Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beauty & the Beast 4x09 Recap: “The Getaway” (Keep on Running) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“The Getaway”
Original Airdate: July 28, 2016

This week, Cat makes an executive decision — she and Vincent need to leave the city. Vincent, just starting to really earn the trust of the circle of assassins, thinks that's a terrible idea since the next major hit they're supposed to do is on him, and he's so close to finding out who is behind it. Cat, approached by reporter Grace, thinks that since Grace somehow has knowledge of the super soldier program, Vincent’s involvement in Hill’s death and more. Cat is fearful of Vincent being exposed, and figures that running is the best option. Before they leave, Cat interrupts Tess’s date with the ADA to ask if she can do one last favor them. Tess is really struggling with having a normal life, but also constantly lying on the job to protect her friends. Tess does the favor, and Grace threatens to expose her too, which really starts to make Tess question her life and job more.

Cat and Vincent take off and in a secluded cabin, really try to figure out the next step. After much discussion, they realize that maybe they can take a chance on trusting Grace and try to convince her not to release such a damning story about Vincent. They call Grace and tell her to come alone, but the assassins are following her and monitoring her phone. Grace arrives and they realize they can trust her. She doesn't want a story — she wants the truth and justice, in whatever form that takes. In order to secure her help, Vincent beasts out on her. When she finally commits, it doesn't end well. The assassins followed her, ambush the house, and Grace dies in the crossfire. Vincent is captured, but Cat follows them. Cat and Vincent then manage to get themselves out of another sticky situation, but how long can this last?

Elsewhere, after Tess gets even more of a reality check from the ADA she's dating, she also gets a visit from J.T. He tells her that he and Cat made a promise to involve her less in their matters so she doesn't get implicated any further. That way, Tess can have the normal life she desires. Tess, however, makes a bold decision to quit the force because she can't handle all of the lying and doesn't feel like she's doing her job honestly or to the best of her abilities. J.T. thankfully presents her with another option, and that's to remove herself from beast work altogether. He knows how much being captain means to her and how hard she worked. He's willing to get arrested to save her career, and that's true love.

So what will happen next? Will the show push J.T. and Tess back together, only to kill one of them before the series concludes? How much longer can Cat and Vincent dodge the law at this pace? Who is after Vincent and why? Personally, I'd love to see the writers pick up the pace and move the story along. While this episode felt a little bit more of what I'm looking for, the season overall has been slow and the plot needs to be tightened. I don't have the same level of interest or commitment to these characters and their lives as previous seasons, and I'd like to get back to that.

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