Thursday, May 9, 2019

Grey’s Anatomy 15x24 Review: “Drawn to the Blood” (Storm’s A Brewin’) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Drawn to the Blood”
Original Airdate: May 9, 2019

The end of the season is quickly approaching us at rapid speed, as all the season-long storylines take big twists and turns to set up what is sure to be yet another unforgettable Grey’s Anatomy season finale. All of the characters are being forced to face their demons under harrowing circumstances, which start coming to a head in the last ten to fifteen minutes of the penultimate episode. Let’s dive in and see who is on the mend and which characters’ times are quickly running out.


The plot that has had the most impact over the past handful of episodes is Jo’s struggle to accept her beginnings and come to terms with the truths she learned when visiting her birth mother in Pittsburgh. Alex has resorted to sending Meredith to stay with Jo until she finally spills her secret while he stays at Meredith’s house. It takes quite a bit of time, but Meredith eventually gets Jo to open up by saying that she has gone through every bad situation and lived to talk about it. Jo tells Meredith that she could not possibly know what it feels like to be born from rape and know that violence is not only inside you, but your fate.

Meredith gives Jo one of her famous monologues and tells Jo that she is the exact opposite of violence. Mer describes how much balance Jo has brought to the world through all the good she has done in Seattle. Jo understands Meredith’s points more when Meredith opens up and tells her about drowning during the ferry accident back in season three. The two decide that they need to talk to Alex and Bailey, explain Jo’s situation, and get her a proper leave of absence; that way she can get the help that she needs without jeopardizing her career. When they arrive at Grey Sloan, they find a group of doctors surrounding a conference room in which Bailey and Catherine have been all day, which no one takes as a good sign.

Meredith asks DeLuca to wait outside the room with Jo until Bailey is free to talk, while she goes to hunt down Alex. After she leaves, DeLuca is called into the conference room by Bailey, and we learn that the meeting is about Meredith’s insurance fraud from the previous episode. If anyone actually thought that this was going to be a one-time thing and kept a secret, a point is clearly made that the issue will not be resolved quietly or easily.

Bailey and Catherine want DeLuca to tell them exactly what happened, which leads to surprising results. Catherine and DeLuca go to the hypobaric chamber that Meredith and Alex are in (more on that next), and DeLuca tells Meredith through the window that he lied and didn’t tell them that their young patient was uninsured, so he used her daughter’s name on the insurance forms. DeLuca has decided to fall on the sword and turn himself over to the police, much against the wishes of the begging Meredith. This will be very interesting to watch play out in the finale, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen next.


Alex has finally found Gus, the boy with golden blood, a donor and has her flying in from London. However, there is a catch: Francis, the donor, is extremely agoraphobic and refuses to get off the plane after her therapist is detained for an issue with his visa. Schmitt is tasked with picking Francis up and delivering her to the hospital, but she won’t leave without her therapist. Schmitt calls Owen for help, who decides to take matters into his own hands and go to the airport to help. Meanwhile, Gus is getting worse and has a heart attack, while his father slips on some Legos and breaks his coccyx and tears his rectum. Alex takes Gus to the hypobaric chamber to help with his oxygen levels, which is where Meredith finds them.

Owen and Schmitt have a very frank discussion with Francis about fulfilling her promise to donate her blood. Francis is too overcome with fear and explains that anything she does could cause her harm. Eventually, Owen convinces her to get out of the plane by video calling Alex that way Francis and Gus could meet. Gus’ mother speaks for her unconscious son and explains how desperate they are to help him. Francis finally agrees to go to the hospital after Owen tells her that he will protect her from any harm that will come her way. Owen, Schmitt, and Francis start making the drive to the hospital, but get postponed by a nasty fog that has settled over the city and is making it impossible to see. Out of nowhere, a massive multi-car pileup starts to occur around them, leaving the group stranded and at risk in the middle of a highway.


The mystery of who Owen loves will have to wait for the finale because he didn’t have any time to speak to anyone other than Schmitt and Francis. That doesn’t mean the two women in question couldn’t start to make their intentions clear. Teddy and Tom begin the episode looking at cribs for the unborn baby online, but Teddy is being strangely uncommitted to everything he suggests. She goes on to help both Gus and Kari, the paralyzed woman being treated with stem cells following a snowmobile accident. Teddy’s feelings become more open and apparent when Kari tells Toby how much she loves them and accepts who they are unconditionally. She further opens up with Gus’ mothers’ pleas to Francis to save her son.

Meanwhile, Amelia and Link reach a new step in their relationship when they wake up in the same bed. Amelia is freaked out since they haven’t spent the full night with each other before and subconsciously realizes their relationship is becoming realer than she intended. When Owen gets called to help Francis, Amelia wants to take Leo home to Owen’s house since the baby is suffering from a cold. On her way out the door, she is confronted by Link, who wants to know whether Owen is her past or future. He realizes that he might be getting strung along and doesn’t want that to happen, given he has started having feelings for Amelia.

Amelia doesn’t know how to respond and asks Link to give her some time to think about it. While at Owen’s house, Amelia hears a knock on the door and finds Teddy on the other side. Teddy asks Amelia if she still loves Owen or if they are totally over and finally confesses her own love for Owen. Teddy wants to take a shot in the dark and tell Owen how she really feels and gets Amelia’s blessing right before her water breaks. The two doctors and Leo start making their way towards the hospital, only to be caught in the fog too.


Maggie makes good on her promise to let Jackson take her camping, but the results are mixed. While she likes feeling relaxed, Maggie finds herself hating the great outdoors after getting stung by a bee and twisting her ankle while running away from said bee. This is the comic relief section of the episode, but it turns grim quickly when Jackson sees that Maggie has countless texts from Alex about Gus and his condition. Jackson and Maggie know that they are needed back at Grey Sloan and start packing up their gear, only to be interrupted by a text from Teddy saying that her water broke. Maggie is now the only cardiothoracic surgeon that can help Gus, so Jackson suggests that they leave all their possessions in the tent and come back for them later. As they unzip their tent, the sky opens up and it starts pouring on them. They appear to be stuck in their current position while they are very sorely needed at the hospital.


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