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Grey’s Anatomy 15x23 Review: “What I Did For Love” (Facing the Music) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“What I Did For Love”
Original Airdate: May 2, 2019

After a week off, Grey’s Anatomy returns with a special two-part crossover with spin-off series Station 19, though only the Grey’s Anatomy hour was a true crossover. Most of the event focuses on Seattle Fire Department Chief Lucas Ripley being treated by Maggie after collapsing outside of a flower shop. In other storylines, Meredith creates a problem, while Alex is left cleaning up her and Jo’s messes. And, with love very much in the air, all of the couples face challenges.


The action of the episode begins as several doctors prepare for an incoming trauma. They are surprised to see intern Schmitt pop out of the ambulance and describe what happened to his John Doe patient. In case you missed the previous episode of Station 19, Schmitt was at the same flower shop as Ripley and found the fire chief facedown and unresponsive on the sidewalk. Bailey recognizes Ripley, and everyone, especially Schmitt, is surprised at who they are treating. Maggie is called in to help out and discovers that Ripley has an unnamed underlying heart condition that caused him to pass out.

Of course, Ripley is a terrible patient and constantly tries to convince Maggie and Station 19’s Captain Sullivan, Andy Herrera, and Ben Warren that he is fine enough to leave the hospital for a little while. While they all feel bad that he wants to go accept Victoria Hughes’ marriage proposal, Maggie explains that he isn’t stable enough to leave and she needs to get his test results back to see if anything else is wrong. The trio of firefighters eventually get kicked out, which leaves Maggie and Ripley alone for some unexpected bonding time. Ripley tells her about Hughes and how he regrets not saying yes to her proposal right away. Maggie then tells him about her lack of commitment to moving in with Jackson. Ripley convinces Maggie that if she really loves Jackson, she already knows the right choice to make.

Apparently that’s all Maggie needs to hear because she runs off to tell Jackson the good news. She almost ruins the moment by telling him that he should have said, “Would you consider moving in with me?” since she is a scientist and likes to weigh and measure the pros and cons of every situation. Maggie has Jackson promise that he will love her even with all of her science quirks, and the two agree to move in together. Maggie gets Ripley’s test results and goes to check on him, only to find his bed empty. She alerts the other firefighters that they need to find him and get him back to the hospital immediately because he has low calcium levels, indicating hydrofluoric acid poisoning from the coffee brewery explosion.

The Station 19 hour sees Sullivan, Andy, and Ben trying to get a hold of both Ripley and Hughes, while going to Hughes’ location since they expect Ripley to be wherever she is. While en route to Hughes, Sullivan gets Ripley on the phone and tells him the bad news. Ripley gets himself to Seattle Presbyterian Hospital and has them call Maggie, who is the only Grey’s character to cross over. The trio eventually finds and brings Hughes to Ripley, who accepts her proposal before succumbing to the hydrofluoric acid poisoning. It’s a pretty sad outcome considering Ripley was a great addition to the regular Station 19 cast. He will be missed.


Back at Grey-Sloan, Alex has a new patient: a young girl suffering from a bowel obstruction. The girl and her father are refugees seeking asylum and tell a very timely story of being separated at the border. Alex brings Meredith in for a consult, and they learn that the father doesn’t have health insurance. Both doctors assure the father that they will figure something out and have DeLuca help him fill out a state aid form in hopes of getting the family temporary insurance. The girl’s MRI scan reveals that she has a mass in her intestine which will need to be surgically removed. The father quickly learns that he isn’t eligible for state aid because he makes too much money at his job, yet not enough to qualify for normal insurance. Meredith is very upset that the system is failing good people and takes matters into her own hands by committing insurance fraud to get the girl the surgery she needs.

Richard sees Meredith’s daughter Ellis’ name on the operating schedule and rushes to find out what happened, only to discover Meredith’s lie. He can’t believe that she would risk her medical license and potential jail time, but she argues that she can’t stand by and do nothing. After the surgery, Meredith is summoned to Richard’s office. He tells her that, against his best instincts, the best thing to do now is to further the lie by falsifying records to make the girl look sicker on paper. If they keep her in the hospital for at least 30 days, then state aid automatically kicks in. Meredith decides to roll with it, so this should be a storyline that continues to play out through the finale.


After a rocky few weeks, Jo shows up to work in a pretty chipper mood. Her sole job of the day is to watch Gus, the autistic boy with golden blood. A call from a hospital in Winnipeg boosts Jo’s spirits further when she learns that they have a golden blood patient too. The woman on the phone was calling for Alex, so Jo hangs up to find him. On her way, she bumps into Gus’ mom and tells her that they might finally have a donor. The mother is overjoyed at the news, and Jo couldn’t be in a better mood.

Alex is very happy to hear that Gus can finally get his blood transfusion and tells Jo to call the Winnipeg hospital to confirm and tell them to send blood immediately. The call doesn’t go as Jo planned, since she finds out that they were calling to see if Gus could donate blood; their patient had an accident and needs surgery. Jo is devastated that Gus isn’t getting the blood and that she told his mother he was. Jo runs into Ben in the hallway and has a mini-meltdown before finding Teddy and starting the process over. Teddy offers to help Jo tell the family that a simple misunderstanding happened, but Jo wants to do it on her own.

At the same time, Ben and Teddy go to Bailey’s office to warn her about Jo who, in turn, talks to Alex. Bailey and Alex get to Gus’ room right after Jo tells the mother what happened, and they find Jo uncontrollably sobbing. Alex has a conversation with Bailey about not knowing how to deal with Jo, who is beyond a hot mess at this point. Jo needs to start to talk about meeting her birth mother before she loses her job and husband.


It’s time for the weekly love pentagon update! Owen finds out that Amelia is seeing Link, and he isn’t happy about it. He tries to talk her out of it, but Amelia puts Owen in his place by saying he doesn’t get to have an opinion on her life anymore. Owen’s less happy to see Tom and Teddy moving forward with their home search and the knowledge that Tom cancelled his Baltimore trip to be there for the birth of the baby. Tom buys Teddy her dream apartment and the two continue to be going strong. Owen is continuing his therapy sessions and admits they are working. He tells his therapist he feels clearer than ever and is ready to tell her that he loves her.

Of course, we don’t get to find out whether “her” is Teddy or Amelia, but since the episode leads the viewers to believe Owen still has feelings for Amelia, it’s probably a bait and switch and he will profess his love for Teddy.


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