Friday, June 8, 2018

Younger 5x01 Recap: “LizaToo” (A Hit Dog Will Holler) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

Original Airdate: June 5, 2018

It’s season five, y'all! Woo-hoo! Our favorite publishing gurus are back to bring the secrets, love, and corporate drama just in time for summer. I, for one, have been waiting for this new season ever since the season four finale, so let’s dive right into what Liza and co. are up to!

This season’s premiere episode of Younger picks up right where we left off. Liza — fresh off the plane from Josh and Claire’s slightly-fraudulent and slightly-real nuptials — runs into Kelsey on her way to the office. Kelsey tells her point blank that if anyone can convince Josh that this marriage is a mistake, it is her. Now my only question is this: is Liza really in a position to tell Josh this? They are friends and lovers at the core of it, and Liza knows Josh’s heart better than anyone. However, Liza has made some pretty colossal mistakes since they’ve met and Josh needs to make some of his own. It’s a balance between not wanting your friends to make the same mistakes you did, but also listening enough to know when they are or are not ready and willing to receive that advice.

At the office, Charles calls Liza into his office to ask, albeit very vaguely, if anything in the office has made her uncomfortable. Liza — thinking that he is referring to them — FINALLY confesses her feelings to Charles. Charles, seemingly delighted (he was super hard to read to me at that moment), in turn confesses he is talking about a specific case... and that case is Edward L.L. Moore. Apparently, Moore has been a pervy thorn in Empirical’s side since the moment he signed with them. The only thing is, like most of corporate America before the #MeToo movement, a blind eye was turned since he was garnering the company buckets of money. Someone however has submitted an anonymous complaint on a message board about Moore and an HR investigation and training ensues as a result.

Before the mandatory workplace etiquette training begins, Liza — always hiding from her past and present simultaneously — runs into Caitlin’s roommate’s father on an errand for Diana. Turns out he is the corporate bigwig that Empirical hired to be the legal consultant for the aforementioned training on sexual harassment. A panicked Liza tells Kelsey what is happening, and the young woman tells Liza to duck out of the meeting. Diana follows Liza to her bathroom stall. Thinking that Liza was triggered by something said in the meeting, she goes off on a tangent which — per usual — isn’t actually warranted or effective.

In preparation for Moore's latest book announcement and release, Liza has to suit up once again as Princess Pam-Pam. After talking to the other Princess Pam-Pams for the day, the women realize that they all have similar stories about Moore’s sexual harassment. Liza immediately voices all concerns and encounters on behalf of all the Princess Pam-Pams to Charles. In the right move, Charles stops the big announcement mid-event and decides to put a pause on Edward’s new book.

While Empirical tries to sort out what to do in this situation with Moore, the author himself reaches out to Charles and says they need to meet at the office as soon as possible because he has new. When they meet, Edward claims that Liza cannot be trusted with her claims of sexual harassment because (gasps!) she is a fraud and has been lying about her age and life this entire time. Charles is understandably shook, as he is presented with evidence of Liza's real age.

Meanwhile, the less exciting parts of the episode for me were the interactions with Kelsey and Zane. While Zane takes Kelsey for drinks to see how they can work together more effectively, I just need more from them. All last season we saw them at odds, and I need something fresh this season! I will also say Charles’s lack of communication with Kelsey about her imprint is beyond annoying and unprofessional. So I hope he finds the balance in managing both rising stars while remembering his already established relationship with Kelsey.

Also, can’t wait to see what additional successes and strains Marriage Vacation will bring to the love triangle of Liza, Charles, and Pauline. Definitely cannot wait for Josh’s return and I always need more of Maggie’s gut-punching honesty!

What did you like about the premiere? What did you dislike? I feel like that shocker was a long time coming and a good end to a slower premiere episode. What are you looking forward to overall in season five? Also, based on previews, is Diana going to get another hook-up this season?! Will Maggie and Josh become new BFFs? Will Charles forgive Liza for lying? Also, we need more Lauren!

Guess we will just have to wait and see what’s in store for our faves on this season of Younger!


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