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Grimm 6x13 Review: “The End” (Everything Has A Beginning And An End) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

“The End”
Original Airdate: March 31, 2017

“Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

After six seasons of wesens, Grimms, and a little bit of magic here and there, Grimm has finally come to an end.

*cue moment of silence*

I’ve been with this show from the very start and am legit feeling A LOT of emotions about its end. It’s been a wild ride of ups and downs, campiness and heart, and I’ve loved every minute of it even when the storylines were a bit thin and the audience was expected to follow approximately 87 subplots at once. Despite frustrating and sometimes comical flaws here and there, Grimm remains one of my favorite shows of all time. It brought the magic of the Brothers Grimm fairytales to television and did it with heart, week after week. So, it is with great sadness and a few tears that I’ll review this very last episode. Here we go.

In the final episode, Nick has been blasted unconscious by Skull Guy/Zerstorer. He wakes to a nightmare: the entire police force, including my beloved Hank and Wu, are dead. Nick immediately tries to revive them with the stick, but for the first time ever it doesn’t work. Trubel rushes in and sees the destruction. She asks the question we all immediately had: why didn’t Zerstorer kill Nick, too, or at least take the stick while he was unconscious? After all, this stick is supposedly the only thing standing in Skull Guy’s way of becoming completely all-powerful and unstoppable.

Nick calls Adalind and Renard to fill them in on everything. Adalind has news of her own — that based on what Diana said, Skull Guy wants both baby Kelly AND Diana. Trubel heads to the cabin to protect Adalind and the children while Nick heads to the spice shop, where Rosalee, Monroe, and Eve (do we call her Juliette again now that her powers are gone?) are all frantically looking through the Grimm books, trying to find out how to defeat Skull Guy.

Monroe finds a super vague reference to one’s blood being able to “destroy the destroyer.” That reminds Rosalee of a potion she’s seen where the blood of three opposing forces (a Grimm, a wesen, and a Hexenbiest) are all combined. Normally, this would be next to impossible to get, but luckily the team has all three: Nick, Monroe or Rosalee, and Adalind.

They set to work mixing the potion, but blood from the three “forces” has to be added all at the same time, which means the team has to get to Adalind. Rosalee and Monroe head out in one car with the partially-mixed potion. Nick and Eve/Juliette plan to follow right after but before they can leave, Zerstorer bursts in. Eve/Juliette yells at Nick to get out of there because his blood is needed for the potion and she takes on Zerstorer herself.

Before Nick can make a run for it, Zerstorer blasts him into a wall and then causes Eve/Juliette to turn the knife she’s holding on herself. She stabs herself as Nick comes to. He runs to her and she dies. Meanwhile, Zerstorer disappears. It seems he’s taking out all of Nick’s team one by one until only Nick is left. It also seems he might have some sort of link to Nick? I mean, he keeps showing up wherever Nick is.

Nick tries desperately to revive her with the stick but, just like with Wu and Hank, it does nothing to help her. In a rage, Nick begins smashing everything in the spice shop, yelling at Zerstorer to come back. I don’t know why Nick thinks destroying Rosalee’s livelihood will entice Zerstorer to come back. And it doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Rosalee and Monroe have arrived at the cabin and fill Trubel, Adalind, and Renard in about the potion and their plan. They’ve also brought quite a few weapons with them with the thought that perhaps they can dip bullets/arrows/etc. in it and that way cause damage to Zerstorer.

Nick arrives at the cabin shortly after, distraught and angry. They set to work with the potion. Adalind, Monroe and Nick place their hands on top of each other’s, over the bowl. In order for the potion to work, a knife has to be stabbed through their hands while Adalind and Monroe are woged. Renard volunteers to do the stabbing (not surprised).

After they’ve been stabbed and the blood drips in, their hands immediately heal. The potion begins boiling. When Rosalee goes to stir it, the spoon dissolves. Here’s hoping that’s what happens to Zerstorer, too.

Just then, Diana comes up the stairs and says she feels “different” and isn’t scared anymore. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. When Renard says it’s okay and she doesn’t need to be scared, she says, “Oh good, so you know he’s coming here.” Well, now they do. Diana also fills them in on what we already suspected: Zerstorer knows where Nick is. The stick tells him. So, Nick’s basically been keeping a homing beacon on him at all times.

Suddenly, Zerstorer appears. He does his staff blasty thing and everyone is knocked to the ground except Diana, who remains standing. She smiles at Zerstorer and does her creepy glowing purple-eyed thing. As Zerstorer looks at her, he transforms from Skull Guy into his human form. Then he offers her his hand and they walk out of the cabin. The team wakes up as Diana’s walking out and starts screaming at her to stop.

Renard rushes out of the house and attacks Zerstorer. Diana yells at Renard, defending Zerstorer. She seems to be in some sort of trance and says that Zerstorer needs her. Nick shouts at Trubel to take baby Kelly and run. She wants to stay and help, but Nick insists. As the team races outside, Zerstorer transforms back to Skull Guy and stabs Renard with his staff. Renard collapses, dead. Diana looks a little unsure about the whole thing. The team throws the potion on Zerstorer’s face and he screams, his face sprouting ugly boils. For a minute, they think it’s working. Nick’s not going to take any chances though and goes to cut off Zerstorer’s head with his axe, but Zerstorer throws a hand up and stops him. As he looks up, his face clears of the boils and he throws Nick to the side.

Adalind screams at Trubel to run but before she can, Zerstorer slams the cabin door shut, trapping Trubel and Kelly in the house. They all start attacking Zerstorer at once, but they’re no match for him. He manages to grab Nick’s axe from him and then proceeds to stab Adalind. With her final breath, she tells Nick to save Diana and Kelly.

When Zerstorer grabbed the axe, he dropped the staff. Rosalee runs forward and grabs it, holding it out to defend herself. But Zerstorer just looks at her and suddenly the staff she’s holding is a poisonous snake that bites her in the neck. Monroe pulls the snake off but then it bites him, too. All of them die. Only Nick and Trubel are left. And Zerstorer has disappeared again.

He reappears with Diana inside the cabin, where Trubel is. Diana shouts at Trubel to stay away from her brother. Trubel tries to protect Kelly but Zerstorer makes quick work of killing her. Nick rushes to her side. Diana says she and her brother are ready to go with Zerstorer, and that Kelly likes him, too.

Nick tells Zerstorer that he’s taken everything from him and is not going to take his son. Zerstorer says that doesn’t need to happen — that none of this does. Nick realizes that Zerstorer isn’t capable of killing him or taking the stick from him, but that’s what he wants. Zerstorer smiles his agreement with Nick’s assessment and tells him that he’s willing to give him something in exchange: the resurrection of all of his friends. To show he’ll make good on his promise, he resurrects Trubel in front of Nick’s eyes.

Trubel wakes up confused and disoriented but quickly catches on to what’s happening. Nick takes one look at his son and willingly offers the stick up. He holds it out toward Zerstorer. As the stick gets close to the staff, both the stick and a portion of the staff (where the missing stick goes) glow green. Just as Zerstorer is about to take it, Trubel intervenes with some good questions. Like, why can’t Zerstorer just take it from Nick by force? What is Zerstorer not telling him? What happens when he gets the stick and his staff is completely restored? According to the prophecy, that would make Zerstorer all-powerful and he’d bring about the end of the world. At least Trubel is thinking these things through.

Nick isn’t listening, though. He’s only thinking about all the loved ones he’s lost. He tries again to hand the stick to Zerstorer but Trubel stops him again and they scuffle. She knocks him down, grabs the stick and races into the woods with it. But it begins burning her hand and she has to drop it. Nick catches up with her and they fight again. He seems out of his mind and beats her up pretty good. Just before he deals what would undoubtedly be a death blow, he stops, picks up the stick and begins walking back to Zerstorer.

As he makes his way back through the woods, the sky darkens and thunder rumbles. Suddenly he hears a voice calling to him and his deceased mother, Kelly, and also-deceased Aunt Marie both appear, telling him not to hand over the stick. If he does, they say, the world he knows will become like the Other Place he saw: endless pain and suffering for humanity. They confirm that Zerstorer cannot take the stick himself — it must be freely given. That’s why he killed everyone Nick loves, so that Nick would give up the stick.

Nick doesn’t know what to do. He wants his friends back and he wants to protect Diana and baby Kelly. He tells his mother and Aunt Marie that he can’t defeat Zerstorer. The team tried the blood potion and it didn’t work. But they tell him that the power to defeat Zerstorer lies inside Nick. The blood to defeat him is in Nick’s veins — and Trubel’s. Nick contains the power of all his Grimm ancestors and it’s that power, that blood, that can defeat Zerstorer.

With the little pep talk complete, Nick heads toward Zerstorer with renewed purpose. Kelly (his mother, not the baby) and Aunt Marie walk with him. Trubel races up too and now it’s four Grimms against one. It doesn’t appear Trubel can see either Aunt Marie or Kelly, but whether they’re figments of Nick’s imagination or not, the damage they inflict on Zerstorer is real.

All of them battle against Zerstorer. Trubel stabs him in the leg, Aunt Marie stabs in the back, and Kelly chops off his arm. Nick grabs the staff from where Zerstorer dropped it and the stick zips into its rightful place in the staff. With the staff now fully restored, Nick stabs Zerstorer in the heart with it, finally defeating him.

Kelly and Aunt Marie warn Nick to guard the stick well. It is ancient and powerful. Trubel walks up and says she can’t believe she and Nick defeated Zerstorer, just the two of them. Nick’s confused at first but then realizes Trubel couldn’t see Aunt Marie or Kelly. Diana comes out of the house and asks Nick where the other Grimms who were fighting with him went. Apparently she could see them just fine.

Just as Nick realizes he can use the staff to save all of his friends, Zerstorer’s body turns to ash and begins spinning in the air. The ash turns into a portal and begins to suck the staff through. Trubel screams at Nick and tries to hold on to him, but the portal sucks both Nick and the staff through. Nick comes shooting out through the mirror in Monroe’s house, and everyone is there. It’s taken him back in time to the moment when he and Eve originally came back through the portal from the Other Place. They’re all alive.

Everyone’s super confused as to why Nick is hugging everyone and shouting about them being alive. Only Diana knows what happened. She turns to Eve and tells her she’s a Hexenbiest again. Eve is confused about what she means by “again,” but Nick knows. Diana then turns to Nick and tells him that Zerstorer didn’t come through the portal this time — that he’s dead and she’s not afraid anymore. Just then, Monroe spots the staff. Zerstorer may not have come through, but the now all-powerful staff did. Nick has a lot to catch them all up on.

In the final two minutes of the episode, we fast-forward 20 years and hear a voice relating the story of Zerstorer and the time Nick saved the world. It’s baby Kelly all grown up, sitting in Aunt Marie’s trailer, writing the story into one of the Grimm books. A grown-up Diana bursts in, telling him there’s wesen to kill and their parents are waiting. Oh, and the triplets (Rosalee and Monroe’s kids all grown up) will be joining them, too. Kelly grabs the staff from Diana and they head out. The final credits role, and it’s the end.

Final Musings:
  • “Everything has a beginning and an end.” “Well, I’m not finding any beginning or end to whatever Zerstorer is.” 
  • “I’ll die before I let you have her.” “I know.”
  • “What you think you have to do is not what must be done.” 
  • “How did you know I needed you?” “We feel it.”


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