Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Bachelor 20x09 Roundtable: Oh No He Didn't [Contributors: Rae Nudson, Alisa Williams, Chelsea]

This week on The Bachelor, Ben changes everything by telling two women he loved them. None of us were impressed, but we are excited to see the women dish next week at Women Tell All. See what we think of Ben's confessions of love, and let us know what you think in the comments.

What do you think of Ben telling two women he loved them?

Rae: Oh Ben, you big dummy. You’re already on a dating show where both of the women you’re dating are aware of each other, and now you’re going to tell them both you love them? In what world are they not going to figure out you said that to someone else at the same time? And in what world will they not be sad they weren’t the only one?

Ben is breaking new Bachelor territory here by dropping the L bomb before the final rose, and I think it was a mistake. He is going to dump one of those women, who will be mega disappointed he not only was in love with someone else, he also told them so. And the woman he does want to move forward with will know he felt strongly enough about another woman to tell her he was in love. It provided some nice moments where everyone felt validated about their feelings, but I think it will only increase unsureness in the coming week.

I hope before they watched these episodes, Ben warned whoever he picks that he said he loved someone else.

Alisa: What. An. Idiot. Normally, if a man did what Ben did I would think him the scum of the Earth and probably a sociopath, but with Ben I truly believe he’s just that stupid. It was super troubling how easily those three little words flew out of his mouth for BOTH women though, and how easily he could galavant around Jamaica and spend the night with each of them, all calm and cool and collected.

I feel like a normal human being would be a hot mess if they realized they were in love with two people, and wouldn’t be able to get out of their own head about it. So, maybe he’s a master manipulator that has Bachelor Nation so fooled we can’t see he really IS the scum of the Earth. Or maybe he’s just a compartmentalizing savant. Either way, Ben is one puzzle I have no interest in solving.

Chelsea: Oh Ben, no. Just no. Girls talk, bro. They’re going to find out immediately and this will not be okay. Life advice: NEVER tell two women you love both of them especially when they live together for the duration of this program. This is going to come back so hard to bite you. Great TV for me, terrible start to an engagement for him.

Oddly enough, I do think he thinks that loves both of them. He seems to get caught up in whatever moment is happening and he’s not a strong enough personality for us to have any real feel of him.

What do you think about Ben breaking it off with Caila?

Rae: The more I watched Caila, the more she sounded like she was just repeating lines on camera. Everything she said sounded unnatural to me (do people really say “when he held me tight”?). But maybe that’s because she is a nice, sweet baby girl, and I am making fun of people’s love lives on the Internet. Anyway, I didn’t think that Ben was going to end up with her, so I’m glad he broke it off, though it was sort of mean of the producers to set it up for her to go surprise Ben only to get dumped. But that’s the name of the game, I guess. If I were Caila, and if things went all the way in the fantasy suite, I would be pretty upset that not only was I dumped, but that he loved two -- TWO -- other women and not me. Talk about feeling used.

Alisa: Ben and Caila were the super cute couple I was rooting for for about two weeks. But then they gave her more screen time and it became clear she is way too emotional and rambly for Ben. Ben needs small words, short sentences, and a woman so emotionless she might as well be comatose. It’s clear he can’t handle any sort of depth or moodiness despite his desperate claims that he likes “complicated” women. Oh, Ben. I do not think that word means what you think it means. Wearing a blouse that defies gravity does not make a woman complicated (sorry, Amanda).

I’m glad he broke it off with Caila, though there was really no reason for him to tell her he’d fallen for BOTH of the other women. Ouch. And if he felt that strongly for both Lauren and Jojo, why go to the fantasy suite with Caila at all?

I do have to give Caila mad props for getting all her questions out before she left. I’m pretty sure yelling “WAIT” and jumping back out of the limo to confront Ben is a Bachelor first. Kinda like telling two women you’re in love with them, except with more applause and less ick-factor.

I feel like the producers made Caila’s breakup and subsequent exit far more dramatic than it needed to be so they could garner sympathy and prime the audience so we’re stoked when it’s announced she’s the next Bachelorette. I’m honestly not sure I could watch a whole season of any of these women as the Bachelorette without harming myself or those around me. Except Jubilee. Jubilee for Bachelorette. Jubilee for President. Jubilee for Master of the Universe.

Chelsea: That boy totally did her wrong. I knew she wasn’t going to win but dang boy, we all know what those fireworks outside meant. When she stopped that car and jumped out, I was just hoping she’d tear him a new one. He really should not have strung her along so long just to sleep with her and I cannot wait for the ladies to tell all next week.

I do think Caila would be a great Bachelorette for next season. My friend went to high school with her and has been telling me how she really is just the nicest person and is super outgoing. I want her to come back and find love with someone less boring. Ben is cute, but he’s so boring.

Do you think Ben will propose?

Rae: I do, and I think it will be to Lauren B. The two of them are so dopey smiley around each other. The show is setting it up to look like Ben dismisses one woman and then has a change of heart, but I am not convinced it will go down that way. But no matter what way it goes down, I’ll be watching.

Alisa: I think Ben will propose, but I also think the relationship with whoever (probably Lauren) has already fizzled. In all those Bachelor Live episodes they did early on, he always looked so sad, and he kept refusing to answer whether he had found love or not. Clearly, he found TWO loves, so if he still had one, he’d be shouting it from the rooftops not moping in the corner like a wet poodle.

Chelsea: I do think Ben will propose but I’m not 100% to who. Jojo has my vote because he does seem most like himself and the most comfortable around her. Lauren is his manic pixie dream girl. In the words of my friend, Ben puts her on a pedestal like she’s this unattainable perfect girl of his dreams. I like Lauren fine but I don’t want him picking her because it just won’t last. Jojo and him just seem to fit and I really hope he finds some brains by the end of this and proposes to her. She’s the most real of the last two contestants and I would watch another whole show about her and her family. I’ll be watching this mess until the end though. So anxious to see who the next Bachelorette will be.


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