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Jane the Virgin 2x03 "Chapter Twenty-Five" (Let Your Faith Be Greater than Your Fear) [Contributor: Connie]

"Chapter Twenty-Five"
Original Airdate: October 26, 2015

How is every single episode of Jane the Virgin a delight to watch, but also heartwrenchingly emotional? This week was no exception. As usual, it ran me through the gamut of emotions, from joy that Jane got into grad school, anger over everything related to Petra, relief that Rafael is telling the truth, confusion over being Team Rafael when Michael is also so wonderful, and the buckets of tears produced at Mateo’s baptism. Let’s swim through this sea of emotions together!


JANE GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL! How exciting! Jane dancing around with Mateo is one of the cutest things in the world. Her acceptance into grad school does, however, come with a condition: she has to complete a World Lit class this summer... which begins the following day.

Jane isn’t ready to leave Mateo so early and seems to forget, in her new mommy daze, that she has one amazing support system in her life. Jane’s attempt to make both motherhood and her career work was almost predictable. Of course Mateo would cry in class. But the stroller falling down the lecture hall steps and crashing into the professor’s podium? This show brilliantly runs right past your expectations and manages to exceed them.

She, of course, thinks this is the end of her dream and that she can’t do it all and will have to sacrifice writing. She can’t leave Mateo and she can’t go to grad school. But, of course, the amazing Villanueva women remind her of the support she has and how she needs to rely on them to help her accomplish both things she wants in life. And — 12 voicemails later — Jane accepts her grad school offer. LET’S DANCE AGAIN!


Rafael — rocked with Petra’s news of pregnancy — rushes her to his doctor to prove her claims. Unfortunately for him, the doctor confirms that yup, she’s having his baby. Petra admits that she did it because she thought she had a chance with him, romantically. Rafael quickly corrects that idea, but fails to mention that he and Jane aren’t quite together right now. Petra figures that out on her own during a conversation with the two, however, and is gleeful that maybe there still is a chance for a Rafael/Petra happy ending after all.

She agrees to meet with Jane and Rafael to discuss their options (one of them being her running away with a Russian Oligarch...), knowing that none of her choices aren going to sit well with either of them. They ask her both to keep the baby and stay in Miami and they’ll... figure it out.



I will admit that I am Team Rafael (I’m with abuela, who is old, but not blind). So I was, at first, upset with Rafael that he didn’t want to tell Jane about Petra and the potential baby (Yvgeny). But he showed me he was growing as a character and person by being upfront and honest with her. Even if it was at the wrong time before baptism rehearsal. (“What the —” *church bells ring*)

I think part of what makes being on Team Michael easier is that Michael doesn’t constantly have obstacles being thrown at him. Rafael has the money, but he certainly doesn’t have it easy. So when he struggles in connecting with Jane, it’s not his feelings for her that are the problem — it’s everything distracting him from being able to focus on her. Michael, on the other hand, just has Rogelio whispering bad advice in his ear.

But of course, Michael being Michael, he manages to turn that bad advice and how it made him think into a wonderful, sweet gesture toward Jane. He leaves a notebook of his thoughts for her (“I speak sad Jane”) and proves his emotional maturity by encouraging her.

I’m Team Rafael, but would understand if the show chose to eventually sway toward Team Michael. Because really, above all else, I am Team Jane.


Speaking of love triangles, Rogelio — who is now an EP, did you hear? That means Executive Producer! — must recast his love interest on The Passions of Santos. (“I’m ready to roll up my sleeves so people can see my strong forearms.”) The best person for the job is his ex, Luciana, who shattered his heart into many pieces.

I often feel like a sweet peach that you took one bite of and then carelessly tossed aside to rot in a compost pile of tears.

Xiomara is initially very supportive of Rogelio casting Luciana. It’s what’s best for the show, after all, and will maybe even help him deal with his feelings. But when the two exes share a passionate onscreen kiss — with a bit too passion — Xo wants to make a break for it.

But both Alba and Rogelio rein her in. Abuela reminds her that she can’t always run away from her problems whenever she feels threatened (especially considering that Xo and Ro are married now) and Rogelio decides that Xo is more important than the show. Knowing Rogelio, we understand this is a very, very big deal. But Luciana isn’t done with Ro, especially once she’s fired by him and threatens blackmail at the end of the episode (we assume). What’s that she’s pulled up on her tablet...?


Excuse me while i just quote the entire baptism speech, okay?

“My precious child, these are the things I hope for you and your life: may you be bold, may you be brave, may you be loving and joyful and kind. May you carry with you the vitality and spirit of the generations before you. Whatever you dream for your life, may you summon the strength to follow that dream. Always let your faith be greater than your fear. May you never forget, through all of life’s great adventures, through every moment of every day, that I walk beside you, cheering you on. Hoping for you. Praying for you. Loving you. And may you one day love your own child as deeply as I love you. Today and always.” 

Oftentimes, when I say or tweet that I am crying, I’m being hyperbolic. I feel the emotion of crying, but rarely are there physical tears.

Here, there were physical tears. This prayer/wish/letter is just so wonderfully beautiful. Let your faith be greater than your fear. This show is so wonderful and has so many great messages. This one is an important one.

The very same night this episode aired, Supergirl spoke a similar sentiment: “Be wise, be strong, and always be true to yourself." (Also from a mother speaking to her child.) These shows are empowering women, showing fierce, brave, loving women, providing wonderful examples for women and girls of all ages. Monday nights girl power power hours and I love it. #LadiesSupportingLadies


This week ended on several cliffhangers! There’s Rogelio’s literal cliffhanger where Luciana shows him what we assume to be an incriminating video of some sort as he-as-Santos hangs off a cliff and shouts dramatically towards studio lights in the sky.

There’s kidnapped!Luisa, whose initial assumption that she was taken by Rose is shattered when she learns that the men who took her are looking for a response from Sin Rostro. And they will hurt her if necessary.

And there’s Michael’s Swiss phone call. Rose once went to Gustav and Clothilde’s Vineyard, then under the name of Denise. “Denise brought great suffering upon our village.” They do not say much on the phone call, but they do say there is one name Michael needs to know: Heidi VonOcher.



Rattles and Rockets:
  • The Alba/Mateo the Former flashback was so wonderful. This show continues to cast perfect actresses to portray their younger characters. 
  • Michael is Mateo’s godfather. Will he become another kind of father down the road? Time will tell!
  • “As the Bible says, ‘The Lord is a stronghold in times of trouble.’ Let’s hope so!” The narrator is amazing. #bless
  • “Emma Stone! I hear she can play any race!” OMG, THE SHADE WAS REAL, Y’ALL. SO REAL. 
  • The episode had a lot of verbal transitions from one scene to another. For example: “They won’t even know that he’s there.” // “Is anybody there?” The writer in me enjoyed that I noticed those. 
  • Luisa understands German because of Oktoberfest. Of course. I feel like as clueless as Luisa is portrayed, she HAS to be a genius. She was a doctor and her Jane/Petra mishap was due to emotional distraction rather than pure incompetence. We’re going to underestimate her at the wrong time, one day.
  • Jane takes the bus with Mateo. I love the economic realities this show presents. Yes, Jane has a car, but she doesn’t always drive it. It’s not always practical. This show shows practical life — taking the bus and going to Target, even when your baby daddy is rich enough to buy you one of everything from Target. The small hints of real lower-middle/upper lower-class life are very important to me, because it’s rarely discussed or even shown on TV.
  • “What’s the alternative? We welcome her to the family and have her over for Thanksgiving?” Which then we cut to: “I brought my own turkey baster!” Jane’s face is hilarious!
  • “You are too pale for the baptism.” “I’m a police officer! Emergency means someone is dead!” “Well you look like a corpse. Close enough.”
  • “It is Make Love Week, I cannot have any tan lines.”
  • #AmbushSprayTan
  • The scene where Jane opens up to her mommy group was great. “Mommies, stop. There is no right choice, because we’re all different. The only thing that’s important is that you honor whatever choice is right for you.”
  • “But is that what’s best for the show?” “No, but you’re more important than the show.” “We're going to have to hire someone sub-par and I will shine brightly enough for us both.” 


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