesting, dramatic, and entertaining without having to use racism as a plot point. There are ways to discuss racism in a constructive, educational environment — ABC had the chance to do that but opted not to, which is pretty disappointing.

Alisa: Totally agree with Rebecca. ABC trying to turn racism into drama is a new low. We all knew racism was gonna happen this season, but I guess I was assuming the ignorance and hate would come from some of the fans rather than from the contestants themselves. Lee is a disgusting human and the producers never should have put Rachel — or the other men — in the position of having to deal with him. Good riddance to him and I sincerely hope that ABC has learned something from the fans’ ire, though I doubt they have.

Chelsea: Agree completely with the girls. Casting and keeping a racist man in the house to stir up drama is pretty low. And it didn’t even lead to discussions about racism; it just gave it a larger platform, which is NOT what we need in today’s America. Rachel didn’t deserve that and neither did Kenny or the other guys.

Rachel and the men were hopping all over Europe this week. Which country looked the most fun and inspired you to save up for a visit?

Rebecca: I’ve technically been to Oslo — I had a layover there going from Poland to Croatia, so I know that their airport is nice. But really, I’ve always heard good things about Denmark, especially Copenhagen, so I’d vote to go there. And the group date looked so fun! I love ships and being out on the water, so I think I would have enjoyed that experience.

Alisa: Oh man, do I have to pick just one?! They’re little-ish countries, so maybe I’d just bounce to each like Rachel did! Denmark has always seemed especially lovely to me though.

Chelsea: I would love to go to Sweden or Denmark and just do some exploring. I really want to do those viking group date activities and have a field day. That looked so silly and great.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already down to the final six men. You know what this means: time to weigh in with your predictions for next season’s Bachelor! Who will it be? 

Rebecca: HOW are we down to the final six?! Rachel’s season is absolutely flying by. I think out of the eliminated contestants, Alex and Kenny are both good options — after all, who wouldn’t love to watch Kenny find a mother for his absolutely precious daughter? As far as the remaining contestants go, I’d vote Dean, Peter, or Bryan. All three are likable, fun, and drama-free. I’d enjoy watching any of their seasons.

Alisa: I think the next Bachelor will be either Dean or Peter. I want one of those two to end up with Rachel and then the other can be the Bachelor. Bryan still gives me the creeps. I would LOVE to see Will be the Bachelor but I’m afraid he got eliminated too early and didn’t get enough screentime to become a fan favorite. But he’ll always be a favorite in my heart.

Chelsea: Before Will was eliminated, I was chatting with Alisa about how Will would be the PERFECT Bachelor. He’s sweet, charming, has a real job and doesn’t stir drama. We’ve been robbed. Based on who I think will be in the final four, I think I want a whole season of Peter be kind of goofy and adorable but I think Dean has a solid chance. He’s been the dark horse all season but I don’t think he’ll win. I do love Bryan and it’s either him or Peter for the win.

What’s your personal pet peeve this season? Go ahead and unload that random rant that’s just been eating away at you all season.

Rebecca: Have I mentioned that Lee is trash? I have so much dislike for him that I don’t even want to waste my brainpower trying to sort out my angry word vomit into something comprehensible. I don’t have too many annoyances this season because Rachel is just so lovely and does a great job with keeping everyone in their place, shutting down the drama, and doing what’s best for her.

Alisa: I just wanna know why no one ever eats all that lovely food they show on the evening dates. Is it because the Bachelor Interns only get to eat if there are leftovers and so the contestants take pity on them and go without so those hard-working and mischievous interns have sustenance? This is one of the many reasons I could never be on this franchise. Starving intern, gorgeous date, random country singer — it wouldn’t matter. I would be devouring all the food on that table at each meal and I have NO SHAME about that. Let me live my life.

Chelsea: Bringing a racist dude into the house is a pretty big pet peeve and just casting some really basic and uninspired dudes. Aside from that, most of the dates this season have been so underwhelming. I think Eric and Will had the best dates of the season this week (behind Peter’s puppy date of course), but spelling bees and random athletic activities are pretty boring. You’re in all these beautiful countries now, do something cute!

Fantasy League Results:

  • Rebecca: 200 points
  • Chelsea: 170 points
  • Alisa: 140 points
  • Rae: 100 points


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