Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Resident 6x07 Review: “The Chimera” (Boss Voss Rising) [Contributor: Justine]

“The Chimera”
Original Airdate: November 8, 2022

It was always going to be difficult for The Resident to top their 100th episode. Happily, “The Chimera” is mostly up to meeting the challenge. The teased showdown between Kit Voss and Georgia’s terrible fictional governor is just getting started apparently. The show also continues to insist on continuing the Cade/Billie/Conrad love triangle, although there is possibly hope for a resolution in this latest entry. 

No doubt the strongest part of this episode is Kit’s first face-off with the governor. While she thinks it’s going to be a private meeting, it’s in front of tons of press and features the governor getting to spew his nonsense for a wide audience. Fortunately Kit, being quick on her feet, gets to do what she does best and advocate for the health and safety of her patients and staff. The fact that she’s completely ignored says far more about the governor than it does about Kit’s message.

Sadly it’s Bell who pays the price for standing with his incredible wife. The fact that the governor is so underhanded that he plants a spy to obtain dirt on Bell is disgusting. While it may be politics as usual for some, it shows the audience immediately that this is not a public servant to be trusted. Bell could face massive ramifications for this. Luckily he has Kit by his side to weather the storm with. 

Conrad and A.J. haven’t spent a lot of time together on screen recently. Thankfully, this episode remedies that. These two are such amazing friends with such an endearing dynamic. It’s great to see that A.J. can be honest and tell Conrad what he really thinks. It’s clear that Conrad values what his opinions too. They are the perfect team-up to help a man in prison for a crime he insists he didn’t commit. 

The British couple, and their ultimately heartbreaking story, was truthfully a bit of an odd choice. This story could have been a chance to critically analyze the very real differences between private and public healthcare. Instead, these two are mocked for daring to point out that they were reluctant to seek care that they knew would cost thousands of dollars. This doesn’t exactly seem unreasonable. It’s devastating that the outcome was tied to their fear of facing the bureaucratic mess that is American healthcare. 

Finally, the love triangle has not been working so far within this show. It’s frankly tiresome to drag this out. Rather than focusing on her relationship with Conrad, the show would do well to further develop Cade as a character. While she is certainly on the right track, she isn’t there yet. And it’s good to see that Billie might be moving on. Hopefully, this new budding romance works out for her. She deserves nothing but the absolute best. 

The Resident is putting everything out there heading into midseason finale season. There are a lot more stories to be told, especially when looking at the existential threat Chastain faces from the political powers that be. Hopefully the love triangle can be put to rest, and everyone can end up with the people that they are supposed to be with. The overall story will surely be stronger for it. 

Other Things:

  • I really hope Padma is doing better. Leela and A.J. obviously have her best interests at heart. Hopefully, they are all able to work together as a team to navigate this massive life change that is having twins.
  • Ian is pretty low to the ground and that’s probably a good thing. As ill as he is, he can’t possibly be up to anything good.
  • It was lovely for the show to bring back the hospice nurse who cared for A.J.’s mom. Of course A.J. wants to help her in any way he can. 
  • “This next chapter looks good on you, AJ.”
  • “Find me every ounce of dirt on that Dr. Bell. I'm going to destroy him.”


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