Sunday, April 16, 2017

Scorpion 3x21 Review: “Rock Block” (I'm Gonna Kick Both of You in Your Asteroidal States) [Guest Poster: Yasmine]

“Rock Block”
Original Airdate: April 10, 2017

Sometimes being a little too smart for your own good is actually a thing, and Team Scorpion has to learn that the hard way during this week’s case. In the middle of preparing for the big Quinn/Curtis wedding, the team takes on a small six-figure job in the Hechnian Republic to pick up a space capsule carrying an asteroid the Republic had harvested, and which is threatening to crash land in twenty hours.

Getting the capsule back to Earth safely was the easy part of the job, with some of what they dubbed their craziest ideas yet. But when they open it and look at the asteroid, the team immediately pick up on something not okay with it. Toby suggests running a test on it to make sure it is safe. The President of the Hechnian Republic agrees, but the General — the man really running things — doesn’t seem too eager. He wants to announce to the world their achievement without any delays. The team promises it would be quick, and they are allowed to proceed.

Unfortunately for the team and for the Hechnians, the tests prove that the asteroid is carrying DNA strands of unknown pathogens and opening it would expose the world to diseases no one has the cure for. The answer seems simple enough: do not open it. Unfortunately for the team, the General has other plans and sends them away. But with the help of the President (a scientist himself) and his assistant, the team manages to escape assassination and are given a chance to covertly find a way to neutralize the threat. The team burns down the space rock with some help from Cabe and Allie back in the garage, but that doesn’t mean they get to go back home safely. It all comes down to Sylvester, this season’s real hero, who saves the day once again.

Sly uses his newly found diplomatic skills, proving once again that he is the one character who has grown the most since we first met them, and brokers a deal with the General and Hechnian Republic, saving their lives and saving the day — and saving the Hechnians space program. Not a bad day for the kid.

And Sly’s big political moment could not have come at a better time. Back at the garage, Allie shows up with some interesting news: She has incriminating evidence against Patel, proving he took bribes, and is on her way to expose him. This means Sly can be sworn in as Alderman within 48 hours. That’s great news for Sylvester, obviously, who has proven he is more than capable of taking up this position. And it is also great news for Cabe, who is obviously not over Allie (who, in turn, is still very much in love with Cabe).

As for the wedding prep, Toby and Happy are supposedly doing their venue vetting, which is a very exhausting task... or so they claim. The happy couple had been exploiting this to spend time getting pampered at spas and avoiding the actual vetting process, leaving most of the actual wedding planning work to the rest of the team — mainly Paige. The Best Ma’am, however, finds out about their little lie and instead of making them stop, she wants a bribe — and wants in on their little secret. This whole wedding planning thing is actually quite fun to watch. There is no team less qualified to plan a wedding, but they’re making the whole thing even more fun and bringing them, in a weird way, closer.

Walter is also trying his best to be an active and productive member of this wedding planning team. But when he reads the statistics on divorce rate, Walt’s reaction is to book lectures and appointments for Toby and Happy with marital consultants, financial consultants, etc. And yes, that is highly inappropriate and quite unconventional, and the others are sort of appalled by his actions, but that’s not how I see it. From where Walter is standing, this statistic is scary because it means it could happen to his friends, to people he loves, and it is his way of saying he would hate for that to happen to them. Yes, what he does is highly inappropriate, but this is still Walter, and he still suffers with his emotional intelligence. So while other may frown upon his actions, it actually says a lot about his emotional growth. This is the same Walter who did not even want those two to start dating to protect his company, and now he is scared that their relationship might fail. True his methods are not acceptable, but his intentions are pure and sweet and show so much growth on his end. He may not know how to express it properly yet, but this is Walter telling his friends he loves them and wants them to succeed and wants their marriage to succeed. He still has a long way, but he is on the right path, and fortunately, he’s got Paige by his side. Literally.

After some guiding advice from Paige, Walter focuses on finding the perfect wedding song for the couple and, oddly enough, he does. He finds a song that would appeal to both the medical background of Toby and the mechanical background of Happy. And to test the song’s dancing potential, the episode ends with Walter and Paige dancing cheek to cheek to “Dry Bones.”

It was another highly entertaining Scorpion episode, with little nuggets of character development for Sly and Walter, and a glimmer of hope for Waige fans.


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