Friday, July 13, 2018

Younger 5x05 Recap: “Big Little Liza” (Always Change the Narrative) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“Big Little Liza”
Original Airdate: July 10, 2018

Caitlin is breadfacing, Josh needs to decide if NYC is the place for him long-term, Don outs Liza in a huge Vanity Fair article and Kelsey likes her new author client, Jake. Let’s go deeper, shall we?

In the middle of Caitlin doing some weird things to bread for money, Liza goes out with Don on an icy night. While bonding over a story about his child, she slips, falls, and loses both her IDs in the chaos. While she should’ve been treated for a concussion, instead she spends the rest of her evening explaining why she has two IDs and why she’s been lying about her age. Being far too trusting of Don — who has proven to do anything for a story — is Liza’s biggest downfall. Don pretends to understand her reasoning behind lying, so maybe that is why she chooses to confide in him instead of just making up a story about the IDs.

Either way, she tells yet another person her secret, and this cannot last much longer. Elsewhere, Lauren has a big event that is helped put on her by her new and gender-queer assistant, Tam, who basically thinks she’s old. It’s an interesting dynamic seeing Lauren as a boss but also still very much wanting to be accepted by everyone.

Josh calls Liza after telling his landlord he will have a decision about renewing the lease. While a 6-year lease is very aggressive, Josh is in a state of uncertainty. He was going to marry Liza and that ended. He did marry Claire and now that’s over too. Josh feels like he has nothing left, and maybe a fresh start in a new city would be good. I actually would like to see Josh go on a pilgrimage to find himself, away from seeking his identity in the women he dates. Liza, of course, convinces him to stay because the tattoo shop is his life. But seeing other parts of the world and tattooing there isn’t a bad idea either, Liza. Ultimately Josh chooses to stay and you can see a reconciliation of some kind is likely in the future for Josh and Liza.

After Liza gets ghosted by Don, what we know is going to happen, does and Liza is blindsided with a phone call from a fact checker at Vanity Fair, wanting to confirm her age. She asks who the author of this article could be and — unsurprisingly! — it is Don. We all saw that one coming, right? Liza is furious but can’t even manage her anger at the moment since she is late for a meeting with Reese Witherspoon’s team.

Liza fills Kelsey in on what happened, and she is upset that Liza didn’t lie to Don in the first place. When the two women arrive at Reese’s office, they are met with even more opposition. The fact checker has contacted them and Liza comes up with an on-the-fly (and pretty genius) response, claiming she is age-queer and essentially says that age doesn’t matter and no one should be penalized for their success based on age. Kelsey goes along with Liza's story and that makes Vanity Fair call off the fact checker — and the article itself. (Turns out, Liza began a social media craze when she made up some terminology to define herself!) When Liza confronts Don about the whole scenario, she realizes what we have all known this entire time: Don is an jerk, and he can’t find work because of this very reason.

Tell me your thoughts. What did you like about the episode? Liza may be in the clear for this episode, but her world will soon explode and she may need to walk away from her job. Do you think Josh staying is a good idea?  Will Kelsey stop dating co-workers and clients? Where was Charles this entire episode? Guess we will just have to wait and see which of our questions get answered and how the story unfolds, next week on Younger!


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