Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Met Gala Fashion Review: The Most Creative Looks [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

Ahh, the Met Gala, the yearly foray into wild fashion I look forward to so much. This year, the theme was “manus x machina: fashion in an age of technology.” The most boring partygoers went wearing silver metallic to look like a sexy robot. The most creative explored how fashion has changed with the advent of technology by wearing high-tech materials, literally communicating with the internet, and being outer-space chic. Here are some of the best looks from the Met Gala that interpreted the theme in an interesting way.

*All photos courtesy of HollywoodLife.

Beyonce, Materials Division

Beyonce wins the materials division in her dress made up of her mortal enemy’s skin -- jk, it’s latex. Her interpretation of the theme uses a material that people have shaped with technology for use in medical fields and in the home to protect them from harmful substances. Haters can’t touch Beyonce -- she’s protected with her second skin. (Dress is by Givenchy.)

Claire Danes, Updated Fairy Tale

Claire Danes takes the fairy tale category with her update on a Cinderella dress. Zac Posen, who designed her gown, is known for dramatic, romantic, feminine looks. The way he incorporated a traditional ballgown with new technology of LED lights is really well done -- it almost looks like there isn’t anything unusual about the dress until the lights go out and it comes alive. I say almost because there is a sort of stiffness to this dress that I wish was more fluid and relaxed, like a drapey fabric. And would it have killed them to add a few accessories or stronger makeup and hair? Claire gets a little lost in the dress, which is stealing the show. I also wish there were better pictures available -- I don’t think any of the pictures from the red carpet really captured the magical quality of the dress. But in soft lighting, I bet this light-up gown killed it. Just think how great some sparkly jewelry would have played off the lights of the dress!

Karolina Kurkova, Internet Division

Now this is how you combine a romantic dress with light-up technology. This dress, by Marchesa, looks like a stunning, soft creation before the lights even get turned on. It can stand alone, whereas I’m not sure Claire Danes’ dress works without its lights. Karolina’s gown is really beautiful, and the romantic flowers provide an interesting contrast to the tech. It’s like man versus nature, but they both come together to create something even more beautiful. When the dress lit up, it corresponded to the emotions of a Twitter feed: each emotion in a tweet led to a certain color on her dress. This dress not only incorporated LED lighting (which really is outstanding technology all on its own), but the dress itself communicated with the internet. Bravo.

Idris Elba, Time Warp

Did Idris Elba figure out a way to use technology to stop time completely? Because this handsome man is timeless.

Lupita Nyong'o, Alien Priestess

Lupita often wears bright colors on the red carpet, and her ethereal green gown called to mind little green martians. But no martian I have ever seen was as elegant as Lupita in this dress. These transparent layers create an otherworldly quality, rather than a risque window to her body, which is way overdone. And her hair is perfect. (Dress is Calvin Klein Collection.)

Nicole Kidman, Outer Space Division

Nicole Kidman brought the drama in her Milky Way-inspired gown by Alexander McQueen. I love the cape, I love the much-needed drama on a dangerously boring red carpet, and I love that she is wearing the universe.

Jourdan Dunn, Sexiest Robot

Out of all the sexy robots, Jourdan Dunn’s look is the best. Her futuristic metallic gown by Balmain took its cue from the Tin Man, but updated it enough to keep it fresh. It fits her perfectly and looks comfortable, and the mini train looks like it ends in a puddle of molten metal. Jourdan, I’ll be by right your side ‘til 3005 (which is the year I assume her look is from).

Katy Perry, Drama Division

Katy Perry definitely brought the drama in this look from Prada. It looks like her dress has keys, coins, and a circuit board swirling around on the bodice and skirt. Her makeup and hair are a great complement to the dramatic gown, and the gloves complete the look. This is definitely a go big or go home look, which is perfect for the Met Gala.

Willow and Jaden Smith, Coolest Kids from the Future

Willow (in Chanel) and Jaden (in Louis Vuitton) looked like they stepped right out of the most popular lunch table from the high school of the future and onto this red carpet. Assuming kids from the future still go to high school, of course, and aren’t just implanted with all the knowledge of the world. Even so, all the knowledge in the world can’t make you this cool.

Kate Bosworth, Intergalactic Princess

This look is very strong, and the hairpiece and light colors are giving me Princess Leia vibes. The contrast of the armor-like bodice with the soft lacy skirt is tricky to pull off, but the careful detailing near the hemline balance out the top of the dress. Her pink eye shadow is an unexpected twist that pulls together the whole look. Kate looks gorgeous.

Lewis Hamilton, Motorized Division 

I just learned who Lewis Hamilton is (a race car driver!), but I’m definitely feeling his look. The subtle pattern looks like tiny gears turning, and the fit is impeccable.

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