Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Couple-ish 1x01 and 1x02: An Unexpected Odd Couple [Contributor: Melanie]

"Episode 1" & "Episode 2"
Original Airdates: December 9th and 12th, 2015

Couple-ish is the creation of Toronto-based actor and writer Kaitlyn Alexander. When I first interviewed them about the project this past summer, it sounded like one of the coolest concepts I’d heard of in a while. And that’s holding true after the first two episodes premiered last week on the show’s official YouTube channel. The series stars Kaitlyn Alexander as Dee, the blunt and frown-y illustrator in need of a roommate; their Carmilla co-star Sharon Belle as Rachel, a former student on the last legs of her visas; Mercedes Morris as Dee’s earnest sister, Amy; and Nick Potter as Dee’s busy grad student boyfriend, Edmond.

The show seems set to tackle the two fronts of young adulthood — the laughs among friends over impossible-to-pronounce IKEA furniture and the unfortunate consequences that just might bring you closer. The series' official trailer also hinted at some deeper hits between Dee’s identity, as well as Rachel and Amy’s budding feelings. Adulting is tough and stupid, but it seems doable when the right people have your back... even when you find yourself entangled with the Canadian government. The logistics of it also cover the best of both worlds when it comes to YouTube content — POV-style vlogs and third person camera angles when the camera is off.

A quick recap of the first two episodes:

The episode opens with Dee chugging down coffee while lamenting their roommate issues (or lack thereof). Dee’s sister Amy suggests they take to the Internet to find someone and after some interesting searches (and one nifty vampire cat call out... you know who you are), they settle on Rachel, a British immigrant who just finished school. The first months go by just fine, minus some closed quarters tension. That is, until Dee discovers an impending relationship audit from the Department of Immigration.

The second episode begins with an unfortunate argument between the three of them where Rachel explains she requires a sponsor for continued use of a visa and didn’t quite think it through. Dee is furious and refuses to help before eventually caving after Amy points out Dee’s long line of friends-with-benefits would probably not find out and hinting Dee just might be a bit lonely themselves.

I love me some buddy comedies, especially the kind with a generous helping of I-want-to-beat-you-with-the-IKEA-desk and so-maybe-we-get-along-after-all. Check out more Couple-ish every Wednesday and Saturday and check back here for recaps as the story goes on!


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