Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Younger 5x06 Recap: “Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll” (Shelter Island Secrets) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll”
Original Airdate: July 17, 2018

Maggie is chosen for the Superbowl of the art world at the Whitney, Diana is bringing her blue-collar fella to a black-tie event supporting Maggie and the rest of the artists chosen, Charles is still cold and this time literally running away from communicating with Liza and anything that requires work, Kelsey feels guilt for dating two men at the same time, Josh is still in love with Liza, and Liza saves the day! So... let’s dive into this week's Younger.

When Maggie is selected as an elite artist showing her work at the Whitney, she finally gets the shine and storyline she deserves. It feels good to see Maggie’s work finally get more screentime; I feel like we have been waiting for this moment. Apparently, Maggie is too because when she tears up talking about it finally being her time, I felt that with every fiber of my being. Her art ends up catching the eyes of art-buying couple Penelope and Luca. Here’s to hoping this new fetish is lucrative!

Diana and her man, Enzo, are getting serious. I really like this guy for Diana — he doesn’t let her control everything or walk all over him. He also allows her to still be herself, but treats her well, introduces her to different things, and brings out her softer side. The best part in this storyline was when she thought he lived alone and had a maid, but it turned out to be his mom! Diana didn’t take it lying down though when mama was degrading her, though; she stood her ground — in Italian, at that! No surprise there that Diana is fluent in Italian and can handle herself. I am however curious to see if she will continue to date Enzo, seeing as he still lives at home.

Jake gets a good cop/bad cop call from Zane and Kelsey asking for more from the first chapter of his book. Jake’s ego is bruised, but Kelsey tries to smooth it over by being direct about exactly what he needs to change. They need humor and scandal — and Jake needs to provide that to his editors if he wants this book to be a success. Zane sees the way Jake looks at Kelsey but ignores it because they are sleeping together and he thinks he knows her type. He should’ve leaned into his first instincts. Kelsey feels bad about double dipping, but Lauren tells her men do this all the time, so she should relax and enjoy the two men until she figures out what she wants. Preach, Lauren, preach! In the midst of this little moment between Kelsey and Lauren, Josh asks where Liza is... and he doesn’t like Kelsey’s reply about her being on Shelter Island with Charles. Josh is still more than head over heels in love with Liza and something tells me the show's original love triangle will be back before too long!

Charles heads to Shelter Island to personally wrangle Chrissie (one of Emperial's authors) into giving them her memoir. Chrissie lures Charles there under the guise that she wants her book to be picked up by the man who signed her. When Charles informs Diana that he has yet to go get the book, she sends Liza to go after him. As soon as Liza arrives, Chrissie is upset because — of course — she asked Charles there so she could seduce him.

Chrissie is a little bit of a wild child (even as an adult) though. After Chrissie passes out from drinking too much, Liza and Charles — too drunk themselves and forced to spend the night in Chrissie's home — have a moment. Liza asks Charles point blank when he will talk to and trust her again. Charles keeps silent and avoids answering her question. He leaves the home before Liza wakes up, which strands her alone with Chrissie. Sadly this is on-brand for angry Charles. Again, he has got to be an adult and grow up soon. Good thing Chrissie really connects with the real Liza and she gets her to release her memoir. Liza boldly drops the draft on Charles’s desk, and when he asks how she got it, she snaps: “I didn’t run away.”

Tell me your thoughts! What did you like about the episode? Are you over Charles and his childish behavior? Can Kelsey keep juggling two men? Will Josh tell Liza that he’s still in love with her? Will Maggie find success now? Until next week!


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