Thursday, March 17, 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x19 Recap: “Terry Kitties” (A Cold Case and a Box of Cats) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

“Terry Kitties”
Original Airdate: March 15, 2016

There’s a cold case to solve, a box of cats to contend with, bombs to diffuse, and a Pimento to manage in this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Let’s get to it!

Captain Holt is back from visiting his boyfriend Kevin in Paris, and his trip has him in a great mood, which the team plans to take full advantage of. Unfortunately, before they can ask Holt for all their greatest desires, Hitchcock and Scully ruin it by commenting on all the weight he gained during his trip. I guess Jake won’t be getting a tank after all.

Meanwhile, Terry gets sent an adorable fluffy kitten in a box. But apparently, Terry hates kittens. Which is surprising because he’s basically like a giant, hairless kitten himself. Terry explains to Jake that in 1995 when he’d just made detective, everyone in his new squad was mean to him. He did everything he could to gain their favor, even working to solve the biggest case he could find: a string of robberies.

The raid he coordinated turned out to be a huge fail, as the main suspect had been paralyzed two years before and therefore couldn’t have committed the robberies. In a moment of panic, Terry tried to pin the robberies on the suspect’s cat, saying the suspect must have trained the cat to perform the robberies for him, and that’s why they call robbers “cat burglars.” Oh, poor, sweet Terry. Now his old squad sends him cats at random to remind him of that fateful day.

Jake encourages Terry to march over to his old precinct and show his former squad mates that he’s not bothered by their antics. It doesn’t work and Terry comes back defeated... and with two more cats. Since Jake’s first plan didn’t work out so well, he decides to help Terry solve his robbery cold case so the guys in the other squad will start showing Terry respect.

Fortunately, they catch a new lead when they realize that the elevator operator was the same man in each of the four buildings where the robberies occurred. Unfortunately, Terry’s old squad is at the bar they track the elevator operator to. And again, Terry is wrong about the suspect. This gentleman is just acting shady because he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s eating high cholesterol foods from his wife, and the squad is there to witness Terry’s defeat again.

Jake stays up the whole night with the cats to try and crack more clues about the case, and when Terry comes in the next morning, he has a big one for him: the original, supposedly, paralyzed guy, had mud all over his shoes in the picture from 20 years ago. Which means he was just faking being paralyzed and is the real robber after all! They bust him and get revenge on the old squad by releasing a box of rats in the precinct. As you do.

While Terry battles cats and his past, Adrian Pimento has bigger problems. His landlord kicked him out because the neighbors complained about his night terrors, and so he’s been living in the breakroom. This is discovered when Gina and Boyle walk in on Pimento shaving his shoulder hair. (Gross.) Boyle, being way too nice as usual, tells Pimento to let him know if there’s anything he can do to help. Pimento takes this as an invitation to move in with Boyle. It goes terribly (as expected) and Boyle enlists Gina’s help to get Pimento out of his apartment. Everyone is slightly scared of Gina, even a hardened undercover agent like Pimento, and he finally backs down and even apologizes to Boyle. He may be moving out of Boyle’s apartment, but I wish he’d keep on truckin’ and move on off the show entirely.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt, who seems mostly recovered from his earlier bad mood, announces that the precinct will be hosting a bomb-diffusing class. Rosa and Amy immediately turn it into a competition. The goal of the class is to learn to diffuse ten different types of bombs. Holt puts the ladies in their place for trash-talking each other instead of focusing on learning. But it’s all just a ruse because Holt is in it to win it and his lecture was meant to slow them down. It works, and Holt is the first to diffuse his bomb.

... Unfortunately, the bomb class instructor fails all three of them for not taking the class seriously, but passes Hitchcock and Scully who didn’t even realize they were diffusing bombs.

Overall, this was a pretty fun but fairly forgettable episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Rosa, Amy, and Holt have such a cute competitive relationship and I wish we’d get to see Terry and Jake work more cases together. Pimento can just go away and never come back.

Bullets on the Bulletin Board:
  • “I’m gonna dominate that class. You don’t cross stitch for 20 years without developing a steady hand.” 
  • “You better look cute in this picture or no one’s gonna want you... do somethin’ with your damn paws!”
  • “You probably won’t believe this but I was bullied in high school, for being too handsome.” “I don’t believe you.” “You’re right, it was for setting my crotch on fire in shop class.”
  • “Don’t call them cute. They’d kill us all if they were smart enough to use weapons. But you’re not smart. You’re dumb. You’re always naked and you pee in a box!”
  • “Okay, listen. I know your spirit animal is a caterpillar that’s been stepped on, but mine is a mighty wolf.”
  • “I’m working so much harder than you on this trash talk and I’m the one whose feelings are getting hurt!”


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