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Younger 4x10 Recap: “A Novel Marriage” (One Last Shot) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“A Novel Marriage”
Original Airdate: August 30, 2017

This week’s episode of Younger focused on some complicated relationships. At Empirical, our favorite editors release the “Marriage Vacation” press release and virtually every media outlet is covering it. In attempt to give the masses what they want, the team strategizes and decides to see if they can push the book up to a summer release. Charles says this could work if he sees more notes, so Liza and Pauline have to make that happen ASAP.

Diana pulls Liza to the side and compliments her on her newfound focus on work. She points out that Liza's been boy crazy since she started working at Empirical, and now it is good to see her focus on work. Pauline, Liza, and Charles are about to meet about the first five chapters, it’s awkward and Pauline finally admits that she is putting him and the fictional character on a pedestal. This is the first I think Charles has heard that she really did write this book with the intention of getting her family back.

Meanwhile, Lauren has somehow gained exclusive access to the all women’s club, called The Nest. She invites Kelsey to a networking night for non-members.

Elsewhere, Clare is trying to make sure that Josh's friends like her because she wants them to work out. This relationship seems super fast, and a little out of place in attempt to keep Josh’s character around. I like Josh and would love to see his growth outside of a woman and a relationship. I also am wary of him being completely over Liza right now and Clare being a rebound-turned-attachment too soon. Later on, Clare blows off Josh and he goes to the bar to find out why. She tells him that her internship will unfortunately not turn into a full-time job (which means no work visa) and she has one week before she must return to Ireland.

At Diana’s humble abode, Ethan still lives with them, and — surprise — has a bunch of friends over! Diana is less than thrilled and over his unwelcomed stay.

So The Nest — which Pauline joins after Kelsey convinced her and Liza to neglect their book edits — is a high-society ladies night extravaganza. Kelsey is disappointed, though. She wants more networking opportunities out of their visit since she is trying aggressively climb the corporate ladder. She eventually gets her wish by meeting a woman who works at Good Morning America. The woman knows “Marriage Vacation” is getting good buzz and she wants to grab dinner and chat about getting the book on the show. Feeling alive, Kelsey's night is made! But when Kelsey returns the next night to The Nest, Lauren is avoiding her. After following her into the bathroom, Lauren confesses that she has been fired and has been living at The Nest. She doesn’t want to leave The Nest until she makes enough PR contacts to start her own firm. While Kelsey supports going out on her own, she realistically tells her that she cannot keep sleeping there, and offers her a space in the apartment she shares with Josh.

The night at The Nest was sponsored by Pinx, which happens to be a brand owned by an old college friend of Pauline’s named Louise. When she sees Pauline, she is thrilled, while Pauline is a little bit nervous, considering she created a character in her book based off of her friend. Louise, wanting to know more about this book, offers to have Pauline over the next night to her cocktail party and decides to make her book the focal point of the night! Pauline talks Liza into going as her one friend, but the reality is that this is too close for comfort for Liza. Pauline lets it slip that Charles was going to take Liza off the book. Pauline is clearly a bit clueless as to why, but Liza can guess.

Maggie reminds Liza that while she and Pauline are getting close, she still loves her husband. At the cocktail soiree, Pauline does not fit in with her old friends... and that is freeing to her. Pauline is no longer is suffocating and waiting for approval from these women, and Liza tells her to appreciate this moment and her growth. In this moment of excitement, Pauline says that she might be moving back in with Charles and the girls.

Liza takes a beat after Pauline’s shocking confession and ends up running into Jay at the party. Jay lets Liza know that he is still interested and Liza says she thinks he is terrific. Even though she said this, she gets distracted by Charles and goes to the balcony to talk to him. Charles is smoking, which Liza has never seen, and he confides that he only does it when he is stressed. Liza asks him about Pauline’s bombshells: being taken off the project and her moving back in. Charles says that he doesn’t want to give up on them and wants Liza to reconsider staying on the book. Liza, keeping the professional aspect in check, says she wants everyone to be successful — and “Marriage Vacation” can spearhead that success, not just for the company but for her, personally. Charles looks at Liza with finality in his eyes, and you know that moment he has given up, and a shift has come.

Pauline says a few words at the party — thanking Charles of course. And when things don’t get awkward enough, Liza runs into Rose’s (her daughter’s college best friend) parents. Jay, knowing her truth and her secret, just so happens to know the parents as well, and distracts them by telling them that he and Liza are dating and they need to head to dinner. Charles watches Liza and Jay leave hand in hand and you can tell he is disappointed. After dinner, Liza feels free. She enjoys being able to go out with a man who knows her full truth and she can be her absolute self with. She and Jay share a goodnight kiss and this could be the start of something... if she ever fully gets over Charles.

Does Pauline truly not see the chemistry between Liza and Charles? Are Liza and Charles really done? Will Jay ever truly have a chance with Liza? Can Lauren bounce back from this setback? Will Diana finally realize just how inconsiderate Richard truly is? Until next week! Share your thoughts below!


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