Friday, February 12, 2016

Suits 5x13 "God's Green Earth" (Yikes, Rachel)

"God's Green Earth"
Original Airdate: February 10, 2016

One of the things that annoys me most in the world is when people are so blinded by their naiveté that they end up sounding absurd. They cling to their stubbornness and refuse to see reason, even when you try to force-feed it to them gently. "It will never happen to me," he says. "He's different," she claims, cooing. And you know that it's not going to end well, but you try to give your advice and all that happens is the other person becomes offended. And even after that very thing you predicted would come to pass does, they still cling to their foolish hopes. While you feel bad for them in some way, the pity that you feel is mostly pity because of how they will truly never learn. 

This is probably one of the reasons that I am not a fan of Rachel Zane. Everyone tells her what she should do. Everyone gives her sound advice. And instead of listening to them and realizing that they are concerned: instead of heeding her father's advice, or listening to Donna, or taking even half a moment to think about what Scottie says, Rachel vehemently and stubbornly tells everyone that they are wrong. More often than not, Rachel acts like a petulant child who tells other people how wrong they are — about her life and choices, about her future, about Mike, about EVERYTHING. And things will only get worse for Rachel once she realizes that she should have been a bit less self-righteous and listen to the people around her.


We'll get back to Anita Gibbs later on, but suffice it to say that our not-so-friendly season "Big Bad" is setting her sights on Rachel. When her faux concern turns a stony Rachel sour, Anita pulls out the big guns at Columbia — turns out, she has a friend in the dean, who essentially tells Rachel that her LSAT scores feel a little bit sketchy to him, given her close proximity to Mike Ross. This threatening tactic of Anita's, via the dean, doesn't hold up once Harvey and Mike gain proof that Anita is playing dirty. (It's great that Harvey and Mike have had small victories, but it almost feels like all they're doing is chipping away at an ice sculpture with a needle.)

Rachel is clearly stressed and frazzled after her ambushed meeting with Anita and is even more upset after her meeting with the dean. I don't blame her and I can admire the way that she handled herself in both situations. But — and this is a BIG but — Rachel continues to act like she is an innocent victim in everything that is happening around her. She loves Mike, sure, but she's really and truly convinced that their lives will be totally okay after the trial. I don't know yet what will shake Rachel out of the delusional world she's living in, but Suits has already proven that it won't be Mike getting arrested, a conversation from her dad, being threatened and blackmailed, or any of the myriad of things that have happened in between. Rachel Zane has willingly placed herself in this mess, but is far too willing to shift that blame to someone else. The thing that's annoying is that she's threatened to walk away before, and there's an undercurrent of bitterness in her relationship (remember the whole outburst of how Mike is ruining her dream wedding? I do!) that she refuses to acknowledge is there.

It's the refusal that is going to cause Mike and Rachel's relationship to suffer, and we saw glimpses of that in "God's Green Earth," as well. Rachel is conflicted to talk to Mike about her problems and her worries (which is not the place you should be when talking to your fiance about the life decisions he made, but okay), because Mike tells her that he wants them to communicate, but every time she expresses doubt or concern or mentions taking a deal to get out of the mess they're in, he gets a bit miffed. But Rachel gleefully celebrates in the episode when it appears she's off the hook, and won't be getting blackmailed again by the dean... at least not right now.

The final conversation that Rachel has with Scottie, however, is one of the most infuriating in recent memory. First of all, Rachel Zane has this phrase she uses a lot ("I don't understand") which sounds relatively harmless, but comes across as a bit stiff and defensive. Scottie explains to Rachel that even if Mike makes it through the trial, he won't ever practice law again, and he'll have to watch Rachel succeed at the thing he dreams of doing. And when Scottie suggests that Mike might resent her for that, if he's anything like Harvey, Rachel immediately throws up walls and defenses. She tells Scottie that Mike is nothing like Harvey; he'll never be that way. Scottie, you can tell, doesn't believe this for a second, but apologizes anyway. 

Rachel Zane's refusal to see reason and deluded worldview are both infuriating. They cause this once-capable, strong female character to become so absurd that it's hard to imagine how she still functions as an adult with the world of fantasy she's made for herself. I'm sorry, Rachel, but some day when you wake up from this delusion, you'll be able to recognize the fact that Harvey and Mike are extremely similar. If you can't see that NOW though... well, that's kind of sad.


In another story this week, Jessica gets three sub-par applicants from Harvard and Louis freaks out, knowing that Sheila did this to punish him. But when he confronts her about the applications, Sheila points out that she's not withholding — those are the ONLY three candidates who applied to Pearson Specter Litt. And in that moment, you can see Louis' world come crashing down. Because he's always prided himself on working at the best firm in the city, and in being the best lawyer he can be. But in the quest to protect Mike, I don't think Louis thought of what it could cost the firm apart from the obvious. I don't think he realized exactly how much he would be risking for Mike. Jessica, meanwhile, is no less excited about the small pool of candidates but is more realistic and resigned. She had dreams for her firm and she will still do anything to keep it and the people within it safe (even if they don't deserve it). Still, the low-key Jessica Pearson we saw in "God's Green Earth" was a bit sad. We haven't seen much recently about how the trial has affected her, but it's clear that Harvey increasingly spending time on clean-up duty and not name partner duty is taking a toll on Jessica. Apart from being name partners, Jessica and Harvey are friends. And though she will never vocalize it, this is her hour of need too.

Jessica and Louis both realize that the war they're in is just that — a war. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice in battles in order to ensure the larger victory is yours. And what sacrifice do these two make? They open up their firm to other law schools... not just Harvard.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Scottie rehash their break-up for what seems like the millionth time. I can tell you both this: if it really WAS Mike that broke you up, you probably had other problems. Also, how many times do you have to bring it up, Scottie? Is that why you're also in therapy? Though I am no Scottie's biggest fan, this week's use of her was pretty good not only in how limited she was, but how much she's grown. In spite of the fact that Harvey tells Scottie he loves her (kind of? He tells Donna, at least), and would be willing to try and make things work if he survives the trial (metaphorically — hopefully not literally). Scottie, to her credit, doesn't make moon eyes and agree to take him back. The cracks and fissures in their relationship are real and deep, and a few months of therapy won't be enough to solve or even mend them right away. So she walks. And I think that's admirable, because it could have been very easy for her to stay, especially since it's obvious she still cares about Harvey.

But Scottie returning and Donna not knowing how to do something (GASP) aren't the biggest bombshells of "God's Green Earth": the person who found substance in the case against Mike Ross was obviously Anita. But who or what is the substance she found? Donna delivers the bad news — it's Trevor.

Ugh, Suits. We all hate Trevor. Do you hate us too for bringing him back again? Apparently so.

And now, bonus points:
  • I didn't talk about it above, but Jack Solaff approaches Jessica in the episode, trying to get other firms to help them out. Instead, Jack gets offered a job by the other firm and turns it down, choosing to remain loyal to Pearson Specter Litt. Eventually, he wants his name on the wall (I MEAN, REALLY THOUGH, WHO DOESN'T THESE DAYS?!). To prove his allegiance, he hands over whatever thing Daniel Hardman was holding over him. I really hope we know what this is, but I feel like it might be a letdown because this is Suits.
  • "What person under 80 uses that phrase?"
  • It's really hard to believe there is something Donna can't do, but apparently she doesn't know how to do discovery.
  • I'm really confused as to how a U.S. District Attorney doesn't have better things that like, involve national security, to deal with. One lawyer? Really?
What did you all think of "God's Green Earth"? Let me know in the comments or by tweeting me!


  1. This season has been so interesting. We love these characters and yet they are corrupt. They are breaking the law for their own selfish gain and the question is, how far will they go to protect themselves and each other? It is great television.

    I loved seeing Scottie back this week and found it interesting to see that Harvey was so selfless in wanting to leave her out of the legal mess. The Harvey of previous seasons wouldn't have hesitated to use Scottie to manipulate the case. He really is changing.

    Once again, Gabriel nailed it in every scene.

    The Louis and Sheila scenes were great also!

    PS, clearly Donna is awesome at discovery, because she worked out that Trevor is their next problem ;)

  2. Hello, there. Spot on review, as usual! Rachel is working my last nerve, honestly. I do not recognize her at all - the Rachel of the first two seasons and this girl have almost nothing in common. =/

    I have to admit, I thought you'd mention the ginormous hole in the writing that was Harvey suddenly loving Scottie again and him and Donna seemingly completely forgetting everything that happened between 4.15 and 5.10. This is the first time I've felt so undeniably cheated by the writers. They spent almost a year setting up Darvey only to turn around and pretend they never happened and bring Scottie back into existence. There was no point in bringing Scottie back this episode other than to put her back up as a prospective endgame for Harvey.
    I actually feel insulted. Harvey spent the whole of 5.12 looking at Donna with this stoic expression while delivering all those beautiful lines and then this week we saw him welling up while talking to Scottie. He was never so emotional around Scottie. Ever.

    And after two seasons of almost radio silence, Harvey suddenly loves Scottie? And the person he decided to tell this to is Donna? And Donna is acting like it's

    Sorry. That is Grade A Bullshit Writing.

    I knew I should have listened to my cynical side when Donna came back to work for Harvey. I was afraid of this. Afraid of everything going back to normal between them. Afraid of them acting like her reason for leaving doesn't still exist. Afraid of them acting like s2 Darvey - which is absolutely what I just witnessed.

    I've never considered leaving this show before. After this, I think it might be time. Since the Mike fraud story line is apparently coming to a close this season, doesn't look like there's much to look forward to.

    Sorry for the rant. But this site is the only place I come to release my Suits feels...

  3. Hello all! I so so so agree with harumscarum

    I am terribly sorry for the huge rant I am about to write but I feel like here I can let it all out.

    This episode was a load of CRAP. I'm sorry but yeah! I don't understand why people say this is such a well written show because honestly when you read between the lines it is not.

    first of RACHEL: who gets in the limo with Gibbs when you know she will try to get in your head. Like seriously though who? How stupid can you be?! I feel like the writers are purposely making it so that the viewers hate her or something. Poor Meghan Markle.

    2 THE LAW: the amount of legal mistakes in this show is ridiculous. First of all the situation they are in is not even possible in real life. They can just go see that Mike has no underaged anywhere and prove he is a fraud. Louis said that is how he figured out Mike was a fraud. Because he has no undergrad and you need one before law. That's it it would be done!

    3 THE CURSING: I am not a religious person but mad the Goddamn is getting ridiculous. They said it like 8 times in 30 minutes in the last episode. Like Jessica said: ''to get Michael goddamn Ross out of this mess" Really? Really writers? C'mon this is ridiculous. Aaron Korsh says on Twitter that is how he imagines these people talking and that is why he will not change the cursing. Even if fans of the show are saying they are bothered by it a lot. He is such a stubborn and disrespectful person I find from how he is dealing with the requests to stop the use of goddamn.

    4 and this is the worst DARVEY: for the love of God what was the need to bring annoying Scottie back. she was so useless in this episode....same thing as always, her yelling and being mad at Harvey. and now Harvey wants to be with her after he told Donna he loved her and had panic attacks because she left him. Hmmm ok let us forget about that and make stupid Harvey ask Scottie if he can call her after. so technically he prefers Scottie to Donna. Screw you writers.

    This writing is so bad and I am done with this show! Honestly I am! And so many people are saying the same as's getting boring and stupid teh way teh writers are treating the characters.

    I am just going to read Jen's wonderful reviews until the show gets interesting and starts making sense again because anyways her reviews are much better than the episodes.

    That's it I'm done I let my anger out!