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Beauty & the Beast 4x04 Recap: “Something’s Gotta Give” (Baby Aboard?) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Something’s Gotta Give”
Original Airdate: June 23, 2016

In this week’s episode, open with Cat waiting for Vincent, who is a no-show, for their coffee date. Heather arrives telling her that her new DHS office space is almost completed and reassuring her that she will see Vincent soon, and that if anyone can balance being newlyweds plus their current work and beast loads, it is them. Elsewhere, we find J.T. completely distraught over Tess and using work as an escape. He is still trying to figure out his life, but his break-up with Tess and not having her support is making it harder. Hopefully within the next couple of episodes we can see J.T. get some additional clarity on what he wants out of life.

Cat, in an attempt to solve the identity of the bounty hunter, gets a message from Deputy Secretary Hill frantically telling her to meet him at DHS. When she arrives there, she is informed that Deputy Secretary Hill never showed for work. Thinking he is in grave danger, she calls Vincent to meet her at Deputy Secretary Hill’s place for back up. She finds Deputy Secretary Hill and his family tied up and being tortured into giving up information about beasts to an unidentified assassin. Vincent arrives just before Deputy Secretary Hill is killed in front of his wife and daughter, throwing the unidentified man off of Deputy Secretary Hill’s balcony.

While Vincent struggles to keep his day job, Cat realizes that she is late and could be pregnant. She asks Vincent if he wants kids, and when his response is less than ideal, she continues to avoid taking the pregnancy test until the end of the episode.

Since Beauty & the Beast loves storylines that mirror Cat & Vincent’s relationship, this week they were tasked with getting information from an account of a Russian mobster. They were supposed to meet this informant at a school and get information on his boss’s whereabouts. When they arrive, this man is kidnapped and Cat takes it upon herself to let his wife and two young boys have safe refuge at their apartment. She thinks the wife may have answers as to why her husband was kidnapped and soon finds out that the wife knows next to nothing about her husband. They haven’t been close since their kids were born, and you can see the fear in Cat’s eyes and comparison to her own relationship. Cat and Vincent have been married for two months and are already having a tough time balancing career and marriage. Cat is completely frightened at the idea of adding a baby to the mix, and it makes sense, because with Vincent’s life constantly being threatened, marriage and parenting isn’t easy.

In an attempt to take some of the heat off of Vincent, J.T. decides to pose as a DHS agent in hopes of getting them to stop posting info on beasts. Instead, he gets kidnapped by them and chained because he is mistaken for a beast. To get himself out of the situation, he gives a speech that basically reveals he is really insecure about the current stage of life he is in and the lack of direction he has. He is deeply missing something and has yet to discover what that is and how to fix it in his life. The bloggers let him go and once Tess and Heather figure out that J.T. isn’t where he promised he would be, they go to find him. They find him safe, but laying in a parking lot, embarrassed and ready to go home.

Back to the kidnapped informant, Cat enlists the help of Tess and NYPD to put the pieces together. They realize that a lot doesn’t add up. While Cat should be focused more on the details of this case, she is consumed by thoughts of this potential pregnancy. She goes home to try to brainstorm even more with Vincent but they just end up in a huge fight, resulting in her confessing that she might be pregnant. Vincent feels terrible for his initial response to wanting kids and while they both know it is important to figure out whether or not Cat is pregnant, they think helping the kidnapped informant is more urgent.

Vincent clears his head and decides to try to track the informant one last time. He finds the informant in a junk yard and kills his kidnappers one by one. We soon learn from J.T. that this informant and accountant is actually an assassin. Vincent senses he isn’t who he says he is, but is shot by the informant in attempt to stop him. Eventually, Cat shows up to save Vincent and kills the assassin. Now, Vincent is beyond exposed and whoever this assassin worked for knows all that Vincent is capable of.

At the bar, Tess encourages J.T. and reminds him to keep pushing (safely) on this journey to figuring out what his destiny is. She reminds him to be himself and that she loves him, but he needs this time to figure out his life and what will truly make him happy.

The last major moment in the episode is the pregnancy test reveal. Cat had a scare in season one and Vincent had the same reaction then that he does now. Since we saw in season two that beast genes are hereditary, he is worried if they have kids, they will be subjected to a life like his. To be honest, we knew from the beginning of the episode that Cat was likely not to be pregnant. I actually would’ve preferred a twist like that now, and I would’ve enjoyed seeing how the writers handled that for the rest of the season. It is would be a tad bit complicated and tricky, but that is life. Her second negative pregnancy test almost felt unnecessary since we have seen a version of this storyline on the show in season one. I was hoping they would change it up a bit, but alas, that was not the case. The end of this episode for me was a bit underwhelming, but I am hopefully the seasons continues to build momentum next episode.

So what do you think J.T. will end up doing professionally in the long run? How long will Tess and J.T.  be broken up? Will Heather get more integral storylines instead of just being awkwardly placed? Will Vincent and Cat have a baby by series end?

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