Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beauty & the Beast 4x11 Recap: “Meet the New Beast” (Say Goodbye) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Meet the New Beast”
Original Airdate: August 25, 2016

This week on Beauty & the Beast, everyone basically says their goodbyes. We start with Vincent and J.T. who are having a secret breakfast where Vincent continues to try and convince J.T. to help him and Cat escape. J.T. comes with the most ridiculous fake I.D. I have ever seen, and Vincent urges him to take this whole escape plan seriously. While not a fan of the aforementioned plan, J.T. realizes that Graydal has basically backed them into a corner. For now, it really looks like prison is their only other option.

We then cut to Cat filling Heather in on the new beast lurking around, and you can tell that she is stressed. At this point Cat basically has no job or credibility, so she needs Tess’s help on the inside. Cat begs Tess to show her any evidence that she has so they can hopefully find this new beast and exonerate Vincent. So, as it turns out, Graydal has a connection to the man that bought Muirfield. Cat tells Vincent that it seems like Muirfield is back, and he loses it. He finds the owner of Muirfield dead, apparently killed by the new beast. The plan to turn themselves into DHS with hopes that they won’t go to prison becomes increasingly more complicated with this death.

Elsewhere, Kyle is worried about Heather and prematurely asks her to move in. Their relationship is built on lies, and yet he still stays, convincing her to move forward. Oh, yeah, and he is generally still creepy. Now, however, he’s also working for DHS. So add another layer of complexity to their relationship! I really wouldn’t be surprised if he was the beast that they are looking for. Heather helps J.T. with tasks that — little does she know — will aid in her sister and Vincent’s escape.

Cat and Vincent follow the last known associate of the dead millionaire via his cell phone and try to trap him in a set-up. He flees and, of course, now assumes that Vincent is the beast after him. With their only lead gone, emotions are high. Cat tries to ease Heather’s mind that they will always be sisters, even after she flees the country and they will keep in touch.

My favorite part of the episode was the heart-to-heart that occurred between Tess and Vincent. I don’t think that the writers have managed to develop their relationship as much as I would’ve liked, considering the fact that these two people are the very anchors in which Cat stays grounded. Hearing Vincent say that he knows Tess won’t miss him is a moment of great transparency. And hearing Tess say she loves and admires the way Vincent cares for and protects her friend, and will miss the man (but not the beast), is a moment of honesty.

J.T. and Vincent have one last spy mission as best friends, and this allow Cat and Tess time to say their goodbyes. Cat and Tess are my favorite part of the show, by far. They’ve grown so much, have been through so much, and are truly a wonderful display of what dynamic female friendships and work partners look like.

During the mission, J.T. and Vincent get caught and trapped by the man who eluded capture from Cat and Vincent earlier. Apparently the grand plan was to try and enhance the Muirfield beasts, not just replicate them. The beast in question has put the fear into this associate, and Vincent tries to convince him to let him protect him.

Meanwhile, Heather shows up to tell her sketchy boyfriend Kyle that she wants to move in, but really just steals the files of two deceased patients in order to help Cat and Vincent with their plan to flee the country.

We find out that apparently this Muirfield contact is an evil genius slash scientist and created a super beast that basically is unstoppable. The state department approved this super soldier, and Braxton took the fall for everyone. The doctor admits his flaws, but now we don’t know if all of the subjects are actually dead. New beast feature: invisibility!

Warning: Everyone may die in the finale with an invisible super beast on the prowl.

In the heat of the moment, Vincent slashes the evil genius’ arm and tries to use him as bait. Tess, meanwhile, meets with DHS and tries to convince them to exonerate Vincent if her lead pans out. Apparently, the Secretary of Homeland Security will not forgive Vincent for killing one of their own though. So even if they find and capture the real beast, Vincent — and anyone who has helped him — will not be exonerated.

The doctor gets a text and leaves custody… and gets killed by the beast, right under Cat and Vincent’s noses. But the beast keeps them alive. Why? Everyone gathers at J.T.’s place, and Tess breaks the news that DHS will never make a deal with them; they must leave. It is hard, but necessary.

Kyle, the troublemaker, professes his love for Heather. Oh, and he also confesses that he called DHS on Cat and Vincent, once he figured out that Heather stole the death certificates to help them escape. Cat and Vincent arrive at the airport and DHS is right there to arrest them.

So what will happen next? Who is this other beast, and what does he want? Why did he spare Cat and Vincent? Also, did Tess and J.T. just sort of, kind of, get back together? Vincent’s greatest wish is that they get back together and I think more than anything, he really just wants the two best friends in their lives to have happiness once they leave.

I, for one, am hoping we see who this beast is soon. Share your thoughts below!


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