Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Summer of Mythic Quest on The Community Rewatch Podcast!

We had the pleasure of talking about Mythic Quest, Apple TV+'s gem of a television show on our podcast, The Community Rewatch Podcast. Check out our Summer School/Spring Break Series if you haven't yet, and be sure to watch the show. A few memorable episodes this summer were:

  • Episode 58, which is our interview with Charlotte Nicdao (Poppy) and Ashly Burch (Rachel). We had an absolute blast with them. We talk about how they got their roles, what makes Mythic Quest so special, and why female representation matters.
  • Episode 66 is where we talk to Jessie Ennis (Jo). She shares how she got hired on Mythic Quest, what she loves about playing Jo, and what she's learned on her Learning Lots podcast with BFF, Brie Larson.
  • Our discussion of the pilot with Mythic Quest showrunner and writer, Megan Ganz, in episode 67. She's always a treasure but we especially love hearing about how shows and episodes come to be!
  • Episode 60 where Jenn and Chels talk about "Everlight."
  • Jenn and Chels talk to showrunner, writer, and unofficial third cohost Megan Ganz about her directorial debut of "Please Sign Here" in episode 93.
  • We get the chance to chat with YA author, speaker, and all-around wonderful human being Preeti Chhibber about "Peter" in episode 95.
If you're a Community fan but haven't yet checked out the series, we encourage you to do just that! Not only is Mythic Quest full of humor from pratfalls to laugh-out-loud dialogue and line deliveries, but it also contains immense heart. The characters are fully-realized people with their own quirks and flaws, and they get the chance to grow over the course of two seasons. Mythic Quest also remains one of the only shows with a flawless episode about the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was shot entirely on iPhones in quarantine.

We hope you enjoy!


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