Monday, May 22, 2017

Blindspot 2x23 Review: "Lepers Repel" (Did She Say "Ring"?!) [Contributor: Jen]

"Lepers Rebel"
Original Airdate: May 17, 2017

Blindspot delivered it's Season two finale with "Lepers Repel." We got answers, resolution, a long awaited declaration and hook-up and a massively shocking cliffhanger in. My Jeller brain can hardly compute it.


We're skipping the Case of the Week section because, once again, the team is the case of the week. It's finale time and Sandstorm's plot is finally revealed — they are going to nuke Washington, D.C. The goal is to wipe out the government and trigger the Truman Protocol. Then all the people Shepherd helped move into COGS via the tattoos will take over the United States.

Sure, why not?! I'm still a little fuzzy on how the tattoos moved those characters into COGS positions, but whatever. Let's just roll with it. I'm ready to be done with Sandstorm.

Everyone on the team has to pitch in and help, but this really all boils down to Patterson. She's our MVP.  Shepherd hid the explosives in a lead lined ambulance, which is actually pretty smart. Who would stop an ambulance? Tasha and CIA Deputy Director Jake Keaton track it down and Weller and Jane go after it. A satellite is set to detonate explosives and Patterson calls in NASA to help reroute the link. 

Honestly, I didn't really understand the whole NASA/satellite part. Patterson is above my pay grade sometimes. After intercepting Shepherd and the ambulance, Patterson instructs Kurt to find the beacon, which connects the satellite to the explosives. However, they are running out of time, so the only way to minimize the collateral damage is for Jane to drive the ambulance to a less populated area. This means both Kurt and Jane have to drive the ambulance filled with nuclear weapon level explosives out of the city limits. Nooooooo, my babies!

Shepherd swallowed the beacon because, of course, she's Shepherd. 

Kurt flips open a switch blade and I honestly thought he was going to cut her right there. He comes up with a better plan that won't upset Broadcasting Standards & Practices as much. He uses a defibrillator to fry the beacon — and Shepherd, for that matter — Mission Impossible style. It was awesome. Frying the beacon allows whatever Patterson did to the satellite to work and Team Blindspot saves the day.

Unfortunately, that still leaves Roman — who was driving around with nuclear weapons. Roman who crashed the ambulance to stop Kurt and Jane from moving it to a less populated area.

So, Roman went evil. Upside? After the epic showdown where Jane kicks his butt, she's still not able to take the shot, even though Roman begs her to do it. She lets him go, which leaves the door wide open to him being the Big Bad next season. Roman is the level of cray-cray I enjoy and I am extremely pleased he'll be sticking around. I think he makes a more compelling bad guy than Shepherd did anyway.

This all ends with a rousing speech from Kurt, congratulating the FBI on saving the world. Patterson, Reade, and Zappata are all considering career paths outside of the FBI. Patterson isn't loving her job the way she used to. Zappata isn't happy about Jane letting Roman go, and I think she's considering Keaton's offer to join the CIA even though she shot him down. As for Reade, Quantico is still floating around out there, but he seemed settled on staying put. We shall see. 

This all felt very series finale-ish, and it was clear Blindspot wasn't sure if they were coming back for a third season. Happily, they are so these potential new career paths opens up season three storylines for Reade, Zappata, and Patterson — especially given the two-year time jump.

Did I say time jump? Why yes I did. So where does that leave Kurt and Jane?


Mary Stuart Masterson was brought in as the new FBI director, and I flipped out. I'm a big Fried Green Tomatoes fan. Mary Stuart Masterson is the best. Eleanor Hist was pretty awesome too. She told Jane that this wasn't a life she chose and after they stopped Sandstorm, she was going to give her that opportunity — to choose the life she wants.

Jane goes to Patterson for advice, who tells Jane that she should move on and see the world. Jane is a bit aback, but Patterson's reasoning is actually pretty sound. She's Patterson, after all. Eventually people move on — including Kurt. He has a child coming and Patterson expects that he'll eventually move to the Colorado field office. I mean... she's not wrong. Patterson knows Jane would stay for Kurt, but Patterson is encouraging her to think beyond Kurt Weller. She's not sure Kurt is thinking about Jane. 

Don't worry, Jeller fans: Patterson hasn't jumped ship. She's still our captain. She turns around and tells Patterson that Hist gave Jane the option to leave. Patterson admits to Kurt that she told Jane to take it. Then, she tells Kurt to man up — if he wants Jane to stay then he better give her a reason to and tell her how he feels. REPRESENT, PATTERSON!

Of course, Kurt does the direct opposite. On the flight to D.C., he tells Jane that she should leave town. This was about the time I started to throw things at my television and shout, "Sweet Moses, man! What's it going to take to admit how you feel about her?"

Apparently, it takes a rebar through the leg. After Roman crashes the ambulance, a piece of metal goes right through Weller's leg. After, Jane lets Roman go and Weller has stopped Shepherd, he stumbles out of the ambulance. He falls to the ground, bleeding out, and Jane holds him in his arms.
Kurt: Jane, don't move to California. Stay here... with me. I love you, Jane. I love you.
THANK YOU, REBAR! We're left to wonder how Jane feels about Kurt until the final few moments. What is adorable is that Blindspot tried to pretend that there was even a question as to whether or not Jane was staying put. I'm surprised she didn't show up to Kurt's apartment with a mortgage application for a little bungalow for the two of them. When Jane does show up to Kurt's "We Saved The World" party, she asks him into the hallway and tells him exactly how she feels.
Jane: So they said I could anywhere. But this is where I want to be. I love you too, Kurt. And — and I just —
Kurt doesn't let her finish because he's too busy kissing her. YEAH THAT'S MY BOY, KURT! 

Also, his adorable little half smile when Jane said, "This is where I want to be" was pure sunshine on that rough and gruff teddy bear of a man. Of course Jane's choice is to stay. From the moment she met Kurt Weller, she knew he was home. She didn't know anything else, but she knew that. Kurt Weller is her starting point.

After declaring their undying love for one another, Kurt and Jane go back inside. Thus commences the greatest mission in Blindspot history: "Team Awkward Exit." Reade, Zappata, and Patterson all find hilariously non-subtle reasons to leave so that Kurt and Jane can be alone. God bless you, Team Blindspot. You have secured the greatest of all victories for the Jeller fandom. And we thank you. So Kurt and Jane hook up. It's great. I loved it. Could have done without the fancy fading and fading out though, Gero. This was my favorite part: 

She's so happy! (Source)

BUT THEN, we flash forward two years to Jane climbing some insane mountain. A Buddhist monk greets her at the top and tells Jane that there's still longing in her eyes and she must go back. Ummm, excuse me? She heads back to her tent and a visitor arrives. (Me, during the airing: "BE KURT. BE KURT. BE KURT.")

Spoiler alert: it's Kurt. Jane runs to his arms. Kurt tells her, "I can't believe I finally found you. I was scared." Oh, Kurt Weller. You break my little heart into a thousand pieces. He loves her so much, y'all. Jane replies, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything. I can't explain it."

Kurt is angry and extremely hurt. Kudos to Sullivan Stapelton for conveying all the emotions required in a single look. It almost hurts to look at her, but he has to because he missed her so freaking much. As for myself, I was extremely confused. You are going to have to explain Ms. Jane Doe, because WHAT EVEN?

And it is then that Jane drops a bomb: "You're still wearing your ring."


It is also at this point that I go deaf and honestly can't think much beyond "RING." I don't even care that Gero has separated them for two years and they are once again in emotional strife. I'm just gonna ignore that. THEY ARE MARRIED!

Actual footage of me.

Shipping preferences aside, I think this is an extremely smart move on Blindspot's part. It's apparent that they lost steam on the will they/won't they angle not even two years into the series. We were repeating plot lines with lie after lie after lie. I understand the show is about secrets and it seems Jane has some explaining to do once again. However, the show works better when Jane and Kurt are a united team and you don't get more united than married. We can deal with the strife in the confines of a committed relationship. That's interesting TV. 

I also appreciate that Blindspot stopped beating around the bush and just admitted these two are crazy for Cocoa Puffs over each other and let's just get the paperwork signed. Kurt and Jane finding their way back to one another MARRIED versus finding their way back to one another dating raises the stakes. I'm in. Also, I can't think of a television show that had the chutzpah to marry their main couple in the third season. And don't worry — we'll get flashbacks. We won't miss anything. Blindspot can't stop themselves from flashing back to a scene we just saw five minutes prior. We'll get to see the Jeller wedding.

Also, for any Jeller fan bemoaning that we'll have to start all over again, I did a little research. Martin Gero assures that is not the case for season three.

Kurt isn't there just to find Jane though. Reade, Zappata, and Patterson are kidnapped. He needs Jane to find them and he pulls out a mysterious box that requires both of them to open it. Inside is some kind of metal device with Jane's bird tattoo on it. When Kurt holds the device up to the bird tattoo on Jane's skin, her entire body lights up, revealing another layer of tattoos. 

I'm not totally sold on Patterson, Reade, and Patterson being kidnapped. This could be great or separating the team like this could be a disaster. I do like the idea of Kurt and Jane working together to find them, and hopefully season three brings back a stronger focus on them as a team and a couple than we saw in season two. As for the additional layer of tattoos? Yes, that's a good call. We need to move on and another set of tattoos opens up some new storytelling. If Roman is the Big Bad, that's AWESOME.

Overall, I thought season two was pretty uneven, so I am hoping that next season is a chance for Blindspot to work out some of the kinks. I am absolutely thrilled they moved to Fridays. I appreciate everyone being so patient on these reviews. I know they are late a lot. Friday works much better for my schedule, so my review should be on time next year. I think Blindspot did a sufficient job with the cliffhanger — I'll be tuning in. Hope you will as well!

Stray Thoughts:
  • "The Reader's Digest version." Mary Stuart Masterson really gets to stay.
  • Nas came back to break Shepherd. I cheered.
  • No Reade and Zappata love declaration? It's cool. That's what next season is for.
  • Zappata knows Jane had the shot, but Kurt covered for his girl. This ship is life.


  1. Thank you once again for a good review; highlighting all those points that I'm most vested in! And like you, I'm glad for the move to Fridays. Works better for my schedule especially with family (little humans & hubby) and other obligations.

    I was a bit floored with the 2 year jump at the end. So I'm really hoping that the flashbacks will do much to fill in the gaps; especially the events and activities that lead to Jane & Kurt being a loving couple, getting married and all that wonderful stuff that I can only imagine and make-up in my JELLER mind's eye! Most importantly, I'm definitely wanting to know what made Jane jump ship so to speak... What compelled her to leave Kurt after all that time of longing and loving him from afar?!! Really? All that hard work and self-sacrificing for nada? My imagination is really working overtime on that one! However, I am thankful that they are married (they are married...right?!) because in Season 3, it would be so gratifying to see them work together, not only as a "badass duet" in taking down the bad guys and gals, but in working out all the stuff that comes with being married... and having to deal with things affecting Weller's FBI Team and Roman (Oooh...! Roman as a foe is simply delicious and exciting to contemplate!) and the adventures presented by Jane's newly discovered glowing tattoos and more. Hey, what's up with that box and the bird amulet?! There seems to be more magical devices and themes coming up in the new season. Whaat?!! That should prove interesting if the story lines can support it. I just want JELLER to be on-going now and forever. All those side-longing glances and sighs are finished since they obvious made love AND Jane and Kurt actually share a bed (they do... don't they?!) and us shippers can now hopefully see more of their loving interaction as a couple ~ in good times and in challenging times too! Just let JELLER reign! I truly believe that the relationship between Jane and Kurt is the underlying element and engine that propels the show's overall story lines and arcs. IMO.

    I hope that Mary Stuart Masterson has a recurring role. Because I liked how "Elinor Hirst" seems to have Jane's best interest in mind. Yay for Luke Mitchell too! I'm glad that there is more than a strong possibility for Roman to return in whatever frame of reference he is in; terrorist, serial killer or converted good guy. A great big hurrah and excited anticipation for a Stellar Season 3. Martin Gero and Crew... don't let us down, Dudes!

  2. Please Jen do you have a theory on why Jane left Kurt, the love of her life, to be in Tibet? The monk told her to return home but Jane said she can't. Why? I'm bothered by the season finale ending because I just read a recently posted fan-fiction that focused on Allie and her baby as the reason Jane left. I really hated that Allie pregnancy story and simply tried to ignore it. Now it seems like its coming back to haunt and ruin Jane and Kurt being together. What's your take on this Allie thing or do you have another idea about Jeller's two year separation? Please Jen your opinion is valued.

    1. I'm not Jen, but I have an opinion too. Lol. I think he is either married to Allie or Jane. I don't think it's some new person. If he married Allie it would have to be because either she was sick and dying, and for some reason he felt like he had to marry her. But who knows where that leaves Connor. And if he married Jane and she left it would have to be because of some major event in their lives. It sounds like when she asked the question "You are still wearing your ring?" That maybe she gave him back the ring and said she was leaving. My guess it's because she felt like his life, or his daughter's life was in danger if she stayed. The reason being could be anything from she started to remember herself as Remi and maybe the things she did in her past came back and she felt like she was not good enough for Kurt. Did you notice that the lady who came to the door to tell her she had a visitor said "Miss" and not "Jane". Could be she goes by Remi or Alice now. So I think it's because either she remembered who she was before and was worried about some aspect of that, or his daughter was in danger.

    2. Thank you for your reply and comments. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. I may be in the minority, but I hate the entire Allie premise complicated with a baby and all that soap opera nonsense! I hated that arc even more than the other stupid story line of Nas and Weller having sex! That was horrible to be sure, but I think the possibility for additional on-going complications with Allie and her kid is more damaging. It didn't need and doesn't need to continue to happen. I think Jane and Kurt have more than enough problems and issues to handle which are more in alignment with the show's nature of solving the mysteries of Jane's tattoos and other adventures that come from them; rather than sloppy stories of an ex-girlfriend and kid in Colorado. That was a terrible bad call on the part of the show runner and the writers, and they knew it based on the negative up-roar from the fandom; Jeller shippers notwithstanding! So they tried to fix it by banishing Allie and kid with Connor to Colorado. Keep them there! Never to darken Jane and Kurt's door ever again! I'd be disappointed to have Allie or that kid back in the next season. I cringe at the thought. But I may be the only one who does. No, I actually believe that there are many more of those who ship Jeller that feel the same as I do. I'd like to believe that Jane and Kurt did marry and due to the points you noted that they were separated for what Jane probably thought was in Kurt's best interest. Jane's nature is always to protect Kurt and even the Team (Patterson, Reade and Tasha) if necessary. I'm even going to count Roman in Jane's ring of protection. It would have had to be, as you say, some major event that caused Jane to leave.