Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Grammys Red Carpet: Sort of a Snooze [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

Some of the zaniest fashion moments all year happen at the Grammys — but not this year. With Lady Gaga arriving too late to walk the red carpet and reliable red carpet firework Rihanna arriving late and leaving early due to illness, there were no theatrics this year, and I’m bummed about it. Where have all the risky pop stars gone? This is no way to honor Bowie, y’all. See below for the few fashion moments from the Grammys red carpet.

* All photos courtesty of HollywoodLife


I am generally not a fan of mullet dresses, and this from Versace is no exception. It would work a lot better if the skirt was all one length — either short or long, just pick one, please. Pink and red together is some strong power clashing that works for Taylor, and I’m feeling her new Anna Wintour 'do. I so wish Taylor would surprise us with her style, but she never does and here she is in yet another midriff. I would love to see her shock me, just once.


Love the polka dots, love the fun vibe, love it.


This is zany and bright. Points for trying if not for execution. At least it provided a literal bright spot on the red carpet, though it would have been more successful in a different color and with some accessories.


I’m feeling this old Hollywood style from the waist up but not from the knees down (dress is custom Michael Costello). Too bad it couldn’t end as sleek as it started. It is a strong statement, though, if a little matronly for the Grammys. She changed for her performance — that fur! — but the old Hollywood vibes carried through. She dresses like a classic because she is here to stay; I mean, did you hear her voice?


She looks great in a soft pink Stella McCartney. I love a slip dress vibe with great jewelry because it looks like you were just hanging around in some glamorous loungewear and realized you were due at the Grammys in 10 minutes, so you threw on some diamonds. Glamorous and relaxed is difficult to pull off, and it’s one of my favorite looks.


If three makes a trend, there was definitely a showgirl trend at the Grammys. Jacqueline Van Bierk, Z lala (above), Manika, and Jacqueline Van Bierkwore wore looks inspired by showgirls but not nearly as good as an actual Vegas showgirl or even close to Cher doing this same look. I assume nakedness and feathers are a way to get noticed, but when other women show up wearing your dress, you kind of get looked over. They may need a new plan.


Cutouts were big once again. Selena looks the best in the trend in a sparkly blue Calvin Klein that says “Bieber, who?” Weirdly, she changed into a red cutout dress once she got inside that was not nearly as good and squished her in all the wrong places.


Lady Gaga never disappoints. She knows when to turn up the classy and when to turn up the crazy. And if any day is a day for crazy, it’s a day she is performing a David Bowie tribute. Every look in her set was perfect, and her Marc Jacobs red carpet look was a teaser of what was to come. The best look, though, was def the jumpsuit with the pink feather boa.


This Dsquared2 suit is sharp. I love that Zendaya changes up her look and changes up her hair, and this menswear look is sophisticated and cool. Plus she said she did her own make up, which is very impressive. I love the length and cut of the pants, which make her look tall and slim. (As opposed to Demi Lovato’s menswear-inspired look, whose skirt did not do enough to balance out the boxy jacket.) 


This is the polished but wacky Grammys look I love. Janelle has a specific style of black, white, red and structured and dramatic that always looks like her but remains unique. The best Grammys look is one that wouldn’t fit in at any other awards show, and this Jean Paul Gaultier fits the bill nicely. 


Beautiful and chartreuse, two of my favorite things. This dress looks regal and weird, and her minimal accessories are the perfect complement to the embroidered fabric. Chartreuse is a high risk, high reward situation, and it helps that the fit and cut are great. Nicely done. Here's a closer look from her Twitter.

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