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Blindspot 4x11 Review: "Careless Whisper" (Super Fan) [Contributor: Jen]

"Careless Whisper"
Original Airdate: February 1, 2019

A crime novelist uses Team Blindspot for inspiration, but needs the real team to solve his murder.


Winston Pear is a famous crime novelist who decided to use Jane's story and the team as the inspiration for his new crime novel. His writing talent is debatable, although Kurt Weller is a big fan, but his focus for the new book is intriguing enough to get him killed. Pear was writing about the New York Ripper — someone Team Blindspot has never heard of. Pear had a lot of behind-the-scenes information on the team in his book, and they realize there's a leak in the FBI.

Enter Brianna, an FBI employee we've never met but who has enough personal information on Team Blindspot to play snitch to Pear. Brianna insists the New York Ripper was based on a real person. Pear discovered the murderer's identity and was killed by the Ripper. The team reviews the author's  research and clues. They realize the seemingly disconnected cases are connected after all.

The Ripper has a background in law enforcement and medicine based on the evidence, which initially leads the team to same person Pear suspected: Gerald Savitt. However, Savitt has an alibi for all the murders. It's then Patterson realizes they are operating from the same bias Pear was — all killers are male. Savitt has a step-sister named Iris Bricklemyer. Isn't that a great name? Iris is also a police officer and created dioramas with dead mice. (There is not enough yuck in the world...) The dioramas require skill with a hobby knife and surgical precious like a scalpel would. Furthermore, the victims are posed just like Iris posed her rats. So much yuck.

Unfortunately, the team identifies the Ripper too late. She's already at the crime scene as an officer and she kidnaps Jane, who has gone blind — a symptom of her worsening Zip poisoning.

It leads to a fairly cool fight between the Ripper and a blind Jane. What's interesting about Jane is she used to work purely from muscle memory, but now that she remembers everything. All of Remi's training, lessons, and previous experiences are informing Jane's abilities. It seems to make her a better fighter and, most importantly, one who can still come out on top even without her eyesight.


The best part of "Careless Whisper" is watching the team play Pear's over-the-top versions of their characters. Pear's information on the team isn't exactly accurate. Rich is married and cheating on his wife with Patterson. Jane's headaches are because she's psychic. Kurt's "billowing biceps are threatening to rip rough his shirt." No, wait. That one's accurate.

It's an extremely fun way of exploring storylines Blindspot has zero intention of following through on (like Rich and Patterson) while giving fans a hilarious glimpse into the possibility. Rich and Patterson may be the best wife and husband team up next to Jeller, but they remain platonic coworkers. I'm good with Rich and Patterson as is, but if Blindspot were to ever go there, you wouldn't hear me complain. I've always been low-key annoyed all six Friends didn't pair off into romantic couples (Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, and Joey and Phoebe), so feel free to be my second chance, Blindspot.

Back on Zapata's show: Reade has sent her back undercover to meet up with the hacker Del Toro. Unfortunately, the CIA kidnaps her just before the meet because of course they do. Madeleine sends one of her right-hand soldiers, Dominic Masters, to free Zapata from her CIA captors. Why does everything with Zapata feel like a waste of time? Why even kidnap her if she's just going to be freed a hot second later? I swear, this show gives me a headache.

It feels late in the game to be meeting a new player. Dominic Masters is played by Chaske Spencer, who was Sam Uley in the Twilight series. Yes, those movies. He feels important, which in Blindspot's world could mean crucial for a couple of episodes and then he's killed off unceremoniously. He's cute, at least. I'd be okay with a love triangle, but I highly doubt we have time for that.

Zapata fails to connect with Del Toro, but she lies to Dominic and tells him the hacker has agreed to the job. She didn't really have much choice. If Tasha showed up empty-handed then Madeleine would kill her. But now she needs to find a hacker, which won't be hard. There's two on Team Blindspot.

Zapata is the only team member who is not included in Pear's book because she was too combustible. The author couldn't envision a happy ending for her, according Brianna. Uhhh... since when? I know Blindspot is trying to keep the inevitable happy ending they are writing a secret, but the more they keep telling me Tasha will never have one (and, by default, Reade) the less I believe them.


Now that Jane is no longer evil, we get to enjoy some quality happily married Jeller moments. Jane lets the cat out of the bag and tells everyone how Kurt read two of Pear's books on their honeymoon. She teases him relentlessly through the episode over his terrible taste in authors to fanboy over and it's glorious. Kurt is adamant he only read Pear's books on the plane during their honeymoon. Kurt Weller's sexual magnetism will not be in question. He won't stand for it. Not even for a minute. Bonus? Jane is pregnant in Winston Pear's book, so it's obviously non-fiction.

It would all be perfect if Jane wasn't dying from Zip poisoning. Going blind is a rather alarming symptom, particularly when in the presence of a serial killer. And then of course there was the grand mal seizure. Kurt and Jane put on a brave face, but it is obvious both are terrified. Jane is deteriorating rapidly and they aren't any closer to finding a cure.

Patterson and Rich are forced to tell Kurt Jane only has days to live after hearing about her worsening symptoms. Kurt Weller, wall of strength, finally crumbles into Patterson's arms and lets the grief he's been keeping at bay flood in. Sometimes crying is the only strong thing left to do.

So... can we just stop killing Jane every week? It's hurting my delicious mancake Kurt, and IT MUST STOP NOW. Someone inject her with these stem cells and let's move on to the (real) baby making. Please and thank you.

Stray Thoughts:

  • "I might be a super fan." I need that GIF.
  • "Isn't death goals the obvious joke?" No one can out Rich Rich.
  • A guy has a history of mutilating animals and he gets into the police academy? Not good!
  • Maybe Jane shouldn't be in the field while her brain is melting. Just thinking outside the box.


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