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Younger 5x02 Recap: “A Titanic Problem” (Rollercoaster) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“A Titanic Problem”
Original Airdate: June 12, 2018

Welcome back to your favorite Younger recap! Ready to dive in? Good!

This episode picked back up with Charles obsessing over the files that Edward gave him about Liza. All episode was focused heavily on Charles as he processed being lied to for years by Liza. Charles, giving us very much a two-sided conundrum, is professionally struggling from the hit on Empirical’s finances due to Edward’s sexual harassment revelations. Personally, he obviously loves Liza (and finally admits it this episode, eek!), but is having a hard time reconciling being fooled and foolish.

While he processes this professional and personal struggle with Liza, Pauline is at home hoping to reconcile with him as husband and wife. Charles avoids giving her an answer all episode, because he is still trying to sort out his feelings for Liza. He looks for clues as to how he could’ve missed this and without stating names, confides in his lawyer and friend, who — unbeknownst to him — also knows Liza. Charles’s attorney advises him to try to avoid this mystery woman at all costs.

Instead of fully focusing on the current demise of the Edward L.L. Moore brand, Liza and Kelsey get a welcomed distraction when Marriage Vacation is selected by Reese Witherspoon for her monthly book club. Historically, those books go on to become huge bestsellers, so this news couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Liza slides into Reese’s DM to propose a film adaptation with Reese portraying Pauline. And during the staff meeting, Reese responds to Liza, and a meeting is arranged. During the meeting, Reese’s people say they’d love to do a film. Pauline is incredibly shocked and offers to take the girls out to celebrate. Liza goes back inside and pitches an even better, long-term incubator deal to Reese’s team and they are immediately intrigued.

Liza, understandably thrilled about this new lucrative deal she just proposed to Reese’s team, goes back to the office to give Charles a heads up. The lengths that Charles goes to in an attempt to avoid Liza are both ridiculous and rude, especially in a work environment. Charles lets his heart do the work instead of his head and tells Reese’s team that he has to think about this deal. Liza's hand-delivered a monetary godsend in the wake of their financial woes, and Charles couldn’t look beyond his current knowledge of her double life to see the value and worth in it.

Meanwhile, Josh and Liza have an awkward run-in at his apartment, where Josh is awaiting the arrival of his new bride. However, later we find out she isn’t coming and truly only got married for the opportunity to live in the States — not for love. Josh is feeling broken and finds comfort in Liza. He probably should stay single for a while, and figure out who he is and — ultimately — a bit more about what he wants out of life.

After Diana puts things into financial perspective for Charles, he publicly agrees to the deal with Reese’s team at the Marriage Vacation book release party, stating he has no other choice when asked by Liza what changed his mind. Charles also makes a decision about Pauline and decides they need to proceed with a divorce. Professionally this was the greatest night of Pauline’s life; but personally, all of her hopes of having her family together again are crushed.

This season of Younger so far is moving at a much slower pace than I would like it to be. While this episode did show some career growth for Lisa, it never directly addressed the aftermath of Charles finding out Liza’s secret. I was hoping they would use this episode to have them talk directly and give Liza a chance to explain herself. Instead, "A Titanic Problem" danced around the actual problem, and Charles spoke largely in metaphors — when he wasn’t avoiding direct eye contact.

Also, I need more of a storyline for Maggie, apart from just being a part of the tour bus scam. And Lauren needs help with her PR firm and that film she designed! I am looking forward to seeing Maggie and Josh develop a real friendship outside of Liza (per the trailer) and for Lauren to really make her mark in the industry. Also, Zane needs a client and not be so prideful when Kelsey is trying to help him by letting him consult on Millennial books.

What did you like about the episode? What did you dislike? I feel like Charles’s decision to divorce Pauline was clear as day. He never really allowed space for her back in his heart and if Pauline was honest with herself, she knew that. Does Josh need to be in a relationship right now?  Will Charles ever confront Liza for lying? Guess we will just have to wait and see next week on Younger!

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