Monday, July 5, 2021

Welcome to Your 6th Annual #GoldenTrioAwards!

WELCOME to the 6th Annual Just About Write Golden Trio Awards! 

Sorry we took last year off, but did 2020 even count as a year? (We don't think so.)

You're probably wondering exactly what these award are, and why this is so important to us. Our Golden Trio Awards are named after that famous BFF trio, so that means we actually give away three awards in each category! It's your job to narrow those winners down from the six nominees we've created. (Gold is awarded to the most votes, silver to the next, and bronze to the third highest.)

To give you a bit of a background, my friend and editor Chels is going to explain the Twitter game (see: obsession) that she created a few years ago that has inspired these awards. We run through this every year, but if you're new around here or to the awards, here's a bit of a refresher course!:

So in July 2013 I started this little thing called #Top3 on my Twitter and personal blog as a small scheme to figure out somebody's favorite movie. It quickly escalated into a five-day-a-week competition game with winners and wonderful bragging rights. I'd give people a random Film or TV category and they would respond with their #Top3 choices for the category. No more, no less, and you had to have #RUTHLESSNESS when making your picks. There were three winners because some things just do not compare.   

My Top 3 films (To Kill a Mockingbird, Beauty and the Beast, Lost in Translation), for instance, have nothing in common writing, editing, or directing wise other than the fact that they are films. Honoring multiple pieces shows just how rich we are in quality content. I did this game for about six months before I grew tired of it, but at least once a week since the game ended I've had at least one person ask if I would ever bring it back. It was a fun way to talk about pop culture and get people interested in things they may not have seen.   

I brought the idea of bringing back the game to Jenn a few weeks ago after the Emmy nominations and we brainstormed a way to bring it back in a more self-contained format. We asked all the lovely ladies of this site to fill out their top choices for each category, then Jenn and I compiled all the ballots before narrowing down each category to seven. The overlap in the ballots helped us narrow down and we ruthlessly managed to cut down the rest until we represented as many shows as we could. #Top3 for me was always about showcasing as much great content as possible with all the winners.   

I owe Jenn and the entire Just About Write team a big thank-you for helping me with this elaborate scheme and making me love the idea of #Top3 again. You ladies are amazing and I am proud to be working with you.   

Back to you, Jenn!

When Chels approached me with the idea to combine #Top3 and an awards ceremony a few years ago, I was automatically on board. This year, we compiled nominations together as we always do, and — after barely any difficult compromising except for one section where we invoked math so we wouldn't have to choose ourselves — Chels and I managed to narrow down the nominations in each category!

We're so excited to be doing this again and that you all have responded so positively to it over the past few years. In the posts below, you'll be met with a few different ballots:




Comedy and Drama are pretty self-explanatory, but our Special Category ballots contain an awesome array of fandom-focused categories from OTP of the Year to Favorite Ensemble and more!

The nominations open today and polls will be closed by 9 a.m. ET on Monday, July 12. By mid-week that week, I'll round up the top 3 people/shows with the most votes in each category and those will be your third annual Golden Trio Award winners!

Did I mention that we're excited? Because we are! Take time and fill out your ballots. You can vote as many times as you would like. Share on social media! But most importantly, have half as much fun voting in these as we did creating them! :)


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