Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Veep 6x07 Recap: "Blurb" (Shut It Down) [Contributor: Erin Allen]


Original Airdate: May 28, 2017

The sub-plots (with the exception of Dan’s) were the highlight of this episode of Veep.

Selina says, “At least Jonah wasn’t here” about her portrait unveiling. I say thank goodness he was in this episode — converting to Judaism and shutting down the government were hilarious storylines.

This idiot that cost Selina the presidency continues to be a thorn in her side and in the sides of every American. Angry about not being invited to the unveiling (in which he doesn’t even know what is being unveiled), Jonah decides to shut down the government. Gee, sound like anyone we know in office today? This episode is perfect for the game, "Who Said It: Jonah Ryan or Donald Trump?" Let me tell you, there would be some stumpers.

Tantrum Jonah is a scary thing. Even Bent couldn’t rein him in, nor could Furlong’s insanely specific insults. “Maybe you were too busy biting James Bond’s cable car wire to realize, but if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, America’s financial system is going to go belly up.” Jonah replies, “Maybe the government needs to be shut down because it is broken. And when something is broken, you shut it down and turn it back on again, like a router.” All of this over not being included in something he knows nothing about. Is it any wonder he wasn’t invited in the first place or why everyone laughed hysterically at Richard’s suggestion to invite him?

Kent and Ben might bail on him soon. They were pretty peeved that he went rogue. Surprisingly, Shawnee is still tolerating him. He is converting to Judaism since she informed him that they were engaged on “Qatar.”  Even though it is hard to believe anybody is this dumb, Jonah’s ignorance about the religion is pretty funny.
Jonah: This hat is too small for my head. 
Shawnee: Yarmulke. 
Jonah: Fine, this stupid hat is too small for my yarmulke. 
Rabbi: Conversion to Judaism is about commitment to the Jewish lifestyle. 
Jonah: Oh good, because all this learning is giving me a yarmulke-ache.
The other funny sub-plot was the Catherine/Marjorie/Richard pregnancy, although it was too quick. Unlike Selina I would like more of the “Brooklyn-based artisanal chocolate bar” thing that they got going on. Richard is taking doula lessons, and they are already being considerate about the baby’s pronouns. I could watch Selina and team react to this stuff all day.
Marjorie: She/he will decide her/his ideal gender when she/he is/are ready. 
Selina: Okay, is that how we’re talking now, Marjorie, like some sort of bi-curious Porky Pig? *imitates stuttering* I’m not doing that.  
Mike: I had an aunt who transitioned. Twice. She was trapped inside a man, and then that man was trapped inside another woman. 
Richard: Oh, like a turducken. 
Catherine: Mom, it’s not that big of a deal. We have baby names picked out either way.  
Marjorie: Leslie or Dana if it’s a boy. 
Catherine: And for a girl we like Linus. 
Gary: That feels like child abuse.
Okay, I realize that’s most of the scene, but it’s just so frickin’ funny. I had to relive it.

Dan is still trapped in CBS This Morning. Well, he’s enjoying it. I, on the other hand, am not. I hate these morning shows so much that even making fun of them is growing tiresome. I know I sound like a broken record, but I want Dan back in the mix with the other characters.

The bulk of the episode revolves around Selina and Tom James. Selina decides to include their tryst in her book. She gives him a heads up in person. Tom apologizes for how he acted during the vote, and then begs her not to put it in her book. I could see his disingenuity a mile away. How can one snake in the grass not see the other? She still intends to use it in her book (even though she tells him she won’t), but now he knows and can beat her to the punch. He does that in an interview with Dan.

Selina confronts Tom about it at her sad “fiesta.” Their confrontation is odd. It’s humorous when Selina points out the angry sexual tension they have when things get heated, but I’m not sure what the point of it is at the end. Is Tom in love with her? Is, or was, she in love with him? Who has the upper hand at the end of the conversation? At least they didn’t hook up again. I don’t think Gary could’ve handled it.

Stray Observations:
  • “Montez is actually going to say that at my portrait unveiling, in English?
  • According to Jonah, Moses led his people to the land of Hanukkah.
  • “Why is there Coke Zero behind us?”
  • “Look at my neck. I have pardoned turkeys with fewer wattles.”


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